22 Top Family Friendly Places To Eat in Sheffield City Centre

Looking for somewhere to eat in Sheffield with kids? Need to find Family Friendly Places To Eat in Sheffield City Centre?

I’ve lived in Sheffield City Centre for over 4 years now, 2 with my son… and I was born and raised in Sheffield so it’s fair to say that we have eaten out a lot during this time! Me and Ollie have always loved dining out, we really love trying new foods and the whole experience of going to a restaurant is just something I’m fond of.

Eating out definitely got more difficult once we had the little one with us. Suddenly you realise not everywhere suitable for kids and not everywhere has baby changing.

Over the last 2 years, we’ve had to find the best places to go with a small person. Andddd I know, it can be a pain trying to find them; it’s definitely been trial and error for us. So I’ve put together this handy list with my top 22 places to eat with kids so you can find family friendly places to dine in Sheffield easily. Yay! Definitely share this with your friends!

Bon Appetit!

Top 22 Family Friendly Places To Eat in Sheffield City Centre

Zizzi Italian Restaurants

Family Friendly Places To Eat in Sheffield City Centre

Zizzi never fails to impress us. We love the food, being able to dine somewhere slightly on the nicer side yet it’s totally relaxed and family friendly at the same time. The staff are always very friendly with us and Eric, the kids menu is great value with a good choice of food. There is colouring/crayons to keep kids entertained, and meals are served quick which is important with a toddler. There is baby change facilities and wooden highchairs. Vegan, gluten and dairy free options for adult and kids menus which is fantastic.

There are two Zizzi’s in Sheffield City Centre, one in Leopold Square and one in Light Cinema; I like them both but prefer Light Cinema with kids as it find it just that little bit more relaxed and the decor is nice and bright! They usually have balloons, too.

Top tip: order from the kids menu before your order adult meals; it will come before yours so your kid can get busy tucking in which helps keep them occupied.

Heartcure Collective, 38 Garden St, Sheffield S1 4BJ

New vegan social centre, library and restaurant just outside the city centre. Heartcure Collective/Vibe Food Co. is 3 minutes walk from Sheffield Cathedral on Garden Street, close by to National Emergency Services Museum.

Workspace, kids play area, comfortable seating, games, books, toys and amazing food! A full vegan menu is available, plus delicious cakes, hot and soft drinks.


In the City Centre, we only go to Benjamin Huntsman which is next to John Lewis as I find this one the most family friendly. If you head to the back, you can usually get a booth seat to keep children contained (I joke…maybe).

Kids menus are available, high chairs, baby change,  crayons/colouring and a family friendly atmosphere; there are always kids eating in wetherspoons so you really don’t have to worry about that! Food comes fast and you can even order on your phone if you don’t want to go up the bar (and if you are on your own with kids this is very handy).

Vegan, gluten and dairy free meals available.

Quick list of family-friendly pubs with playgrounds right here!

The Tea Studio

The Tea Studio Family Friendly Places To Eat in Sheffield City Centre
The Tea Studio | Family Friendly Places To Eat in Sheffield City Centre

This is a lovely little cafe! The Tea Studio is in The Art House Sheffield, and being home to artist studios and courses, it is very bright, airy, clean and relaxed. The Tea Studio is a vegetarian cafe with lots of vegan options, pay-it-back scheme for the homeless, delicious homemade cakes, fresh coffee, paninis soup, sandwiches, specials and soft drinks. Gluten free food available.

High chairs are available, staff are super friendly, crayons and scrap paper is on the table for a scribble, and there is baby change facilities. The cafe is not huge but we usually sit at the back where the tables are more spacious. Read my little review here.


Zooby’s Sandwich Deli & Coffee Bar

I love Zooby’s for quick lunch in the Sheffield city centre. Zooby’s is in the lovely winter gardens, Sheffield’s own greenhouse with over 2,000 plants! There are tables and chairs to eat inside so you can enjoy a lunch around the plants all year round. Zooby’s have paninis, sandwiches hot and cold, healthy snacks, nice coffee and sweet treats. There is a kids picnic lunch box available and high chairs. Because the seating is just in the winter gardens, it’s really low key and relaxed, Eric loves eating there as it feels like a picnic.

We can just explore the Winter Gardens and Millennium Galleries, then stop for food when we feel like it. It’s order-at-the-counter style and it can be slow at busy lunch times, but the food is made to order and fresh so it does taste delicious. Small filter coffees are only £1, too, and there’s vegan options available for food.

Baby change is available downstairs in the Millennium Galleries public toilets.

Bill’s Restaurant

We haven’t been to Bill’s restaurant since we went vegan yet, but I have heard they do vegan options. I used to go often for breakfast when Eric was a newborn because it was one of the only places I felt comfortable breastfeeding in. The staff are really nice, it’s really relaxed and the baby changing facilities were always clean. I really liked the decor, it was a lovely atmosphere and the food was always good; especially breakfast!

