Review: Mini Professors Science Class

We’ve been on the look out for classes which are a little bit different. I came across Mini Professors and thought it looked fantastic. Hands on, fun and educational.

Please note, the content of these classes changes every single week (and is the main reason why we will be going back- there’s over 80 themes!) and this review only shows one session!

Mini Professors: Fun Science toddler classes in Sheffield

I was really looking for an educational activity we can do together… I feel like he needs that sort of stuff more now he’s 4 in October this year. I struggle to think of these sorts of activities at home so it gives me some good ideas, too.

So what is Mini Professors? Mini Professors are fun science classes for 2-5 years old. They’re new in Sheffield and currently on at Broomhill, Ranmoor, Greystones and soon Mayfield Alpacas Animal Farm. Professor Ju Ju runs them and she’s so lovely!

At the moment there’s a spring offer on for 3 sessions at £15. Weekday sessions are block book in terms and there are Saturday pay as you go sessions, too. Booking is here. We did a ‘Fantastic Thursday’ class at Broomhill Methodist Church, 11:20am.

Mini Professors: Fun Science toddler classes in Sheffield

In short as I know what you’re wondering is was it any good?

So the answer is, yes it was, it was a bit different to anything we have done before, I loved how it was educational (the focus on that was never lost, which is good. As so many things can be ‘educational’ but losses that focus). The class was very relaxed, Professor Ju Ju is super enthusiastic and friendly. One of the best things I like about it is how there are 80 themes so they say ‘your child will never experience the same theme twice’. Meaning each week is different. Magnets, gravity, colours, growing, chemical reactions, etc.,…

Our theme yesterday… ‘soap bubbles’, that’s going to be interesting for any child, right, bubbles are fun let’s be honest, but it was educational as well as just fun! We learnt about bubbles and their shapes on information cards with a scientific explanation at the beginning, experimented with our own bubbles, watched a little video and then a recap of what we did after the session.

Our session was not busy at all. The room was spacious and the experimental bubble activities were set up in tuff trays away from the sitting down area, where you can eat your own snacks and listen to explanations, story and sing a welcome/goodbye song.

Will we go back? Yes, because the location and time work for us (11:20am start, but there is an earlier Thursday class, too) and for the educational aspect. I’m going back because each week is different so I’m very intrigued to know what’s next, and also because Professor Ju Ju is very nice, engaging and interacting with the children (and adults).

There’s options for what to do after class in the local area, too, like Sheffield Botanical Gardens. If you’re looking for somewhere to eat after, I recommend Five Rivers. 🙂

The class was fun for adults, too, and I don’t really think you get that in any baby/toddler class… usually it’s for the child and you just go along with them and watch them have fun or sing along. These classes you can actually do it with your child… and are good ideas for activities at home as well, especially for using a Tuff Tray.

Even though it’s very basic science, the adults are encouraged to get involved and I’m always up for learning!

Thumbs up from us. I posted on my Facebook page a few weeks ago asking what others thought about it as I always like to know in advance what I’m taking Eric to (he’s soooo fussy!) and many people had good things to say about it.

If you’ve tried it, let you me know what you think and do recommend us anymore science-y things to do!

For more details like dates, class times and more read this post.

Mini Professors: Fun Science toddler classes in Sheffield

Disclaimer: This post is part of a sponsored collaboration with Mini Professors. We receive this class as part of payment. All words and opinions are my own and I was not paid to include any words in this post. I only take Eric to things we genuinely have an interest for and will work for us, sponsored content does not change this or my personal recommendation.

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