6 Reasons why you’ll love Magna Science Adventure Centre

Magna Science Adventure Centre in Rotherham is a fantastic place in summer for kids with it’s huge playground and a super fun splash park. Here’s a quick video so you can see the outside areas and 6 reasons why you’ll love Magna this summer!

6 reasons why you’ll love Magna Science Adventure Centre in Rotherham this summer:

  1. Aqua-Tek, the splash park, is full of jet sprays, mists, fountains and splash fun. It is impossible to stay dry!
  2. There are 4 different play areas in the playgrounds, including two areas suitable for toddlers with climbing frames and slides, a rope park area and exercise equipment.
  3. All of the Aqua-Tek and Sci-Tek is included in an annual pass, which is the price of 1 full day ticket; if you buy this ticket instead of outdoors only, you can return unlimited times for 12 months. That’s really good value for money!
  4. There is plenty of parking and the X1 Steel Link Sheffield to Maltby bus stops right outside the gates of Magna.
  5. There’s a refreshments kiosk outside, plus cafe and facilities inside the science centre so you can head indoors if you need to dry off, use the toilets, or get some food/drinks.
  6. Have a kid who loves slides and sand? They’ll love the play areas FULL of slides of all types, plus the play areas are full of sand pits.

The outside areas are really great, and when you have an annual pass; don’t forget to explore inside too and see the 4 galleries of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. There’s lots of hands on stuff for kids; Earth has real diggers to see and operate, in Air you can play with music, Water is really fun for water experiments, and kids love the flames in the Fire room. In cooler months and wet days, this is a good idea for an indoor day out.

Tickets start from £10.95 adult and £4.50 for children aged 2-3, £8.95 for children aged 4-16. These all include the annual pass. See more prices and book online here.

Where is your favourite place to go for water play and playgrounds? See this blog for more water play days out.

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