4 Top Tips: How To Enjoy The Seaside In Colder Months

The seaside is a wonderful place, isn’t it? When I was little, I associated the seaside with summer. The beach, ice creams, classic UK summer holidays, the arcades, the sun… it just typically makes you think of summer. As I’ve grown up though, I’ve come to enjoy the seaside all year round. Over the past year I’ve took had a few trips to the coast in a not so warm weather… take our trip to Haven back in April as one example; it rained pretty much all week! But trust me, it’s still enjoyable.

In fact, we are sneaking in one last seaside trip this year before Christmas, to Cleethorpes on 13th October for some autumn coast fun. You might think we’re daft in this weather, but nope. The seaside is fun all year round, and whilst you might just assume it’s for summer, it’s not. Here’s 4 tops tips to inspire you to visit the coast in autumn/winter and to make the most of your visit.

4 Top Tips: How To Enjoy The Seaside In Colder Months

4 Top Tips: How To Enjoy The Seaside In Colder Months
Filey beach

There is nothing quite like the sea breeze.

Fresh air is amazing for everyone, but you can’t beat the sea breeze. Wrap up warm and have a beach stroll in the colder months; it clears out the lungs and sets you up for a good nights sleep! The coast is a gorgeous place to exercise, whether it be a short beach stroll or a walk along the pier, a beach jog, rock scrambling or morning yoga! (Ok, maybe I’m imagining too much here but y’know… ). Kids will love to explore the rocks and find secret “hiding places” and the fresh air does you a world of good. Especially if you are from a city, being out by the coast is such a nice experience compared to being back at home and can help clear your mind and recharge.

4 Top Tips: How To Enjoy The Seaside In Colder Months

Enjoy some paddling and building sand castles, whatever the weather!

Wrap up warm, boot up and suit up in those waterproofs and have fun on the beach, regardless! My son loved to jump in puddles on the beach after it had been rainy, and even though it can be chilly, if you wear appropriate clothing, all the playing will soon warm you up! Building sand castles, finding shells and paddling in the sea even on a chilly day is super fun and is something free to do. Plus, sand castles are much easier to build if they’re a bit damp!

4 Top Tips: How To Enjoy The Seaside In Colder Months

Find a sea life centre.

Not always, but more than likely, a sea life or aquatic centre will be at the seaside place you are visiting. These are great options for a day out indoors. They’ll keep you warm and toasty, and kids love to gaze up at the huge fish tanks. Many of sea life centres have indoor play areas and cafes, too, so you can make a day out of it. We have been to sealife centre in Scarborough twice, both when we were staying in Filey in the colder/wetter months, we had a great time even though it is a little small; perfect for a few hours.


And… they’ll be lots more options of things to do.

There’s not just the beach! The seaside has loads of options for things to do, both indoors and outdoors. Seaside places are typically UK attractions so you’ll be able to find good parks, soft play centres, lots of arcades, entertainment complex, swimming, museums, crazy golf, zoo’s and wildlife parks, and loads more. Do check opening times of these sorts of places especially if visiting in off peak time of year as many of them have restricted opening times.

Have a lovely walk on the beach, the pier, and up on the cliff tops for some beautiful views. We love Sewerby Hall & Gardens in Bridlington (read my review here), it has a lovely little zoo and the gardens are beautiful to have a stroll around. Cleethorpes has a small zoo, lots of arcades with indoor soft play and a huge indoor play centre called Magic Castle, playgrounds, swimming pool, miniature steam train and places to eat. Everything is close together making it really easy for families to fill their day with fun things to do. Why not enjoy a Santa special on the Cleethorpes Light Railway for Christmas?

In Scarborough, enjoy some crazy indoor water play at the popular Alpamare water park, wrap up warm and enjoy a stroll around Peasholm Park, one of the UK’s top 10 parks. Or step back in time and visit the historical Scarborough castle.  Not forgetting a ride on the North Bay Railway, and at Christmas time you can enjoy a Santa special. Whitby is beautiful all year round and has a wonderful atmosphere, this popular destination have festive events throughout winter which include firework shows, Christmas markets and lantern parade.

4 Top Tips: How To Enjoy The Seaside In Colder Months
Cleethorpes arcades

Something cheap and easy to do at the seaside though is just have fun in the arcades and on the beach! My son can spend hours in the arcades on the 2p machines, little rides and play areas big arcade centres usually have for kids. Pair this up with some hot fish and chips and it’s a cheap day out, even on a rainy day.

Don’t forget to wrap up warm!

Don’t forget the wellies for the beach, waterproofs, puddle suits, jumpers, hats, coats, gloves…! The beach can always feel colder than it actually is because of the wind, but wrap up warm and you’ll feel lovely and toasty. I swear by our puddle suit for Eric and he loves to splash around in his wellies. A flask of hot drink won’t hurt, either!

Check out my top 10 day out essentials here, to give you some ideas of things you shouldn’t forget.

Do you agree with me? Do you love the seaside all year round, or do you consider it a summer family day out only? I would love to know what you think. We are off to the seaside this weekend and staying for 3 nights at Haven Caravan Park, I can’t wait. Read all about our last stay at Haven here.

Pop a comment down below or on Facebook to let me know any of your favourite places by the seaside and on the coast. I would love to know if I’ve missed anything crucial out! 😀

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See you later! 🙂


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