6 Best things to do at Tropical Butterfly House in Sheffield

Sheffield’s best family attraction, Tropical Butterfly House is a must visit. It’s one of our favourites for a good day out.

I’ve been going since I was a little girl… now I’m grown up and have a little boy of my own, I love bringing him here for a day out.
I go to Tropical Butterfly house all year round. It’s not just for summer! They have a calendar packed full of events for every holiday and have something to do to suit everyone.

From afternoon teas, to santas grotto and Halloween trails; you can visit through all seasons.

Here are 6 favourite things to do at Tropical Butterfly House.

Tropical butterfly house in Sheffield playgrounds
Adventure playground

1. Playgrounds and splash area

A fun adventure playground provides loads of fun. It is well made with cute trolls hiding around and climbing frames to use. There are other play areas too, with go karts, a football green and a toddler zone. In summer, we love the splash zone with water and sand play!

Tropical butterfly house in sheffield splash zone water play area Sheffield
Getting messy on a hot summers day!


Lots to do in the outdoor play area. Choose from the go karts, scooters in the a toddler area with sand, balls, ride ons and a snack bus.

Tropical butterfly house in Sheffield playgrounds play area
Eric and his pony!
Tropical butterfly house in Sheffield playgrounds play area outdoor play
Variety of scooters, balls, cars and toys


See the video where I filmed all of the areas. All of it is included in ticket price, and in summer this can be a day out by itself.

Tropical butterfly house, Sheffield Dino trail
Dino trail


2. Go on a dinosaur hunt
The Dinosaur trail is a highlight of Eric’s day here. To make it better they have buttons you can press that go ROAR! Yep, I know… toddlers = happy. Haha.

Tropical butterfly house dinosaur trail
Run from the dinosaurs!


Hunt those dinosaurs and have fun walking along the trail, there’s owls and nature along the way too.

Tropical butterfly house, Sheffield bird hide
Bird hide


3. Peek out at the bird hide (and wilderness walk)
The bird hide on the Dinosaur trail is a nice place to take a break from all the excitement to spot wildlife. In the bird hide are educational and interactive boards, touch-y feelys for curious littles who dare to put their hand in and binoculars for peeking out.

wilderness walk tropical butterfly house
Wilderness walk

The wilderness walk is a quiet oasis to explore with small animals hiding… you might be lucky enough to see one! Eric always gets so excited seeing the wallabys hiding in the grass on the wilderness walk.

Tropical butterfly house Sheffield lemur heights
Lemur Heights


4. Animal encounters.

There’s lots of animals to see at Tropical Butterfly house. Our favourites are the farm yard, meerkat mansion, lemur heights (who are very friendly!) and small animal house.

Meerkat mansion tropical butterfly house Sheffield
Meerkat mansion

Take advantage of the animal encounters and show schedule throughout the day to get the most out of your visit. There are regular feedings, talks and shows. These come at no extra charge and let you come face to face with animals from mini beasts to monkeys.

The lemur encounter at lemur heights is a must! Visitors can create a lemur snack box for charity and go into the enclosure and get close to the animals. They’re super cute and very cheeky!

Lemur animal encounter tropical butterfly house Sheffield
Kissing Eric!

A timetable of events is given on entry with all of the shows and encounters.

Tropical butterfly house, Sheffield inside the butterfly house
Inside the butterfly house


5. Tropical Butterfly house.
Reptiles, bats, birds, fish and of course, butterflies live in the tropical house! Many other creatures live here and it’s relaxing to stroll around finding them. The butterflies are so pretty, see how many you can spot flying around and eating their fruit.

Eric loves the steps that go down to a fish pond, the reptiles and chasing butterflies!

Tropical butterfly house Sheffield
Watching the butterflies and fish!

It’s a jungle experience for littles to explore in. There is also a nocturnal room, Eric loves watching the rats scuttle around, the bats and snake.

Don’t forget to make a wish in the well.

Wishing well Buddha tropical butterfly house Sheffield
Buddha wishing well

And when visiting the park in colder seasons, it’s good to warm up inside the butterfly house.

Tropical butterfly house, Sheffield family day out
Tractor rides, activity room and hammocks!


6. All the extras!

Wilderness walk, picnic areas, hammocks, tractor rides, crafts and activity room… and more! There is so much to do at Tropical Butterfly house. See this map of the whole park! It’s a busy day out with more to do than you think, all year round.

We love the seasonal activities, the santas grotto is lovely and the decorations around the park for each holiday make really nice family photos.

santas grotto, tropical butterfly house sheffield
Eric and his grandma at santas grotto, tropical butterfly house

One of my favourite things about this place is the different events through the year. It keeps your visits to the park exciting, and gives you something new to see. An annual pass is a really good investment as you can visit all year rounds last year I went 7 times!

I love sharing my favourite places. What do you think?

Thanks for reading and watching!

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5 thoughts on “6 Best things to do at Tropical Butterfly House in Sheffield

  • December 19, 2017 at 7:20 am

    This looks great , we are going to see Santa here for her first birthday this week and loved reading your review. I can’t wait to go!

    I notice your blog says you don’t drive , neither do I, was it easy to get here by bus? I’ve had a quick look and it looks like the X5 , any tips?

    • December 27, 2017 at 10:23 am

      hi, yes it’s the x5 from Sheffield & then it’s about a 10/15 minute walk from the bus stop. do you have google maps? if you just type in “bus to butterfly house, Sheffield” from your location and turn GPS on it’ll give you directions 🙂

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