My Exciting 2018 Goals: Blog, New House, Vegan Lifestyle

As the year draws to an end… it’s New Years eve tomorrow as I write this, I’m sitting down to think about what I want in 2018. This is hard for me. I’m not the type of person to set New Years resolutions, or reflect back on my goals or even set new ones. It’s not that I’m not… optimistic, because I am, but more so I just don’t think there’s any point in writing them down or announcing them because if you’re going to do something, why not just do it? However, it occurred to me that this last year I have achieved and done so much that I am proud of, I wish I had written down my goals this time in 2016 so I could look back and see which ones I got in 2017. I didn’t set myself any goals, though, so I have nothing of that sort to reflect on and see what I did and that disappoints me a bit. So, it’s time for a change.

This year I am very much “setting” these resolutions… whether I will make them happen is another story but I know that I am going to try my hardest. I see this as a sort of, promise to myself. if I am putting this on my blog then I have something to answer to. I promise to come back by the end of 2018 and see which goals were achieved and which ones will get another shot. Right, let’s get started!

First off, this year ahead is going to be a very exciting one for me and my family. To kick things off in the new year, we are going to be moving into our very own first home! We just bought our first house a few months ago and expect the completion date to be in mid January, which means we could possibly be in our new home in February! This is soooo exciting and a massive change to our lives. Seriously I can’t wait, it’s going to be brilliant 😀

As well as this, I am going to set myself a business goal… for the first time ever in my life, that is! And this is because… 2018, I have decided, is going to be my year for turning my blog into a business. I’m going to do it. Hell yeahhhh! I’m going to take the plunge because I know I can do it. I’m determined, I’m focused and I’m excited. Of course, I’m nervous too, creating my very own business and working from home is nerve wracking especially when I keep asking myself, is this the right thing to do? Am I going to get it all wrong? Am I making the right decisions? But the answer deep down is yes, you can do it, naomi!. Yes, I love my blog, I know this is the direction life wants me to take… and what better time than to take things to the next level after such an amazing year with my blog in 2017. Woohooooooo!!

Those 2 very exciting things I’m sure is going to bring lots of tears and joy into 2018. They’re really big things though so I need to break it down a little bit to make it more achievable… let’s see.

Family goals

Start taking Eric to a regular class suitable for him. I’m thinking maybe something active, perhaps toddler gymnastics? Dancing? I’m undecided as of yet, but the goal is to settle into at least one new toddler class.

Find a regular playgroup once a week that Eric likes. I think this is going to be Foresteers, a forest school playgroup I’ve been wanting to take him to but it’s too far from where we live at the moment. When we move, though, we won’t be very far at all so I’m thinking of starting him in the spring term.

Build/make a yurt, pod, snug shed/learning centre in the new garden. Our new house has a really great garden and we have a lot of plans for it because we plan to spend a lot of time there. I got the idea that having a little indoor comfy “snug” house would be so cute and give us the chance to spend as much time as we can in the garden, whatever the weather. I imagined a little yurt, with lights, wood burner, books, crafts/learning corner for DIY and gardening tasks, comfy seating, drinks table, etc., Just somewhere to relax and enjoy. I have it all imagined in my head… we just have to make it a reality!

Walk from Rivelin Valley Park to Ladybower Reservoir. We’re going to be living in Hillsborough within walking distance of Rivelin Valley Park (yay, I love that place!) and a walk I’ve been wanting to do is part of the Rivelin Valley Park trail, which is through and up to Ladybower Reservoir. It’ll probably take a few hours and I’m so excited because once we get to Ladybower, we can have a nice post-walk lunch at the Ladybower inn: a lovely countryside pub we spent my birthday at earlier in the year. I plan to do lots of walks as we love countryside walks, but this is just one specifically.

Go on at least 2 new city breaks where we haven’t been before. This is a sort of tricky one because as I’m sure you all know, we love going on trips… so we go to a lot of places and have found our favourites. we don’t drive so we typically stick to the places we know we can get to and we like, that are convenient for us all. We visit Leeds, York, Nottingham and Manchester often (read my top 17 day trips here). Last year we also went to London, Filey, Cleethorpes, Scarborough, Bridlington and Brighton. This year, I have set a goal to visit at least two new cities and stay at least overnight. I know one of them is going to be Hull, but I’m stuck for the other one! Do you have any recommendations?

Lifestyle goals

Quit alcohol for at least a month. This was going to be “quit alcohol completely” but I thought that would put a lot of pressure on me (ha ha ha) so if I do it one month at a time I have nothing to beat myself up about if I fail. It’s no secret I really love wine, so we will see! 🙂 I’m definitely planning to do Dry January. Anyone else?! The money I save is going to go towards my blog… and that really motivates me so hopefully I will do it.

