Fun making pizza at Poppie’s Bakehouse cooking tots, Sheffield

Toddler fun at Poppies Bakehouse, Sheffield! I went to this lovely tearoom with my son for some hands on baking pizza making.  An organised group of us from my Sheffield Parents Meet Ups went along with our kids to their cooking tots class. It was so cute!

Poppie's Bakehouse, Sheffield

Cooking tots

Suitable for 2 years+, cooking tots classes are a new baking activity based class at Poppie’s Bakehouse. The classes allows parents to meet up and socialise, have a cake and coffee whilst little ones play with toys and learn how to cook!

The tots take part in a baking session, lead by one of the staff members at Poppie’s. The children are encouraged to bake and make together, using the utensils and getting involved with their hands! The creations are then baked to eat! Yummy.

Poppie's Bakehouse, Sheffield, cooking tots group
Pizza ingredients


These sessions have a different theme each week for the baked goods. They cost £6.50 and are approximately an hour and a half. Friday 17th March is the next session with savoury muffins. The foods are healthy, made with fresh ingredients, and fun to make. My group made mini pizzas.

What I thought

Poppie’s is a beaitiful tea room and a lovely space to be in. It is bright,clean, airy, serves good teas and coffees and is a welcoming place to relax and meet others. There were toys out to play during our session and the kids, of all ages, had a lot of fun staying busy.

Poppie's Bakehouse, Sheffield
Fun playing!

Poppie's Bakehouse, Sheffield

Poppie's Bakehouse, Sheffield
Tea pot, yay!

This was a really nice touch to the day and helped the mums have time to try to socialise and chat with each other! It helps those with multiple children, especially of different ages, as one can play whilst the other one takes part in the activities.

Poppie's Bakehouse, Sheffield, cooking tots group

The staff were always nice and very friendly. During the baking session, they were patient and knowledgable with the kids, talking about ingredients used and how to touch/use the pizza dough. My son is only 16 months old and perhaps a little too young for this, but staff involved us as much as possible and I really appreciated that.

cooking tots group Poppie's Bakehouse, Sheffield
Making Mini Pizzas

cooking tots group Poppie's Bakehouse, Sheffield

They are also willing to cater for dietry requirements as much as possible and this was very helpful.

Poppie's Bakehouse, Sheffield
Tuckinginto their creations

It was enjoyable to do something a little different from the usual playgroups. I wanted to try the class out and arrange it for my meetups group specifically and I’m glad I did. Although Eric was a little too young for this type of activity, it is better suited to 2 year+ as they advertise, we still had fun.

Poppie's Bakehouse, Sheffield, cooking tots class
Our pizza with dairy-free cheese

What do you think? Would you do something like this with your friends and kids?

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