Lindy’s Story S.A.C Childs Play at Medieval Mayhem

Lindy’s Story S.A.C sessions run at Medieval Mayhem indoor play centre on Wednesday mornings. Every week is a different theme. The class incorporates a themed story, song, activity and ceramic painting (or equivalent) in each session. They are fun adventures to help children each their early learning goals (ELG) through expression, creativity and play. Lindy’s Story S.A.C – Childs Play craft sessions in Sheffield

The first session we attended was Unicorn Week! I thought the theme was very fitting for trips with a tot with rainbows included, so I arranged a few of you to come with me from the community group. I was really impressed! I was a bit dubious at first as to whether Eric would actually like it, as he doesn’t do very well with structured activities sometimes and loses interest. But! with the unicorn session there was so much going on quickly paced with a break in the middle, it kept him going without getting bored.

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Eric did all the activities and I honestly have been thinking about going back. The next session I’m considering is “Stickman” on 21st November. We love Julia Donaldson. I’m going to book on to the “nightmare before Christmas” where Eric can decorate his own seasonal night light. 🙂 Fancy coming with me? Book here!

Lindy’s Story S.A.C – Childs Play craft sessions in Sheffield

Lindy's Story S.A.C - Childs Play craft sessions in Sheffield

What happens at Lindy’s Story S.A.C Childs Play sessions

Sessions start at 9:45 in the party room with a story and an activity to support the ELG’s followed by a song. All story, song and activity fit in the weeks theme.

Ceramic painting begins at 10:15 with a mixture of ready mix paint (for the younger child / mixer) and acrylic paints (for the older child). At 10:45 the children will go for a break with a snack and juice with time to play as Lindy sets up for the 11:00 activity.

Children can meet the Medieval Mayhem team at the bottom of the slide where they will chuchuwa back into the party room to join in the 11am activity for all.

£5 for under 1s, £7.50 for 1 year olds, £10 for 2-4 year olds. This includes soft play entry all day, snack/juice and all activities.

Upcoming sessions in 2018

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10th October – Dear Zoo

17th October – Dinosaur Express

24th October – Unicorns and Rainbows

7th November – Gingerbread man

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14th November – Children in Need

21st November – Stick Man – (I am doing this one, so see you there! And stay tuned- I’ll report back!)

28th November – Xmas Farmyard tales

5th November – The very smiley Snowman

12th December – Night before Christmas (I’m also doing this one!! Please book on and come along).

19th December – Santa needs a wee


All sessions cost £5 for under one year; £7.50 for one to two years and £10.00 from two to four years.

Meet Lindy from Childs Play

Hi Lindy. Can you tell us how Childs Play started and what your inspiration behind this was?

My experience comes from my BA(Hons) in Teaching and Learning plus Seventeen years experience as a HLTA. Three years of classroom teaching, plus working for a year in a specialists provisions unit. I did two years as an ESCO providing the Opportunties fund with activities for sixteen primary schools. When the funding ran out for the opportunities fund and I moved to Sheffield I realised just how much of an impact it had had on many children’s lives.

This prompted me to set up Childs Play with my eldest son where we could keep prices as cheap as possible, try to promote behavioural awards which we have given to any schools in Sheffield who have wished to take them. We have worked with Sparkle to provide a place for children to be creative and parents to feel supported. There is nothing more satisfying than see a child reach their potential and feel good about something they have achieved.

Can you tell us about 2 lindy S.A.C sessions coming up that you’re particularly excited about and why?

Stickman as I love to see children express themselves and using a stickman can help them to do this and the fact that this is the first time anyone will have had a stick man as we are drawing and cutting them especially for this session. I am also looking forward to ‘Santa Needs a Wee’. I am hoping that the children have some good ideas about what we can give Santa when he comes to visit as he really doesn’t want anything to drink if he needs a wee… What a dilemma. This is the week the children design / colour their cups with straws, make mocktails and party.

The themes behind your Lindy’s S.A.C sessions are so creative! Where do you get the ideas from and how long does it take to plan one?

Ideas for my Story S.A.C. come very quickly. I loved story telling with children in my class and often gave them a stone in circle time to give them inspiration. Where did the stone come from? How did it get there? Who had the stone before you? What was it like where they came from? etc… It fires their creativity.

Linking them all together can take some time as I need to find a book, look at the moral behind the story, link it to the theme and then support children’s understanding of this theme within their ability to understand. I then find a song and order ceramics to complete the S.A.C. I tend to plan a group in an evening and spend the next week perfecting it.

Lindy doesn’t just do Story S.A.C sessions!

Childs play mobile craft offer a range of crafting events, activities and parties. Childs Play at Wisewood Methodist church on a Monday from 3 until 5pm (10 – 2pm in the holidays). We have themed weeks with a variety of crafts on offer from £1 sticker scenes to £5+ porcelain figures. Party packages are available for tots through to teens and even grown-ups.

Lindy is also available mobile in education settings and can cover PPA craft sessions and craft with all ages. This can be to a theme to link in with curriculum areas.

Find out more about Childs Play here:

Childs Play Mobile Craft Sheffield

Disclaimer: This post is paid for as part of a sponsored package with Childs Play. All opinions are my own, and we paid for our own entry at all Childs Play sessions.

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