Go to an animal save. I’m vegan and in 2018 I want to get involved in vegan activism. I was really motivated and inspired after I saw earthling ed, my favourite vegan activist, at Sheffield University vegan festival in December. If you’re interested in him or veganism, I strongly recommend following him on Facebook and watching his documentary: land of hope and glory. He is the one who as inspired me to get involved in activism… and so my one goal for 2018 is to go to an animal save with Sheffield Animal Save and bear witness animals bing sent to slaughter.

Switch all my make-up to cruelty free. I went vegan in January 2017, and it was really difficult for me to try and switch all my tolietries, make up and household products to vegan ones that I admit, I am still struggling. but in 2018, I am going to really make an effort to switch even more and I aim to completely rid my make up bag of products which are not cruelty free by the end of 2018.

Get more involved in vegan cooking, and bake my first vegan cake. I’m not really sure what I personally mean by “Get more involved in vegan cooking” so I need to think about that one a little more and update this. But I really love cooking, and when we move into our new house which has a new kitchen, I’m going to do more cooking and I plan to, hopefully, write some recipes. Ultimately, though, my one goal is to bake my first vegan cake. I would be so proud of myself! 🙂

Blogging goals

Be earning money each month from blog. I’m not going to set goals with figures because as of yet, this is very much in the beginning stages and to be honest with you, I’m still completely shocked that I managed to make money from my blog in 2017. But the truth is, I totally deserve it. I work more hours on my blog than my last full time job (I worked about 45 hours a week) and 99% of this is unpaid. I spend money on days out, I spend money paying for my website and my domain, I enrol myself in courses on a regular basis (just this month I spent £39)… in fact, I shouldn’t even need to defend myself: my blog is a job and I deserve to earn money from it. I miss working, I miss earning an income and even though it won’t be a regular income I am proud to be earning even pocket money at this stage. So, for 2018, my number 1 blogging goal is to earn money at least once a month. *deep breath* I really hope I can do this!

Get my website designed professionally and have a new look. I want to completely change my design and template and make it look professional. At the moment I use free templates with WordPress and whilst I like it, it doesn’t look professional at all and I really wish I had more freedom and more choice. I know what I want, I have it in my mind, I just need to work towards creating this and making my dream a reality.

Increase my DA from 29 (December) to 35 by December 2018. At the moment as of writing this my DA is 29, which is a massive achievement in under a year going from 0 to 29! My goal by this time next year is to have increased that from 29 to 35.

Do my first Facebook live. I’ve already done a Facebook live but it was such spur of the moment that I wouldn’t even count it, lol. It’s a small goal, but one I know will gain me confidence. Also, relating to Facebook but I’m not going to set as a goal as I have monthly targets, is doubling my Facebook following in under a year. I have gone from 0 to nearly 7k in under a year, so I’m hoping to double that by December 2018 and work very bloody hard to achieve this.

Get new logos, headers, and video intros/outros. I basically want to rebrand, but I’ve not really got an idea what of. So for now, I’m just going to set a goal to get a logo designed, a new header for my website to go along with the new redesign, and a intro/outro for my videos.

Start doing proper, “sit down” talkative videos. Goal: at least once a month. If you follow me on Facebook (which you should!) you’ll know that I love posting little vlogs on Facebook and I usually do one once a month. they’re usually just when I’m out and about and I talk about what I’ve been doing, trips with a tantrum (haha) or when we are on a day out. I never film when I’m at home and they’re always spur of the moment and using my iPhone camera. My one video goal for 2018 is to start filming “proper” videos using our professional canon 750 camera, at least once a month, answering questions and making “chatty” videos. I still plan to post the vlogs and follow-me-arounds. 🙂

Start Instagram and have400 followers by June 2018. I gave up Instagram about a month after I started it for my blog back in February. truth is I just really struggle finding the time to juggle the social media platforms I already have, and my blog, AND then isntagram. Facebook is my main priority, then twitter, but I have promised myself to start up Instagram again and be active and involved. My goals to have at least 400 followers by June 2018. My account is still up, but inactive, and you can find me here.

Start a regular email newsletter and actually using my subscription list. Thank you to everyone who has subscribed to my blog – I have over 200 subscribers, and the sad truth is (and embarrassing) I have never sent one email to them. I know, it’s terrible! But in 2018 I AM going to start writing a regular newspaper and I AM going to use my subscription list… so don’t go anywhere if you’re already subscribed and if you’re not, please do! It’s free! 🙂

Yay for goals!

So there we go… my goals for 2018… and I have to say it feels great now I’ve written them all down so you must go and do it, too! I feel excited and it’s given me some inspiration… I actually can’t wait to get started. I have a few more things I want to do and a very very long to do list for my blog, but they’re more just little tasks/goals and projects whereas these are actual goals so I’m so happy to share them with you. I’ll be sure to keep updating my blog about these goals and if I do complete any… I have a few more big goals I have been thinking about but I’m not sure I’m going to set them in stone yet, we will have to see!

Do you have any goals or resolutions for 2018? Have you written them down anywhere, or have a blog to share? I would love to read yours so if you do, leave a link down below or simply comment with them. Let’s share the inspiration 🙂

Thanks so much for reading!




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