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The cabin sheffield review
What makes a child friendly cafe good? Clean, toys for distraction or colouring, a nice friendly atmosphere, high chairs, great food, baby change facilities, good service… the list goes on. Today I went somewhere with all of those tick boxes checked! We went to The Cabin for the first time for pancakes and coffee. We really enjoyed it.

Family friendly cafes which offer quality coffee and good food can be hard to come by. Independent, local cafes and coffee shops tend to attract a trendy, professional, younger crowd (and righly so… it’s totally understandable, who would want a toddler pulling at your wires whilst you’re trying to get work done?). This means people like me, who love to eat local and appreciate a good coffee, are stuck with going to soft plays and chain coffee shops if I want to go out with my toddler. I’ve been on the hunt for a brilliant cafe that is also toddler friendly. The Cabin is a hidden gem!

inside the cabin coffee house in sheffield

Nestled at the bottom of the moor on Fitzwillian Gate in Sheffield, The Cabin is a pancake, waffle and coffee house offering a lovely ambient atmosphere, amazing food, quality coffee plus artisan gifts and jewelry in their retail space. The decor is beautiful; woodland themed, bunting and a fireplace for cosiness.

the cabin sheffield

Staff are friendly and the menu is full of yummy, delicious treats. There is a feeling of relaxed luxury, a hidden place, you would forget you’re in the city centre. Small trinkets are displayed all around the coffee house on the walls, along a fireplace and in the toliets; sweet quotes and inspiring words. It’s very pretty and you can spend a while taking in everything.

the cabin pancake and waffle coffeehouse in sheffield

the cabin, sheffield

The menu includes lots of choices of pancakes, waffles, bakery, sandwiches, hot and cold drinks. There is a “for bears the cubs” childrens size which is so cute! We ordered “The Works” – sausage, bacon and scrambled egg, which comes with a choice of pancakes or waffles with maple syrup. We got one of each.

breakfast at the cabin pancake and waffle coffeehouse in sheffield

breakfast at the pancake and waffle coffeehouse in sheffield

The pancakes were absolutely delicious; fluffy, light, sweet and fresh; I could have eaten them plain. The eggs were yummy and complimented the pancakes perfectly. I enjoyed every minute of it. We had coffees and a peanut butter and jelly milkshake (yum) too!

the kids menu at the cabin in sheffield

This is the kids option! Very cute.

There is a bookcase for kids that has a variety of books, soft cuddly toys, games, notebooks and crayons. There’s a child sized wooden table and chairs. I loved how they had toys for children. In front of the food counter to order, too, there is a stuffed life sized bear and mousse. This is a lifesaver for families with children to keep them distracted! There’s high chairs, the toliets are spotless and have baby change, too.

the cabin pancake and waffle coffeehouse in sheffield


the cabin sheffield

There is a fantastic gift section in the coffeehouse too, with artisan jewelry, candles, homeware, stationery and other goodies to browse.

the cabin pancake and waffle coffeehouse retail space in sheffieldthe cabin pancake and waffle coffeehouse retail space in sheffield

We went for breakfast and it did get busy around lunch time on a Monday afternoon; I expect this place does get busy as the food and atmosphere are so lovely. If you’re in the area and need somewhere for great coffee, pancakes or waffles suitable for families then definitely check it out.

the cabin pancake and waffle coffeehouse in sheffield

Where do you like to go for pancakes and waffles?

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