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Procurement has been a career that has slowly become very professional, especially in the wake of global business and connectivity. The onset of web-based applications that support procurement and other business functions such as Enterprise Resource Planning systems have forced procurement professionals to be tech-savvy. Having been recently shifted from a short-lived IT career to pursue my unbridled love for operations and procurement, I started to think about getting proper certifications.

Since my company employs the use of Oracle systems, the decision to pass Oracle 1z0-347 exam was natural. I am aware that there are easy and simple Oracle courses for procurement beginners as me, but taking into consideration my background in IT, this was a more suitable course for me to take. It would combine my expertise in IT with my skills into procurement very effectively.

The certification that is given after passing the exam, Oracle Order Management Cloud 2017 Certified Implementation Specialist, would make me an expert in Oracle ERP implementation and management. Nothing could be better

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My Experience

Becoming an Oracle CIS sounds great and seems like it is a good career propeller, but I must say that the journey itself is not easy. The exam contains only 60 multiple-choice questions, and you have a period of 105 minutes to complete them. That sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it? Well, it is not. 

My first step in my journey of conquering the exam was to go online and search for people who already passed the test. As it turned out that Oracle University was a good place to start. It gives you a run-down of the topics that will be covered in the test. Moreover, the topics are divided into smaller domains which makes the study easier as well as points out the specific areas that one may be struggling with. For instance, I had a hard time with Global Order Promising, but on further analysis, I realized that my weakness was in Creating Order Promising Rules topic. This study model enabled me to eliminate all the problem areas one by one and continue my study more effectively.

Oracle University also gives you the option of using their Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud Learning Subscription that gives you access to their labs and field experience. I purchased the access, so I was able to read all the useful info from their labs and run a few practice tests. That was extremely helpful in gaining a deeper knowledge of the Oracle Order Management Cloud 2017.

Exam dumps

My best resource was PrepAway website and its Oracle 1z0-347 Dumps. In most cases, especially when it’s referred to tech-supported systems, dabbling with the software will give you the best result at learning of how to manage the system. While for Oracle’s Order Management Cloud may require hands-on interaction, dumps are proven an important resource in mastering the system. 

Remember I mentioned that the exam was all theory questions of multiple choices? Exam dumps are a wealth of information and candidates can benefit from using them immensely. Such website as PrepAway is an excellent choice if you are looking for dumps. You gain not only access to practice tests for free but also can be guided and communicate with other candidates who have already passed the certification exam or are just going to take it. While my strength in IT lies in building and maintaining databases, OSN integration was difficult for me to master. However, users I found on the dumps sites were kind enough to guide me through the basics. Nothing is better than support from like-minded individuals on the same journey as you. 

In addition to exam dumps, I also watched video lectures at PrepAway led by the real IT expert. My piece of advice for you is to use as many options for exam preparation as possible. Take into consideration that the material must be valid and updated. 

There is no defined formula for a successful passing 1z0-347 exam. As I interacted with other students and certified CIS professionals, it was clear that different people prepare differently. There were those that simply used the dumps and watched video tutorials, while others were taking coaching from Oracle University. Find what works for you and follow suit. The wondrous gift of the Internet allows us to learn from anyone across the world, and this will serve you well as you prepare for your exam. I had the real pleasure of being tutored by Certified Implementation Specialists from Singapore who were instrumental in the final leg of my preparation. You too can be a resource to a fellow CIS from anywhere on the planet.

Why should you bother with this exam? 

Well, if you want to master the art of Order to Cash business, as well as execute shipping and freight inventory transactions, this is the exam for you. Order Management Analytics will be your middle name. Pricing functions will be your bread and butter in due time, making you an invaluable member of your procurement team and company. And it goes without saying; this certification will make you an ERP star in any industry that employs their use. My goal is to be an authentic specialist with the Oracle ERP system. Depending on what you intend to achieve in your career, Oracle has all the certifications you may need to get you there. Oracle 1z0-347 certification exam is an excellent test for procurement professionals. 

To know more details about 1z0-347 exam, go to Oracle official website.

Oracle University helped me a lot as well as the dumps I managed to purchase from the aforementioned sites (I highly recommend PrepAway). It took me three months to read through the materials and one more month to practice tests before I felt fully confident to purchase the test. At that time, the exam cost $150. I received my test results 30 minutes after the exam. I had exceeded the pass rate by 15% to score 75%. I am now a Oracle Order Management Cloud 2017 Certified Implementation Specialist. This was no small feat, but if a beginner like me could make it happen, so can you. Good luck!

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