How To Use The Wishlist On Secret Santa Organiser (& sign up to my secret Santa swap!)

I’ve been using the secret Santa organiser website tool recently to organise swaps for a Christmas party. It’s great and really takes the stress out of organising partners yourself. It can be tricky to find your way around the website, though, so here’s some simple instructions including how to use the Wishlist.

Once you have been added to the secret Santa swap (the organiser will add you electronically with your email address) you will receive a confirmation email with details of the swap and button to find your partner. If you don’t receive this email, just let your partner know as this can resent.

Click on the link in the email and you’ll be taken to the website organiser page. Here you find your partner, plus an anonymous message box and a Wishlist.

How To Use The Wishlist On Secret Santa Organiser

In my swaps, I would prefer it if you could please enter your preferences in the Wishlist box (in addition) to messaging your partner. This is because as an organiser I am able to remind guests who are participating to fill in their wish lists. The Wishlist is easy way for your partner to see your preferences.

Using the Wishlist to tell your partner important details such as age, gender, likes/dislikes, allergens, gifts you cannot receive is really important.

You can use multiple lines in the Wishlist to enter as many details as you like, which is really handy. Click “add items to Wishlist” and it’s all done!

How To Use The Wishlist On Secret Santa Organiser

Now you can see your partner and their preferences, plus the secret Santa swap information.

If you forget to update your Wishlist, then you’ll receive a little email reminding you to fill it out:

How To Use The Wishlist On Secret Santa Organiser

I have organised a snail mail secret Santa swap and would love for you to join! Here’s the details:

Please join the swap, it’ll be so much fun! As parents we can often get forgotten about at Christmas, so let’s make sure we all receive a nice gift this year.

Your secret Santa partner will choose a gift/s for you in regards to your Wishlist. This will be wrapped and mailed to you just in time for Christmas.

More details of the swap will be given to you once you’ve signed up in relation to how you should wrap your gift (bubble wrap, etc., for fragile gifts) and gifts that should not be sent (anything offensive/violent/etc).

Hope to see you there!

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