Concerteenies review: Sensory Baby Music Concert

Fancy something a bit different? Concerteenies is a truly unique musical experience for families with young babies in Sheffield. When I first heard of Concerteenies, I immediately thought wow, what a fantastic idea! The concert series engage parents/carers and their lovely babies with high quality music in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. You can expect musical professionals, free refreshments, good facilities, friendly atmosphere and exciting sensory play for the children. These musical concerts take place in Sheffield with special guests and inspirational professional musicians with separate sessions specifically for ages 0-1, 1-2, 2-3. Concerteenies review: Baby Music Concerts in Sheffield

Sessions with Concerteenies are set up to be a simple and informal special experience for families, yet the idea is actual genius. There are so many baby and toddler classes around, but this is something special: parents and babies can enjoy professional music in a lovely venue without worrying about their children’s safety. Infact, the sessions are specifically made so that they engage the little ones in the concerts; rather than the concerts just being suitable for babies.

For example, Soft mats, toys, and sensory play is available for babies to play with and get involved in with other babies in a social atmosphere, who are enjoying Concerteenies with their parents/carers. Concerteenies concerts provide a safe, engaging and fun space for families to enjoy live music and enhance your babies experience. Puppets, percussion and bubbles are just a few of the things to expect at a Concerteenies session.

Facilities are no problem at the event sessions, with baby changing always available, parking and public transport nearby. Mothers are encouraged to feed their babies throughout the sessions when needed. Free refreshments, tea and coffees, are available and if you fancy something else, there is bar serving hot and cold food/drinks.

Sessions are exclusively designed for babies and toddlers starting from 0-1 years old. Concerteenies do run toddler sessions in addition to the 0-1 sessions, for 1-2 year, and 2-3 year olds. This is a fantastic idea as this keeps the children in small, separate groups by age ensures children can enjoy their session in a safe space.

Concerteenies review: Baby Music Concerts in Sheffield

Daniella attended a Concerteenies session for us to review, this is what she thought!:

Concerteenies review: Baby Music Concerts in Sheffield

The session of Concerteenies we attended was on Saturday 16th December at the Greystones pub in Sheffield, S11. My little girl is 16 months old, so we attended the 1-2 year old class.

It’s easy and convenient to reach the venue. There is plenty of free parking in the car park, on the roads surrounding or the 83 bus runs directly outside the pub.

When you first arrive there are complimentary tea’s, coffees and biscuits to help yourself to then, as the session begins, guests enter through into the venue (The Greystones back room). Children can sit on the floor as there were blankets and mats set out, or you could sit around the edges. Before the concert starts Polly explains about Donald Grant (who is performing), his career, how she knows him and how she would like the parents to get involved during the concert.

Concerteenies review: Baby Music Concerts in Sheffield

Concerteenies review: Baby Music Concerts in Sheffield

As soon as the music began it quickly grabbed the attention of all the little ones and as the event continued multi-sensory items were passed out including coloured ribbons, light up balls, bubbles and shakers. My little girl loved shaking the shaker and clapping along to the beat and was mesmerised by the bubbles.

Concerteenies review: Baby Music Concerts in Sheffield

Concerteenies review: Baby Music Concerts in Sheffield

Throughout the whole event the little ones are encouraged to do what toddlers do best – be it stay sat down, crawl, walk around or even dance, all adding to the child friendly nature of the concert.

Concerteenies review: Baby Music Concerts in Sheffield

Concerteenies review: Baby Music Concerts in Sheffield

The tickets are £6 in advance or 2 adults for £10 on special offer and I will definitely be going along again. Because it is not a weekly class it is something a little more special you can do with your baby/ toddler, so I feel the price is definitely justified.

In conclusion… the quality of the performances are exceptional and it is something that grown ups can enjoy just as much as children. A longer day can be made out of it; by staying for lunch at the pub, walking down to Endcliffe Park or down Ecclesall road for dinner., etc.

Thank you Daniella.

To find upcoming Concerteenies sessions and to book ASAP (they sell out fast!) click here.

Concerteenies review: Baby Music Concerts in Sheffield

Thank you for reading! This is a unique review, we have had nothing like this on trips with a tot before! What a lovely experience. Have you been to a Concerteenies? Or thinking of taking your little one? 🙂

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See you later! 🙂

Disclaimer: We were lucky enough to be provided with complimentary tickets by Concerteenies and all our views are our own.

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