57 FREE days out: downloadable checklists!

I have something really exciting to share with you!

My 57 free days out blog post is my most popular. Even I find it incredibly useful and you would think I knew it off by heart! Haha. I know, though, that sometimes you can’t get online. When you have kids getting on the laptop can be impossible, and your phone might not always be charged, accessible or in one piece. I’ve been there!

So I have created downloadable checklists in time for summer. There are five of them in total and they list the complete 57 days out from the blog post, in easy to download PDF format. They’re completely free to you and will get delivered straight to your inbox. The idea is that once you have them downloaded, you can do what you see fit. You could print them off, save them to your phone, write down ideas on sticky notes or in your diary, tell your friends… perhaps you could even create a cool little project and write each of the ideas down at pieces of paper, fold them up and pop them into a cup/jar. Whenever you’re stuck for ideas, open up the jar & take a few out! You get the idea… you do what you want with the downloads. 🙂

I really hope you find this useful. This was my first time creating downloadable files and it was a little bit stressful setting up the email system; I won’t lie! BUT I’m alive to tell the tale, haha!

I would really appreciate it if you could subscribe to trips with a tot and receive your five FREE downloadable checklists. ENJOY!!

(P.s… Technically, I think there may be a few more than 57… but don’t tell anyone!)

Do you want FIVE downloadable checklists for 57 free days out ideas?

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