16 Secrets to how I get organised and drive traffic to my blog

I wish I was more organised, but don’t we all?. I know I’m a far way off from being organised with my blog and having a specific way of doing things, but at the moment this is what is working for me. I thought I would share because I’ve been asked a few times how I manage to do my blog, with videos, photos, content, and all the social media as well, well, you know, life. I’ve specifically been asked about my Facebook page – for my blog, as it’s such an important part of my blog. I’ve just reached 3k likes and I’m so proud of that! So, without further ado… from a newbie blogger, this is How I drive traffic to my blog as a newbie 😀

I hope you find this somewhat helpful. I would love to know what you do for your blog and how you stay on top of it all!

16 Secrets to how I get organised and drive traffic to my blog…

  1. When I make a blog post which includes a video, the video is first uploaded to YouTube. You can see our channel here. Once it is uploaded to YouTube I know that is the main part of the process done, so I start editing photos and uploading them to my website. Uploading the YouTube video first, gives me time to do the rest of the blog as the video is the most time consuming of all. You would skip this step if you don’t use video!
  2. On the MacBook, I start the blog post which the YouTube video is for. If there’s no video then I just jump straight to this one. I open up a draft, then in iPhoto I start editing my photos. Once the chosen photos are uploaded to my blog, I make sure to add alt text, caption and description to each one of my photos (and the alt text includes the Key Word for SEO) this can take a while.
  3. As I’m doing this, I start creating the featured image (preview image for the blog) in Canva. I use a pre-loaded design which I edit each time, so I don’t start from scratch. It is really simple; I just change the text and the photos for the image and then download it, and upload to the blog post as the featured image (including Alt Text). This saves me time compared to creating one from scratch each time.
  4. Once I have written the blog post, I include back links to previous blog posts which relate to the one I’m writing about. I get a lot of traffic from doing this so I like to go back through old posts and optimise them with links.
  5. I use the Plugin Yoast for SEO, I find it is really easy to use and basically tells me what to do by giving me “green” lights for the steps I have completed. I love trying to get all my SEO perfect with all green lights, which includes a SEO keyword and title, meta description, focus keyword and alt text keywords for all the images. I get a decent chunk of traffic from google search which I believe comes down to spending time on the SEO.

Blog promoting:

  1. When the blog is completed and uploaded, I promote it on my Facebook Page which is my main source of traffic to my blog. I spent a LOT of time on Facebook for my blog and I’m really dedicated to it. I have a loyal audience from there and have built up a community which I am really proud of. It is down to spending far too hours on there, but it definitely is worth it.
  2. I don’t promote a new blog post until the evening because this is what is best for me and my audience. You need to find out when your optimal times are for posting on social media as they will vary depending on your audience. You can do this by using Facebook insights. My optimal times are in the evening before 10 and typically after 7. This is because my target audience are parents, so they wait until kids go to sleep to sit and browse the internet (like me!).
  3. Call for action always works on Facebook and is something I swear by. I like to ask (and tell) my audience to LIKE posts, comment down below, click the link, watch the video, etc. I know it may sound self explanatory, but it works.
  4. The blog posts are then promoted on twitter using various hashtags (including local hashtags and blog hashtags, for example #pbloggers and #yorkshirefamily). Most of my blog posts are for a local target audience, so I like to spend time interacting with other local bloggers, businesses, people on twitter in general, and browsing local hashtags I know work and responding, tweeting and just getting involved.
  5. A few days after the blog post has been promoted on Facebook, I then uploaded the video directly to my Facebook page (not linked from YouTube). Although it is in the blog post from YouTube as well, I find not many people from Facebook actually read my posts unless they are deliberately looking for them. Uploading the video for the blog post directly to Facebook a few days after the post has been forgotten about, gives the blog more exposure. Videos on Facebook get a higher reach and interaction compared to anything else; they are, essentially, the most important type of media in Facebook eyes. I include a link to the blog post in the video which goes on my Facebook page. This can then be re-shared further down the line.
  6. Once my blog posts are fully shared (e.g., posted once at optimal time in the evening for the blog post, the video uploaded to Facebook a few days later, and promoted across twitter) I schedule tweets with the blog post throughout the next few weeks (using Buffer and Hootsuite), or whenever I have time. For example, if it’s raining, I know my indoors things to do is going to be more popular so I will tweet (directly and scheduled) that more than others.
  7. I re-share the same things (blog posts + videos) on my Facebook only every few weeks or months, so that my audience don’t feel they are seeing the same posts over and over. I try and spice it up. I like to keep them relevant, for example if the weather is nice I will share an outdoors/water play post, and so on.
  8. Facebook groups (local) are one of my biggest drives of traffic from Facebook. I swear by sharing into local selling groups (such as baby clothes, prams, local mummy groups) and groups I use myself which accept promotions (always read the rules!). I share to my own timeline, as well as in around 10 relevant groups.

Getting involved in the blog community:

  1. There are a few blogger Facebook support groups which I sometimes take part in which have participation threads such as comment for comment or like for like, but these take a while to complete and I don’t think they always make a positive difference. For example, my target audience for my Facebook page is a local audience who I like to be very engaged, so asking 50 random people who aren’t interested in my content to give my page a like does nothing but just increase the number of likes, it doesn’t actually do anything for me because those people are probably not even going to read my blogs, ever. They are a really good way to find other bloggers and get involved in the community but I really recommend only participating in ones which you like for fun, don’t get sucked into doing 100 like for likes, unless it really makes a difference to you. I prefer small support groups and comment pods, compared to huge like-for-like type groups. These are some I like: Live Love Blog community pod, Bloggers helping each other, UK Parent Bloggers.
  2. I really like reading blog posts and participating in blog link ups. I don’t get much traffic for my blog from the blog community (as I mentioned before, my target audience are mostly local) so I don’t take it too seriously and instead I like to spend time interacting with other bloggers and reading blogs and commenting just for the fun of it! This is my “down time” and something I like to reward myself with after doing all the other blog-jobs. I find participating in blog link-ups really fun and relaxing, I like to sit down and link up, and go through the blog posts and comment on as many as I can. I think this is important because it’s something I enjoy, it gives me inspiration, and I love to try and support other bloggers as much as I can. I like to tweet out links to blog posts I really enjoy, and retweet other blog posts from hashtags on twitter. Join a blog link up today, I really recommend them!
  3. If you’re puzzled about blog linkys, this is a fantastic guide from Cuddle Fairy with step by step instructions.

And there we have it! There is still so much more on my to-do list, as I once heard “a bloggers work is never done”! There’s more social media, emails, networking, etc… but we would be here all day. Haha. I hope you enjoyed reading this, please share any of your blog tips down below!

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  • July 5, 2017 at 2:36 pm

    Thanks for linking up to #blogtipslinky
    Your post is so helpful and it’s great idea to share a list of linkys!
    Yoast sounds amazing! I really wish it were possible to use it on any blog as I don’t use a blogging platform, probably going to be my donwfall!

  • July 7, 2017 at 10:15 am

    Thanks so much for the mention!! What a totally fabulous set of tips!! I’m no longer new to blogging, and can still do with taking a lot of this on board. Your dedication and commitment to your blog really shine through. This will be very useful for anyone wishing to increase their traffic! Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink!

    • July 10, 2017 at 2:20 pm

      aww I’m so glad you found it useful! 🙂


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