Why you’re wrong about trips with a tot

I get a lot of questions about trips with a tot and I thought I would clear things up a little. The most popular questions I get are usually about money. If you’re just curious, or want to start your own blog, then keep reading!

Why you’re wrong about trips with a tot

  1. Did you make your blog yourself?

Yes, I did. I’ve been asked before if someone paid me to create my blog and if it is a business which just asked me to do it. No, my blog was created by myself – Naomi – a mum to a 2 year old. I wanted somewhere to write about our days out and local travels, and my experiences and reviews. So trips with a tot was born.

All my content is my own (besides the “your experiences” series which features recommendations from readers) and no one tells me what to write.

2. Do you get a monthly pay check for your blog?

No. Not at all. Trips with a tot is a website which I pay for myself. I bought the domain (the web address) which is self hosted through WordPress. I publish the blog posts myself, I do not have a boss, and I am not employed. I do not get a wage paid into my bank for publishing my blog posts and no pay commission.

3. Do you get money from website clicks?

No. I don’t have any advertising on my blog and I don’t get any money for my page views.

4. Do you make money from your videos?

Nope. I don’t make any money from videos on my blog, youtube or Facebook page.

5. Are all your days out free and paid for because you feature it on your blog?

Nope! I have over 200 posts published on my blog and I think around 3 of them were paid for (with free tickets). If I run a giveaway on my Facebook page for a business, I don’t get paid for this and I also don’t receive any of the prizes… and I don’t enter the giveaways, either.

The only posts I have received payment or free tickets for are Hardwick Hall National Trust, a rainy day on the train, Whirlow Hall Farm halloween party (blog coming soon) and Sneaky Experience for Yorkshire Tots. If a blog post doesn’t have a disclaimer about receiving payment then this is because there was none (99% of my blog posts).

I give away many free tickets that I get offered to members of my community group as a thank you but also for ones I can’t do, so rather than a wasted opportunity someone else gets to do it!

All the days out you see, besides a small handful or less, are from personal experience. they’re family days out, places we have gone to because we wanted to, not because someone paid us. My recommendations are genuine and no one pays me to tell you where to go.

6. So if you’re not making money, why do you do it?

Good point… and I ask that myself a lot, too. I spend LOTS of time on my blog, so much so that if it was paid work I would be earning a decent wage. Sometimes, I just want to sack it all in because it’s a lot of work for no money… I don’t have a job anymore since leaving it to have Eric and I miss earning a wage… so sometimes I feel very frustrated.

However, I love my blog. I am proud what I have created and I do it because I love it. Of course I would love to be making money… that would be amazing. Doing what you love and getting paid for it, isn’t that what everyone wants to do?!

But at the same time… I have to remember that I’m still new to this. My blog was only created earlier this year of 2017. I don’t know any blogger who made a living overnight… it takes a very long time to become established and to make decent money from blogging. I also don’t have anything to sell, no products that I could be making money from, so if I am going to be making money it’s going to be through sponsored content and advertising.

I do think of my blog as a stepping stone. I didn’t start it to make money from it and it isn’t a job. It’s experience and it’s a stepping stone to getting me where I want to be. whilst I haven’t totally figured out what that is, I know whatever it is in future, my blog will have helped me get there.

For the time being, I am just concentrating on building my community and producing quality content. I am very proud that I have grown from nothing to having over 6.5k follows on my Facebook page, a very engaged and loyal audience who love my blog and who chat with me over on our community group, and a blog which gets a lotttttt of page views. That really does make me smile and when I am feeling overwhelmed or disappointed, I just remember that and carry on.

I think of all my friends in my community group… which is a group that wouldn’t exist if I hadn’t had created my blog. I think of all the people who have stopped me in the street to say they recognise me and love my blog. I think of how many people message me every day saying I helped them… even if it is just finding something to do. At least it is useful in some way, to some one.

Conclusion? If you want to start a blog to make money, you’re going to be very disappointed. And if you think I make major bucks from trips with a tot, have a post box bursting with freebies and loads of free days out, then you might be surprised to hear that you’re wrong.

Trips with a tot is my passion and although I don’t get any money from it right now, I hope one day my effort will pay off.

Thank you for reading this blog post and please join me over on my Facebook page!

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