The Wise Hippo Birth Preparation Programme

The Wise Hippo Birth Preparation Programme Sheffield – Antenatal Classes and hypnobirthing

The Wise Hippo Birth Preparation Programme Sheffield - Antenatal Classes and hypnobirthing The Wise Hippo Birth Preparation Programme Sheffield – Antenatal Classes and hypnobirthing

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme Course is a course of antenatal preparation classes in the Hope Valley. Run by proud hypnobirthing mum of two, Lucy. The Wise Hippo Birth Preparation Programme Sheffield – Antenatal Classes and hypnobirthing

If you are looking for a traditional hypnobirthing class, one that tells you that if you do everything the book says you will have the perfect birth, then this course probably isn’t for you!

Lucy wants you to know that this course will prepare you to ask the right questions and make the right decisions for you, your partner and your baby throughout labour and birth. It will give you and your partner the tools you need to help you to stay calm, relaxed and in control – no matter what happens on the day.

The Hope Valley Wise Hippo Birthing Programme is a complete course that runs as 4 x 2.5 hour classes, followed by a post-birth session. A workbook and 5 x mp3s are provided to you to support your practice at home.

In addition, once you have booked and enrolled onto your Wise Hippo Class with Lucy, you’ll get a FREE pregnancy yoga class with Yoga at the reach, Sheffield.

 The Wise Hippo Birth Preparation Programme Sheffield – Antenatal Classes and hypnobirthing

How much does it cost?

Lucy teaches group classes in a comfortable room in her own home, with refreshments – drinks and home baking (usually!) – available for you. The course is available as 4 evening classes, or weekend classes spread over two Sundays.

The group course costs £235; what’s included in the four classes can be seen below. If you have chosen a second birth partner such as a Doula, Mum or sister they can also attend free of charge.

All packages also include ongoing phone and email support up to the birth, plus an individual post birth session, and a post-birth healing relaxation MP3. This is an individual session either face to face or via Skype. It allows you to go through your birth story with Lucy and Lucy can answer any questions you have, or point you in the direction of local post-natal services.

You also receive the post-birth healing relaxation MP3.

Professional midwives fully support this course – see this interview here.

 The Wise Hippo Birth Preparation Programme Sheffield – Antenatal Classes and hypnobirthing

 The Right Birth on the Day

If you require an extra session for any reason – sometimes Mums or their birth partners want some extra relaxation as your due date approaches, or perhaps you may experience something that knocks your confidence a little. Lucy can offer a private session, tailored specifically for you, for £60.

In addition, Lucy offers extra support regarding twins or multiple births; VBAC; Breech Babies; Induction; Birthing the Placenta; and Lotus Birth.

This enables you to prepare for The Right Birth on The Day, no matter what turn your birthing takes.

Already have a C-Section planned, or think you may be planing for one? See the Confident C-Section programme.

If you would prefer to attend the course privately, for just you and your birth companion(s) at her home at mutually convenient times, please contact Lucy for prices and available dates. This includes everything as in the group course.

 The Wise Hippo Birth Preparation Programme Sheffield – Antenatal Classes and hypnobirthing

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The Wise Hippo Birth Preparation Programme Sheffield - Antenatal Classes and hypnobirthing

The Wise Hippo Birth Preparation Programme Sheffield – Antenatal Classes and hypnobirthing

Ok, so what happens in the class?

Each class is broken down into sections and topics.

Class one:

  • Explaining the relevance of the Hippopotamus
  • The Picture of Childbirth today
  • The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme materials
  • Defining Hypnosis
  • Acknowledging Pain
  • The Physiology of Birth and the Impact of Fear
  • Mind / Body connection
  • The Impact of Others
  • Taking charge of your thoughts

Class two:

  • Relaxation – the antidote to discomfort
  • What is Relaxation?
  • Positions for Relaxation
  • Remember to Breathe
  • Self-Hypnosis
  • Eyes Open Hypnosis
  • Time Distortion
  • Anchoring
  • Birth Partners Script
  • Establishing a practice routine

Class three:

  • Prenatal bonding
  • Choosing where to have your baby
  • Choosing who will be with you when you have your baby
  • Alternative options for promoting comfort
  • Medical intervention
  • Natural nudges of encouragement for your baby
  • Interventions explained
  • Benefits of a natural birth
  • Writing your birth plan and making your birth choices
  • Physical preparations for birth
  • The mirror mantra
  • Fear release session

Class four:

  • Soothing strokes and the power of positive touch
  • Positions for birth
  • Ligaments and pelvis
  • Humming your baby down – birthing your baby
  • Birth partner’s role
  • Using the techniques during labour
  • When baby arrives
  • Sea of Serenity – Birth Hypnosis session
  • Your practice and preparation diary

Want to know more about Lucy?

 Lucy is a qualified hypnotherapist and life coach working with adults, children and families, as well as Wise Hippo Birth Preparation classes.

Lucy says… “I am absolutely delighted to be part of The Wise Hippo team as an instructor trainer, and look forward to each training event to help train more instructors to help more families around the country and the world!

