My 5 easy & creative crafty activity ideas

Play Doh Monsters, collage, paint your own and more – these 5 easy, creative and crafty activity ideas for toddlers are what we have enjoyed doing lately out in the garden, but you can do indoors, too!

We’ve had some lovely weather lately and spent some time doing fun activities in our garden. I thought I’d share my favourite things with you so you can try them out, too!

I haven’t been able to get out much since I had Felix 2 months ago due to mobility issues. It was a milestone for me to be able to even get out in the garden using crutches but I made it and we did some really fun activities.

1. Paint Your Own

The best thing about doing paint your own outside means you don’t have to worry about the paint getting on the floor! I really like the paint your own sets from Home Bargains, they’re only a couple of quid and really good. We used a ‘paint your own tea set’ and ‘paint your own racing car’ set, both were high quality in the pieces supplied with it. The paint your own racing car took hours to paint, build and leave to dry.

It doesn’t have to be these sets. You can find paint your own sets in many shops and magazines. Or even just buy baubles, wooden letters or similar craft supplies from shops like The Works or Hobby Lobby to paint and decorate yourself.

2. Crafting with mix and match

I picked up a kids craft box from B&M which has a mix of child friendly craft supplies in it. There’s all sorts like pipe cleaners, sequins, glitter pens, googly eyes, pom poms. These sorts of sets are found in most toy shops, department stores, craft shops, etc., and so much fun.

Eric loved being able to choose what he wanted from his kit and do lots of ‘making’.

3. Play doh ‘monsters’

Using play doh I divided it up into medium sized balls and shared it out. We then decorated the balls as monster faces pressing into the play doh eyes, sticks, pom poms… you get the idea! I got this idea from an art activity we did at The Hepworth where we used clay to create our own sculptures.

It was a lot of fun, the supplies were easy to pick out of the play doh after we had finished because play doh isn’t sticky, Eric found it easy and very entertaining!

4. Decorate colouring in pages

Get the magazines/colouring books out and encourage your little one to decorate them using crafts, paints, even bits and bobs they can find in the garden, to it. It’s a fun alternative to using colouring pens and Eric loved making his own collage.

5. Sticker books, spotting books and busy books

We love a good activity book. At the moment Eric is really into sticker books. He needs a bit more than just a sheet of stickers to keep him engaged, though, so we do sticker scenes, sticker dress up and activities such as counting and colours with stickers. These are good to do indoors on a rainy day but even nicer to do in the sun, outside.

Usborne do fantastic sticker activity books. We’ve really enjoyed this Lego Sticker Dressing Up Collection Book. The Works have a good variety of sticker and activity books, I picked up some colour themed ones and a mermaid sticker book the other day. Tip: look for sticker books with high quality stickers and ideally big in size. I’ve bought those sticker books before that say on the front ‘150 stickers!’ and actually they’re miniature stickers of random characters with no designated activity in the book to use them in. They just end up getting stuck to tables, walls and Eric soon loses interest.

In addition to sticker books, we really enjoy spotting books. He’s quickly outgrowing his loved and used spotting books he’s had over the years and now needs a bit more of a challenge, so I ask him questions like ‘how many can you see…’ or make things up to spot rather than use the things to spot which are already in the book, as he knows them. When you’re going this in the garden it’s a good way to add in things around the garden too like “can you spot something green that is in the garden AND in the book?” a little bit like I Spy 😉

I’d love to hear any ideas you have for fun activities to do with toddlers that you can do sat down, at a table. I’m unable to sit on the floor to play so I’m limited to certain things we can do and would love any new ones to try out.

Thank you for reading and I’d love to know if you try any of these!

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