FREE Summer event for kids in Nottingham city centre

5 reasons why you’ll love Nottingham beach city-by-the-sea free event

We recently went to Nottingham for an overnight stay, we had plans to go to Wheelgate Park and Wollaton Hall (and those days out were fab) but whilst there we happened to stumble across Nottingham Beach in the city centre and it was soooo much fun!

5 reasons why you’ll love Nottingham beach


Nottingham beach city-by-the-sea is a pop-up in the city centre of Nottingham and is FREE TO ENTER all summer until Sunday 3rd September. There’s loads of fun for kids including a big sand pit with deck chairs, a paddling pool with decorations in it (sort of pirate themed and a palm tree sprinkler), rides, stalls, a beach bar and more. Just next to this are the city fountains/water feature which Eric loved the most, but combined with the beach event and the atmosphere it was a lovely afternoon.

The water feature has loads of sprinklers, a paddling area, slopes, places to climb and space to play in the water. It’s quite a large area with little knocks and crannies to explore in and play with; Eric was just paddling around and having fun with the sprinklers.

5 reasons why you'll love Nottingham beach
Nottingham Beach city-by-the-sea
5 reasons why you'll love Nottingham beach
Sandy sandwiches in the sand pits!
5 reasons why you'll love Nottingham beach
Take a bucket and spade :)
5 reasons why you'll love Nottingham beach
Water features
5 reasons why you'll love Nottingham beach
Playing with cars in the water

5 reasons why you’ll love Nottingham beach:

  1. It’s free! 🙂
  2. It’s in the city centre which is a good location for all the facilities you’ll ever need; lots of restaurants, shops and cafes all around with baby changes, food and drinks. The train station is 10 minute walk away and there is a tram stop next to it.
  3. Nottingham has good transport and it only takes around an hour to get to Sheffield by train; this can easily be a spontaneous day out.
  4. The water features as well as the paddling pool keeps kids cool and entertained.
  5. The beach bar has a good variety of alcoholic and soft drinks to keep the adults… cool 😉

What do you think of pop-up beaches for busy cities? I think they’re a great idea and this is one of the best I have found. Which ones do you like?

Thanks for reading/watching!



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