They have kids menus and high chairs. The restaurant is just next to the Peace Gardens so it’s the perfect spot for a toddler around before/after food, too.

Pizza Express

Every family should have been to Pizza Express! It’s so family friendly, you really can’t go wrong for a nice restaurant that cater for little ones. The staff are always nice, make a fuss, food comes fast and there are the usual but good and clean facilities like high chairs and baby change. Their high chairs have big coloured beads on the seat that babies can play with which, when Eric was younger, it always was a bonus as it did keep him entertained!

Food arrives fast even when it’s busy and the restaurants are always nice to take kids in. Kids menus are available and the food is super yummy. Vegan, dairy free and gluten free options available, too. There are two Pizza Express in Sheffield City Centre; Light Cinema and outside the Winter Gardens.


The Wagamama in Sheffield City Centre is in Leopold Square, which is all enclosed and off-the-street, and in summer there’s usually live music, too. It’s a safe space to let kids run around which is good piece of mind especially as there is outdoor seating for some of the restaurants there.

Wagamama is a fantastic place to get authentic but fast Asian food inspired by Japan. The atmosphere is super relaxed, not fussy and food is very, very quick. Little one’s have their own menus and colouring to keep them entertained. There is baby change, high chairs and vegan options.

Bungalows & Bears

In the old fire station on Division Street, this big bar probably doesn’t look like it is family friendly but it totally is during the day. We have been in a few times for burgers (on Tuesdays it’s 2 for 1) and it is never busy during the day. If you head to the back, behind the bar, there is quite a big area with self-contained booth seats, spacious and great for kids, plus a little area directly behind the bar with tables and a booth seat going all the way around (sort of shaped like a stage).

We have had that area to ourselves in the afternoon a few times and Eric has had lots of space to play. Burgers are really tasty, you can get wine, cocktails, beer or soft drinks and it’s a really cool place. Nice alternative for somewhere trendy and different to take kids for lunch.

They don’t have a kids menu, and I don’t think any high chairs, but the booth seats are fine for kids who can sit up unaided. There is no step access into the building and baby change is available in the disabled toilet. Vegan options available.


Another one we visit often, Nando’s is a good option if you need food that comes to your table quick. The nandinos menu for kids is very good value and because it is order-at-the-till service, people are up and down which distract a restless toddler.

We usually can keep Eric entertained just by numerousttrips up to get sauces, cutlery, fill up drinks, etc., There’s a variety of seating options like booth seats, half booths or sharing tables. Highchairs and baby change facilities are always available, as are vegetarian and vegan options.

The Devonshire Cat

Tucked away just behind Division Street, Devonshire Cat is a nice little place to go for a drink and it is family-friendly. They’ve just had a refurb and it looks very nice inside. There is no kids menu, but children are welcome and there are highchairs and baby changing facilities.

We usually only stop there for a drink as half the seating is just for bar drinks with sofa seats, etc., which works well for toddlers who want to be up and down. It’s never usually busy weekday in the afternoons.

Blue Moon Cafe

For the most delicious vegan and vegetarian meals on offer you have to try Blue Moon Cafe next to Sheffield Cathedral. It can get very busy and the tables are close together so you have to time it right sometimes, but it is totally worth it. The meals are fresh and home cooked, with daily specials, yummy salads, cakes and treats. Blue Moon Cafe has been going since 1995!

For drinks, there’s coffees, juices, soft drinks and wines/beers if you fancy. High chairs are available, baby change too, and it is relaxed and usually a little loud so it’s fine for babies/toddlers who like to be a little noisy!

Forum Kitchen + Bar

The Forum on Division Street is a trendy spot for family friendly place to eat and is usually quiet on an afternoon. There’s a range of food on offer with small plates, pizza, cakes, breakfast, main meals, sides etc., so although there is no kids menu you can definitely find something to share. High chairs and baby change facilities are available. There’s sofa seats you’d just like a drink, booths or usual tables for a meal.

The Cabin

If you’re looking for waffles, coffee and pancakes, then you’re in the right place with The Cabin. At the bottom of the Moor, this place is so cozy and very cute for families. There’s a big stuffed bear to welcome little kids by the counter, a lovely kids menu (“for the bear cubs”) and a corner with soft toys/games/colouring to keep them entertained.

The atmosphere is lovely and warm, it’s relaxed and popular with families. It can get very busy especially on weekends so best to plan ahead.

Old Queens Head

This pub is the oldest domestic building in Sheffield dating back to 1475! Old Queens Head is our local pub which is in a refurbished medieval timber house next to Sheffield Bus Station. It’s never busy during the day and even earlier afternoon, there’s good amount of space and different areas to sit/dine in. We have been going there since Eric was a baby and have always been made to feel welcome (and even the old lollypop).

