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Hi and welcome to trips with a tot 🙂

I started this blog in December 2016 with the hopes of it being a good project for the new year and to be help families get inspired for days out and travel.

My name is Naomi and I am 25 years old. I live in Sheffield with my partner Ollie. We have been together 8 years and have a little boy called Eric who was born 26/10/15. We are a gentle parenting, baby wearing, breastfeeding, cloth nappying family who love travelling, sight seeing and days out. In 2015 we did 3 holidays and more than 50 days out! All with a baby!

After having our son Eric in October 2015, we started to explore more of our local area and places to visit in England as opposed to the trips abroad we used to take! We discovered a genuine passion in going out and about as a family in our local area and learning more about the community around us. We also took some holidays in the UK, visiting London twice, Haven holidays and Sandybrook country park as well as lots of overnight city breaks. I can’t tell you the amount of time we have spent googling, researching and planning. I know good places to go off the top of my head, I’m full of knowledge and always recommending my friends on a good day out!

When was my son was 4 months old, I started organising days out for a sling group I was in on facebook. It was well received, I loved going out and meeting new friends; I didn’t like my local baby groups, I wanted to go out and do things instead. I was inspired by helping parents to get outside, meet other families, travel and go places with their kids. It can be hard to get out when you are a new parent and things can be expensive when you are on maternity leave, and combined with my interest of going out and travelling… my group “Sheffield Parent Meet ups” was born! We are a fantastic, welcoming group of mums and dads who go out and about all over yorkshire. I arrange days out for my group once or twice a week. Anyone is most welcome to come along and join us; Sheffield parents only, please.

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After doing my group a year, as well as all the day trips and holidays in my spare time with Ollie, I really wanted to document it all and share all I can!

We have had to learn how to get about without a car and on a small income, and I struggled to find this information online. Neither of us drive so we are always on public transport, only one of us is currently working, and add a baby into the equation means things can be tricky. This is why I started my blog 🙂

So after a year of seeing, doing, exploring, walking, planning and learning for a year, I have decided to share our experiences, give recommendations, write real reviews of what you can expect at a family attraction and have a place where I can write about our days and keep these memories safe to look back on. We have lots of fun and are always told by friend and family that it’s amazing how much we get out and about so I thought it was the perfect time to start writing about it! I want to inspire other families to go out and see all there is, there’s so much out there and being new parents can be a lonely time, but whether you drive or not, it is possible! Having a baby isn’t a limitation.

You can contact me at naomi@tripswithatot.com

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