12 Wonderful Walks for Sheffield Families

12 Wonderful Walks for Sheffield Families

Fancy getting some fresh air? Nothing beats a good family walk. Luckily, here in Sheffield we’re spoilt for choice for outdoor spaces. From fun parks, reservoir wonders to countryside scrambles; we have it all.

Even better that these Wonderful Walks for Sheffield Families are all free.

In this list there’s something for everyone! I’ve tried to think of walks which will suit all ages, terrains and difficulties. You’ll find pram friendly walks, short strolls, rocky scrambles and fun parks with a walk around the water. However if you’re looking for something specific I recommend: Peak District countryside family walks, fun family trails, family walks with playgrounds and magical outdoor spaces in Sheffield.

Walk around Damflask Reservoir

Wonderful Walks for Sheffield Families Walking at Damflask Reservoir, Sheffield
Damflask Reservoir | Wonderful Walks for Sheffield Families

This circular walk is buggy friendly, on a flat path around Damflask Reservoir. It’s approximately 3.8 miles long. It’s an easy walk with facilities in the local village of Low Bradfield where you can park, eat and use the playground.

Start the walk at Smithy Bridge Rd, go over the bridge and stay to the right hand side. There’s a small path leading down next to Smithy Garage Motor Services, after a minute or so they’ll be a path leading to your right hand side with an entrance to Damflask Reservoir on the left (by the Yorkshire Water sign).

Car Park at “The Sands” S6 6LA or bus 61/62 (TM Travel). Make sure you explore the lovely picturesque village of Low Bradfield.

Hunt for boggarts at Longshaw Estate

Longshaw Estate nature play and Boggart trail: Free things to do in Sheffield with kids

This is a real family favourite and a wonderful free day out. Walking at Longshaw Estate is really flexible… you can go far or stay near to the cafe; whatever takes your fancy. Longshaw is a fantastic gateway into the countryside and great for beginners to the Peak District.

Longshaw Estate is on the edge of Sheffield bordering into the Peak District. There are fantastic views. A cafe, a National Trust car park and flat path walks plus a fun and free Boggart trail around the estate. There are many way-marked easy trails to choose from, all colour coded and arrows.

For a short family walk, follow the pink arrows from the cafe which will take you past some boggart homes, to the pond and onwards to Padley Gorge. There are two other short walks, an orange walk of 1 mile and and 3 mile blue walk.

Get a copy of the boggart trail map here.

3 Woodland walks in Sheffield: Graves Park, Ecclesall Woods and Norfolk Heritage Park

Ecclesall Woods 8 places to go in Sheffield for a lovely woodland walk this autumn
Ecclesall Woods | 8 places to go in Sheffield for a lovely woodland walk this autumn

Graves Park S8 8LJ is a popular free family day out with a good playground, free farm and cafe. The woodlands can be very muddy but are huge and fantastic for a woodland wander. Although the paths can get muddy and rocky at times, you can take a pushchair.

Ecclesall Woods is the oldest ancient woodlands in Sheffield. Visit Woodland Coffee Stop for cakes and treats. The woods are deep with many twisty paths to explore, streams and (whispers) fairies! The paths can get a bit tricky with a pushchair at times.

Norfolk Heritage Park offers the easiest walk of them all. It’s one of our top favourite family park days out and has good adventure playgrounds. It’s free! There’s a cafe, small ancient woods with flat paths (start from behind the playground, up the hill). A flat path takes you around the entire park. This is a good, decent but short walk with a pram (and dog).

Lodge Moor & Wyming Brook

Lovely Walk at Lodge Moor & Wyming Brook
Wyming Brook Nature Reserve | 12 Wonderful Walks for Sheffield Families

This is a scenic walk taking you into the depths of wyming brook nature reserve from Lodge Moor. Although the walk isn’t circular, you will start and end at Three Merry Lads with the directions below. You won’t be able to use a pushchair for this, it’s quite a difficult terrain. Please wear appropriate footwear and use a sling for little ones. Be prepared for mud, stones, a bit of scrambling rocks and some lovely paddling opportunities at the bottom.

The walk I’m recommending starts from Three Merry Lads Pub. There is free parking here and it makes a good end to the walk. 🙂 The beer garden at this pub is huge, walk right at the bottom and head to a path on the left hand side.

From there it’s high up with lovely views across redmires reservoir. It really is fantastic up there and do take time to wander around. After around an hour heading down into the woods you’ll end up by the water at Wyming Brook. We usually stop here for a picnic. Don’t go across the stepping stones, but turn back and head right. This will take you through boulders; get your scrambling on!

On average from the picnic spot, scrambling through wyming brook and back up again to Lodge Moor takes about 2 hours. This is a good walk and you’ll be tired after. Photos here!

12 Wonderful Walks for Sheffield Families

Rother Valley Country Park

rother valley country park

Rather Valley is a sports country park with flat paths making it a popular choice for families with young ones and pushchairs. It’s great for cycle trails.

There is a circular walk around the water or you can just walk around as much or as little as you please. The Country Park is all open so you can see all around with paths, loops, playground, cafe and miniature railway. There are even a few animals. It’s popular with joggers, too. There is no entry fee but parking costs.

