10 family snow day activities everyone has to try!

Unless you’ve been living with your head under a rock for the last 3 days, you’ll have probably got the news that we are expected to be snowed in tomorrow. Yep, the UK is expected to have 30 hours of snow and it’ll be the most snow ever (so they say, like always…) 10 family snow day activities everyone has to try!

things to do with kids when it's snowing

Days out in the snow… might… be doable, I’ll leave that one up to you to decide! But cold. The roads can be icy and dangerous. If you use public transport this can be disrupted. Plans can get cancelled. The UK isn’t the best when it comes to dealing when it is snowing… but don’t worry! If you still need ideas for things to do, here’s some quick and fun snow day family activities ideas. Enjoy!

10 family snow day activities everyone has to try!


Find your nearest hill… if you live in Sheffield this shouldn’t be a problem… and wheeeeeeeee! Not got one to use? Cut some cardboard into the shape and size you need and completely cover with duck tape. Yep, it really works.

This is a great tip from The Epileptic Blogger… “it’s got to be sledging right? Although wear the right shoes!! When I was younger, there was a massive hill where I grew up both me and my best friend went to join everyone on the hill although we went in those cheap fake uggs that every teenager wears. They provided no grip and we ended up bum shuffling down the hill because we couldn’t stand up! humiliation at its finest!”

Go for a walk or drive in the snow

the countryside looks absolutely amazing when it’s covered in snow… a true winter wonderland. So if the roads are clear and safe, go for a drive in the countryside and enjoy the view. Why not park up and get out to take a nice family snowy selfie or build a snowman?

Snow ball fights

Snowball fights are a must! This made me laugh from Pete at Household Money Saving, “Snow ball fights are so much fun, right?!… Until somebody storms off in a mood, which usually happens in my family” 😀

Igloo building

Why not get a bit more creative than snowmen and build an igloo?! Edinburgh with kids blog told us…  “we have once had enough snow to build an igloo! It was so epic… until is collapsed half way through. After that it made a terrific fort to throw a snowballs from!”

Can you imagine building an igloo so awesome you could have a little snow picnic inside of it?! If anyone manages this, you MUST send in a photo!

Try making Maple Taffy lollies!

10 family snow day activities everyone has to try!

Over in Canada, real snow Maple Taffy is a real treat and tradition on snow days. It requires little to no effort and you probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen. Simply go out, collect up some fresh, clean snow. Pack it down in a pan back at home so it doesn’t melt and add some sweet ingredients. For a traditional Maple Taffy use Maple Syrup, but you could use algarve nectar or caramel syrup and bring it to boil in a pan. Simply pour over the snow and enjoy! For Maple Taffy lollies, pour the syrup onto the snow and quickly stir/shape and twist with a lolly stick. Make sure the syrup is boiling and take care when around small children!

Be the first to make foot prints in the snow

Perhaps the simplest snow activity… and yet the most satisfying. I remember being a kid and rushing so fast to put on my wellies so I could run outside and go wild in the snow…. making those first foot prints, snow angels and trails is just soooo satisfying. And the crunch beneath your toes too… ahhh!

Blow bubbles outside

Get the old bubbles out and instead of blowing them inside, blow them outside when it’s been snowing… they’ll look a lot different and little ones will be mesmerised!

Easy snow art

Take out some little containers of diluted food colouring and make some snow art outside. This is so easy and it looks really cool. If you have all different colours, why not try and make a rainbow? The snow is your white canvas and this one is so easy even toddlers will enjoy making a mess… that you don’t have to clean up!

Build a snowman! 

Duh! You have to get outside and make a snowman when it’s snowing! I can’t wait for us to do this with Eric, it’ll be his first snowman and that just makes it a little bit more special, hehe. You could even “paint” your snowman with food colouring to make a rainbow snowman, imagine!

10 family snow day activities everyone has to try!

I really like the idea of making a snowman who is lying down instead of standing up, especially if you have little kids who can’t reach to build much of the actual snowman. Why not make a snow angel instead? I saw this photo and it is sooo sweet.

Ice skate

When it’s snowing out it can really get you in the mood for some ice skating, don’t you think? The good news is that, if you’re in or near Sheffield, kids skate for free throughout December at Ice Sheffield. Click here to find the offer.

Is your favourite thing to do when it’s snowing on this list?

Wrap up warm and have a lovely snow day!

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