What type of driver are you?

Have you ever thought what type of driver you are?

Are you a roadside hero or a drive-on byer?

Do you help those who are broken down or drive straight past?

Perhaps, recently, you’ve had other stop to help you in an emergency on the road – and now it’s made you realise you need to be more mindful on the road?

Being a good driver isn’t just about having a clean license. Now the RAC motorist champions are testing you, are you ready to find out what type of driver you are?

RAC Everyday heroes quiz

RAC Everyday heroes quiz

Most of us have found ourselves in need of some roadside assistance at some point or another, but how many of us would actually stop to help someone in need? Take the ultimate test to find out if you’re a roadside hero or a drive-on byer!

Who are the kindest in their cars?

The quiz will reveal who the most commendable roadside heroes are, asking some fascinating questions to understand the type of drivers that grace our roads. 

The results will confirm if drivers are likely to be late for work or even skip a meeting in favour of offering roadside assistance in a variety of scenarios including, helping an elderly pedestrian and stopping for a pregnant woman in distress.

Once motorists have taken the quiz, their score will determine which type of driver they are:

Everyday Hero

You’re the real champion of the roadside: a modern-day white knight, saving the day for the broken-down and stranded. If only there were more drivers like you…

Reserved Rescuer

In an emergency, you’ll step into some hero boots – but you’d rather stay safely behind the wheel. After all, you do have a life to lead.

Drive-on byer

You cruise down the road and don’t care for interruptions. You’d rather drive on by than help road users in dire straits. In your car, time behind the wheel is about looking after Number One.

The quiz can also be taken here: https://www.rac.co.uk/everyday-heroes

My results

Now, I’ll be honest I think I’m a kind person with a good nature… so it shocked me a little bit to get my results! The roadside quiz confirmed I am a ‘Reserved Rescuer’.

Actually, thinking about it, it’s probably right… I would like to help but sometimes I’m afraid to, and so I would most likely drive past an emergency I may be able to help with based on the assumption someone else can help better. Not a very good attitude to have, though, and has opened my eyes to be more mindful and helpful towards others!

What result did you get? And do you think it’s accurate?

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