#1 Half weekly vlog | Matlock, Rain, Barnsley & Outdoor adventures

At the beginning of August I said to myself that I really wanted to start to try to produce a weekly vlog video. We always have so much left over footage from our days out vlogs that it seems a shame to have it sitting around not doing anything. Eric loves to watch our videos and I know I will be glad I’ve done it when we have them to look back on. This is my first “weekly style” vlog with short clips from our days Saturday through to Wednesday, featuring loads of new exciting days out, rainy days, parks, museums, food and more. Although it’s not a whole week as I thought I would try to cut it in half to begin with, I hope you enjoy…

My highlights from Saturday and Wednesday…

  • Visiting Matlock Bath on Saturday. I’ve been before especially when I was younger so I have many fond memories there, we went last year in Autumn as a family and went to Heights of Abraham which was brilliant. This time my mum came with me and we planned to have a relaxing afternoon, not doing much but just enjoying the walks there. The few hours we spent by the riverside, exploring, Eric had a paddle, and fun in the playgrounds was lovely. We watched the paddle boats and just soaked up the atmosphere. it was good to do something not hectic and free.

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  • Getting lots of blog work done. It’s really easy for me to get behind, with Eric I can’t go on the computer much so when Ollie is off work and can take him out to a museum or park, it really helps so I can actually get on the MacBook as opposed to doing it all on my phone throughout the day and mostly at night, which is not good for headaches. Ollie had fun with Eric at the National Emergency Services Museum one day whilst I tried to get a lot done. I hate being behind. I was able to get through a to-do list and feel a little bit organised, although I always have so much to do still!
Virgin Lounge
  • Spending time outdoors despite the weather. I love summer and it’s so disappointing that we seem to be lacking it at this time of year! Where’s the sun?! I love being outdoors though, so I’m glad we managed to spend time exploring. We went to Sheffield General Cemetery for a few hours, the walk at Matlock bath and a muddy adventure at Rivelin Valley Park today. One of my highlights is seeing Eric enjoy himself in the mud and puddles; he loves it!
Mushrooms at Sheffield General Cemetery
  • Trying out new things. New days out are always exciting but especially when they’re free! We went to three new places this week and ALL three are free: Experience Barnsley museum and Cooper Gallery, which were such a pleasant surprise and had loads to do for children of all ages, and Rivelin Valley Park which I’ve been to before but I’m still counting as new experience as Eric has never been old enough to appreciate it yet. Blogs on all three are coming soon 🙂

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 And the not so highlights…

  • Stresses at home. We have loads going on at the moment which is putting a strain on me and Ollie in general so there’s been arguments aplenty in our house, and this really sucks. Money is tight, we are in the process of buying a house and that is stressful as hell, we have NO TIME as ollie is working more than his last job (he moved jobs a few months ago and is working more hours now) and I’m trying to prioritise blogging a lot now, we have a holiday to Butlins next month – which was booked before we even considered buying a house – and obviously when money is tight and you have a holiday coming up that’s not going to be the best of situations.
  • The weather. Seriously where is the nice weather? I would love some summer weather, I feel like we have only had maybe 3 days of it this year. I’ve had to cancel the last two meet ups I’ve organised for my Sheffield parents group because of the weather; one was an outdoor pool and that day there was torrential rain… yeah, that wouldn’t have been fun! I want the summer picnics, the water splash… all of that! It can’t be over, can it?!
  • Behind on work. I always feel behind with blogging so even though this was listed as a highlight, it’s no surprise it’s also not a highlight, haha! How does that even work?! I just can’t get on top of it. It stresses me out but I have to remind myself that I can’t really do much about it; it’s hard to get on the computer with Eric around and ollie works a lot long hours, so the time I have to myself to work is limited. I do blog work on the bus, on the toilet, when Eric naps, up late at night (like now…) and just at every opportunity. I just need to make sure that I stay organised as possible and use the time I do have to my full advantage. I think I need to get a journal or something and start planning ahead. Hmmm…

Although it hasn’t been a week, it has been a lovely “half week” and I hope you enjoyed watching the vlog and reading a slightly more personal blog than usual! Please make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel as I always upload videos there first before putting them in a blog and follow me on Facebook and Twitter for loads of days out stuff.

Hope to see you in another 4 days for the second half, let’s hope I keep up with it. Leave me some feedback down below, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you for watching!

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