Muddy adventure at Rivelin Valley Park

What’s on this weekend in and around Sheffield for kids November 10/11 50+ FREE Fun Palaces | What’s on this weekend in and around Sheffield for kids October 6/7 | rivelin valley park This week best bits 24-30 September
Rivelin Valley Park | 12 Wonderful Walks for Sheffield Families

We love heading down to the valley for a woodland play at Rivelin Valley Park. I highly recommend this place. I may be biased as we live so close but it is a great free family day out. 😉

In the summer, there’s a water park – free – and popular paddling pool. A playground in a big open space with places to picnic, woodland walks (both pushchair friendly and more advanced ones) and cafe.

If you’re unsure where to walk at Rivelin Valley Park I recommend parking at the duck pond and walk from there past the pond and through the woods where you will eventually get to the cafe – there is no way of getting lost as there are no turnings.

Or straight from the very beginning and park at Towsure /on the road by Malin Bridge tram stop, then walk from there. Walk down the main road, past the fire station and take the first turning on your right into the woods. Follow the woods and eventually you will get to the cafe.

There is a nature trail and wheel trail at Rivelin Valley Park, too. We haven’t done these as we have enough fun just playing in the woods.

Forge Dam to Endcliffe Park

29 top best favourite days out, trips & holidays of 2018 forge dam

I’m sure if you know me you’ll have seen recommendations for this walk many times. It’s a favourite here and you should definitely try this one.

Forge Dam is a lovely little woodland park in Fulwood. At the actual park, deep in the woods, you’ll forget you’re in Sheffield. The cafe is lovely, there are ducks, a water fall and a small playground. But head past the playground and cross the path over into the woods. From here you can walk right to Endcliffe Park.

This walk is approximately 3 miles and you can take a pushchair. Follow the ‘easy going route’ to avoid any stepping stones.

Unfortunately this walk isn’t circular so if you drive and park at Forge Dam you’ll have to walk back again, but there are playgrounds and cafes at both ends so you can really make a good day out of it.

If you don’t drive, catch the 120 to Fulwood shops, walk down Brookhouse Hill road to the very bottom where you will see a white gate. This is where you walk down into Forge Dam. Once at Endcliffe Park there’s so many buses into city centre from Ecclesall Road.

Anglers Country Park, Wakefield

Room on the broom adventure trail anglers country park Half Term Round Up: 71 Fun Things To Do In and Around Sheffield For Half Term
Room on the broom adventure trail at Anglers Country Park

Take a trip out to Wakefield for the Room on the broom trail at Anglers Country Park. It’s free and there’s free parking.

To keep the kids entertained, there’s a number of room on the broom character sculptures placed around the trail. It’s a decent walk around the reservoir, on flat paths, fine for pushchairs although if it has been raining there can be some impressive mud!

There’s rubbings and if you purchase an activity pack from the visitors centre for a few quid some questions/colouring in sheets. You don’t need an activity pack to enjoy the trail, though.

Chatsworth House Gardens or Estate

Chatsworth House Walk, Markets and Baslow pubs

There’s two options here; a beautiful grand walk in Chatsworth House Gardens (costs) or a free, more wild walk around Chatsworth Estate in Stand Wood.

Yes, it is possible to have a day out at Chatsworth House free of charge if you like to go walking. Stand Wood is a fantastic walk. It’s long, but pushchair friendly. The walk starts next to the adventure playground and farm, through a gate and up to the Hunting Tower.

There’s many things to see along the way and the surroundings change from woodlands, open space, muddy corners, twisty trees and water. It’s a nice walk and can take a few hours if you have a picnic up at the top.

Mother Cap

41 Things To Do In South Yorkshire Before You're 5 mother cap Climbing rocks at Mother Cap, Surprise View near Sheffield What’s on this weekend in and around Sheffield for kids July 21/22
Mother Cap climbing!

Mother Cap is the place to be if you want a short, family friendly rock scramble type walk. We love it and this place is perfect for letting toddlers burn off some steam by scrambling up to the top.

The scramble starts at Surprise View Car Park. There is a gate at the back of the car park to the right hand side, take that path up the rocks. That’s it! It’ll take about half an hour to the top with a little one climbing. The rocks and boulders are big and fantastic for climbing. This is something Eric really enjoys.

Once at the top I really recommend you have a picnic. The views are amazing and there’s things to spot in the distance. Once you’re done exploring and climbing, make your way back down again. You can either call it a day here or cross the road and head down to Padley Gorge and Longshaw Estate.

Sheffield Botanical Gardens

5 Free Things To Do At Sheffield Botanical Gardens

If you want a nice walk in some picturesque gardens, on flat paths, with a pushchair – or just nice little paths for a toddler to have a wander – then you’ll love Sheffield Botanical Gardens.

It’s free and is one of my favourite places in Sheffield. There are a number of different gardens to see inside with exotic plants, flowers, trees, old bear Pit, glass pavilions, and the most lovely areas for a picnic in nice weather. The gardens are so pretty and picturesque all year around. There is a cafe, a toy shop and lots to do in the area.

Sheffield Botanical Gardens is a good option for an easy walk with a pushchair. There’s no directions needed, just take a path and go for it; you’ll find your way around. 🙂

Monsal Trail to Bakewell

Bakewell Best Things To Do and See in the Peak District with Kids
Bakewell Lovers Lock Bridge

Hassop Station Cafe is a hidden gem near Bakewell on the Monsal Trail. From here you can take a 2.5 mile walk to/from Bakewell on a flat, cycle friendly path.

You could either park at Hassop Station Cafe and walk to/from Bakewell, or drive/get the bus to Bakewell and walk to/from Hassop Station Cafe. In Bakewell there’s a lovely park.

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