There are 2 highchairs available, sometimes a few toys, no kids menus but there is baby change available. Upstairs, they have a private function room, which is free to use if you book a party/event. I have used this in the past and it’s a great space, there is no lift access and just steps, but a decent sized room with private toilets.


Pret-A-Manger just opened in Sheffield right on the Fargate opposite Sheffield Cathedral and is one of our favourite places for quick and on-the-go-food. There’s healthy sandwiches, salads, soups, drinks, loveeeeely coffee, cakes/treats and breakfast options. They make their own food and everything is handmade and super fresh and very tasty. I’ve always loved Pret for the healthy options and they now have lots of vegan food, too. Pret is my favourite place in Sheffield to get coffee from and I love their coconut latte.

There’s baby change facilities (however down a flight of steps), high chairs and casual atmosphere, people always getting up and down, etc., I do prefer to sit downstairs in this one because it’s very quiet and spacious down there but that requires stairs so you’d need a sling or no pram.

Couch Campo Lane

Tucked away behind the cathedral, Couch on Campo Lane is a quirky cafe/bar open from breakfast until late. The set up is spacious with all different types of seating like high tables, comfy sofas with recycled denim cushion covers or normal type chairs… I like the sofas especially for kids!

The food and drink options are really good, unique and healthy (with lots of treats, too!). There’s a few children’s books knocking around, high chairs, good baby change facilities and friendly staff. The place is spacious so you don’t have to worry about toddlers.

Not quite city centre…

Sheffield University Students Union

The Interval @ Students Union is our favourite place to eat/drink in the Sheffield University Students Union which is only a stones throw away from West Street. We found this last year and couldn’t believe we didn’t know about it sooner. The Interval bar/cafe has high chairs, serves vegan food and has a big outdoor seating area which doubles up as a beer garden in nice weather.

Children are welcome, there’s baby change facilities throughout the students union, vegan food and prices are very, very good for tasty food. The outside garden area is really great for taking kids for breakfast and lunch in nice weather. Nearby is Weston Park Museum or there’s a playground just a few streets away at Gell Street.

Rhubarb Shed Cafe

Come with us for an explore around Sheffield Manor Lodge and Farm best for outdoor fun in South Yorkshire Family Friendly Places To Eat in Sheffield City Centre
Rhubarb Shed Cafe & Manor Farm | Family Friendly Places To Eat in Sheffield City Centre

Rhubarb Shed Cafe in S2 is at Manor Lodge Farm, just a few minutes walk down from Sheffield Manor Lodge. There’s loads to do there with outdoor play, animals to see, a toy shed where kids can help themselves to diggers, bikes, trikes, etc., while you enjoy food/drink outdoors. When the Manor Lodge is open you can explore the ruins, have fun in sandpit, discovery centre and lavender maze. You can really have a day out there.

Rhubarb Shed Cafe is perfect for families who want to dine outside with lots of space for kids to play, the toy shed is a great facility. Food and drinks served at the cafe are wonderful, homemade and really tasty. They do special aftenoon tea events and evenings, too.

Graze Inn and Cowshed

You can find Graze Inn on Ecclesall Road, and you have to take advantage of their kids eat free offer (Mon-Fri 12-7pm). This is a place very popular with families, but the restaurant is spacious so there’s lots of space for children. You’ll find baby change facilities, lots of high chairs and friendly staff. Food is very nice and they do breakfast as well as evening meals. You can pop in just for a drink, there’s a licensed bar, fresh coffee and comfy sofa seats in their bar area “Cowshed”.

Park cafes

We are spoilt for choice here in Sheffield with amazing parks… we are the outdoor city, after all! Park cafes are my top place to enjoy eating out with Eric… you really can’t beat a fantastic family friendly, cozy park cafe. My ultimate favourite is Forge Dam Cafe, but you can find a list of the top 7 in Sheffield right here! Who doesn’t love combining an outdoor adventure, playground and walk with a lovely cafe? 🙂

Heeley City Farm Cafe

Family Friendly Places To Eat in Sheffield City Centre
Heeley City Farm Cafe

This is one of our favourites, we love Heeley City Farm Cafe because they have the most delicious, homemade vegan lunch options… sandwiches, paninis and daily specials. The portions are big, it’s all made with love, the staff are so helpful and there’s healthy alternatives. Plus, the salads are amazing and the daily specials include homemade roast potatoes, yum!

The cafe is very relaxed, family friendly and has a toy box and tractor ride-on penny machine. Eric loves playing with the toys and books, walking around saying help topple and seeing the animals outside after. Not just animals, there’s a playground next to the cafe too.

More ideas

 Before this gets too long, I’ll end right here! But you can find lots more family-friendly places to eat in the following posts:

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 Have I missed any? Submit your favourites in the comments below! 😀

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