6 Reasons why you’ll love Experience Barnsley Museum & Discovery Centre | Free day out

We were so pleasantly surprised when we went to visit Experience Barnsley Museum & Discovery Centre museum for the first time. It’s free to visit, it was a rainy day so we thought we would try it out as we needed something to do. I’m so glad we did, Eric had a great time and best of all we didn’t have to pay anything for it! I love finding new things to do which are free…

6 Reasons why you’ll love Experience Barnsley Museum & Discovery centre

  1. It’s free!!
  2. There’s a cafe and toilets. It’s the little things like this which make all the difference.
  3. Hands on games, activities and displays are all around such as building block tables, telephones at toddler height to pretend with and craft table.
  4. There’s 2 old vintage cars and a horse which you can sit on/ride on- and they don’t move (perfect for kids who are scared of rides, like mine!)
  5. Dressing up opportunities with costumes and hats.
  6. Lots of space to run around without being too busy; we visited during school holidays on a weekday and it was not busy. Eric could explore without bumping into too many people and was free to just wander around. It makes a big difference to us when we visit a museum if we don’t feel rushed and can just go at our own pace.

Across the road is The Cooper Gallery, which is free to visit and we were really impressed with that, too. You could pair up a visit to the Experience Barnsley with the Cooper gallery to make a full day out. There is picnic space with benches, etc., outside the museum. We didn’t leave enough time to do them both. The Cooper Gallery had activities suitable for children and free art explorer bag which were so cute.

Both museums are in Barnsley city centre and can easily be reached by bus or train from Sheffield. Have you been? What do you think? We love free days out and finding new museums, they’re perfect for rainy days.

Thank you for reading & watching! I would love to know what museums you like, so don’t forget to comment down below with your recommendations,



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