I was a teacher for many years, working with children with Special Educational Needs. When I was pregnant with my first baby, I was overwhelmed with fear at the thought of giving birth. I knew there must be a way to feel more positive about such a joyful event, and I thankfully stumbled across hypnobirthing quite late in my pregnancy. Even after the first class, I felt so much more positive and found I was looking forward to the birth rather than dreading it.  My husband, despite his initial scepticism, was the most amazing support and although on the day we needed to make the decision to accept intervention due to special circumstances, we felt calm, in control and truly empowered right through.

The birth of our daughter was a beautiful and joyful event, and so empowering that I decided to train as a hypnobirthing teacher while on maternity leave! Since then I have given birth to beautiful boy, and retrained as a hypnotherapist and life coach so that I can work towards helping others to enjoy all aspects of their life.

I strongly believe in making birth better for all, and work closely with other local practitioners to ensure that we offer good quality provision to meet all needs. I also have good links with the local maternity services – I was Chair of the Sheffield Maternity Services Liaison Committee, and continue to support their work to improve local services.

I love living and working in the Peak District, it is a wonderful place to be able to hold my classes”.

What real mums think:

The Wise Hippo Birth Preparation Programme Sheffield - Antenatal Classes and hypnobirthing

The breathing exercises were so helpful, and the midwife in triage wasn’t going to examine me because she decided that I wasn’t very far along because of the way I was handling my contractions.
H has been a superstar at feeding, he has gained weight really well and is generally a happy baby. We really appreciate everything we learned at HypnoBirthing. Thanks so much for everything!
K & D, Sheffield

The breathing exercises definitely helped me through the night, and I wish you could have seen the doctors face when he found I was 8cm and had at that point only had co-codamol!

S & O, Sheffield

I just wanted to thank you for recommending HypnoBirthing to us… I really couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I was so relaxed through the surges that the midwives couldn’t tell that I was in active labour. Without me consciously doing anything, the birth was a complete relaxed happy blur until I thought ‘Ouch’ a little bit as he came out… although even that was more of a satisfied ‘ahhhhh’!
N & R, Bristol

HypnoBirthing was extremely helpful as it kept me sooo much calmer than I would have been while in hospital. I was able to meditate, use the TENS machine and relax while the surges started…. the midwives couldn’t believe how calm my husband and I were and how well I was handling the surges. We are at home now and J is amazing. She is a fairly calm baby and only cries when something is wrong – she has a great pair of lungs! Although this wasn’t a typical HypnoBirth I still found all the techniques very useful and highly recommend the course!
K & G, Sheffield

Q&A with Lucy from Wise Hippo

I asked Lucy from Wise Hippo some questions to help you get to know her a little bit better!…

Can you tell us a little about why you started WiseHippo?
When I was pregnant with my first, I found that I was increasingly scared of the birth as my pregnancy progressed. It had been such a tough journey to even get pregnant, I wanted my baby so much but was utterly terrified by all the negative stories about birth. It felt so wrong to feel that way about meeting my baby. After some frantic searching I discovered a hypnobirthing course and decided I had nothing to lose! The course totally changed my understanding and expectations of birth. Even learning just how my body works in labour was so reassuring, and having tools and techniques gave me so much confidence that we planned a homebirth. In the end, I developed pre eclampsia and decided that being induced was going to be the best course of action. My husband and I felt so in control of that decision that it was an incredibly positive and empowering experience, even though I ended up having a c-section. I felt so positive about how the tools had helped me even in the most medical situation that I trained to be a hypnobirthing teacher while I was on maternity leave. I love teaching the Wise Hippo as I love how involved the partners become in supporting the birthing mums, and how empowered they both feel to make the right choices for them so they have the right birth on the day. 
When parents come to you on your courses, what is the most popular fear or concern during pregnancy and how do you help them overcome it?

Pain, and being out of control. Understanding how the body works in labour, and how fear affects that process allows pregnant mothers to learn techniques that help them to cope in any situation. Knowing that you have choices in childbirth, knowing what questions to ask, and how to make decisions that are right for you in your circumstances makes sure that birthing couples feel confident and in control. The Wise Hippo course is about having the right birth on the day, not about where or how to give birth!

If someone was considering your course but was not 100% sure it would work for them, what would you say?

I wasn’t sure before I did the course, but now I teach it! My husband was even more sceptical, so I love this quote from him: “Am I still sceptical as to the benefits of hypnobirthing to help couples achieve a calm and peaceful birth? Not at all. It works, and gives you confidence to enjoy the birth of your children, which is surely what the whole experience should be about.”

Tell us about your family and what you love to do with them in Sheffield:

My husband and I are both rock climbers, which is why he decided to come with me when I moved back to Sheffield after university. We love being out in the Peak with the kids (aged 10 and 7); biking, swimming, walking the dogs, and we recently bought a sailing dinghy! We also love the galleries and museums in Sheffield, and exploring the wonderful industrial past. 

Give us one recommendation for an article, podcast or book you love:
Mark Harris, Birthing4Blokes is a great resource. 

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You can also get access to two free downloads from Lucy, more info here

The Wise Hippo Birth Preparation Programme Sheffield - Antenatal Classes and hypnobirthing
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post with Wise Hippo. All opinions and views are my own.

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