Travel Tips: How To Afford That Expensive Family Holiday

If there’s a big family holiday destination on your bucket list but it seems too unrealistic due to cost, you’ll be pleased to know that it IS doable… if you’re savvy! How To Afford That Expensive Family Holiday

A luxury holiday is subjective to your budget and your tastes. For some, luxury could simply mean an upgrade from the type of accommodation you usually book to something a bit more fancy. Or, it could be a family holiday abroad that you never think you’d be able to afford, such as Disney World. I’m sure we all have places on our family travel bucket list we can only dream of going to.

These top tips are here to help you turn that dream into a reality. Whether it’s a country cottage, an all inclusive hotel in the sun, or an adventurous family retreat; read this and you will get that holiday booked within no time!

How To Afford That Expensive Family Holiday

Book VERY advance

We all know that booking in advance is great. But this tip is all about booking VERY in advance. Book a holiday years in advance then pay off in instalments. This way it is a lot more affordable than a big initial cost upfront. Amy booked Disneyland Florida 2 years in advance to make it doable for her family budget. Before booking, Amy carefully worked out what was affordable each month to spread over the cost over the 2 years. The holiday was paid off without breaking the bank.

Cash flow

Cash-flow! Zoe recommends that families budget for their family luxury holidays carefully and put money aside each month. Don’t make it a burden by putting it on credit, or breaking the bank to get there. If you can’t afford it without credit cards then it’s never going to be a “luxury” holiday as the debt that follows is NOT a luxury.

Pay deposits

Find your dream holiday and set a goal to save you can pay a small deposit and then pay the holiday off monthly with the savings. Lianne recommends booking a holiday with a deposit to save money upfront. Some holiday websites only require a small deposit making it realistic for you to book the holiday, then save up for the instalments later on.

Extra side hustles into a saving account

Do a carboot sale, sell old clothes on Ebay or turn a hobby into an income on the side… then stash all that extra cash in a savings account. Clare says that the money you make from the side hustles can be put towards an initial deposit or save up over time to pay off a holiday.

Save money at home to put towards a holiday instead

Bethanie cut out takeaways at home and eating out to save money for a dream holiday with her family. Saving money from things which may seem small can make all the difference over a long period of time. Make a goal and work towards saving money by cutting out unnecessary expenditures in other parts of the family home.

Go off season

Book it in the off season. Fariba booked a family escape to Ibiza at the end of September and bagged £5/ night accommodation. It doesn’t always work with school schedules but if it’s a one off schools will usually excuse this.

Enter competitions

You never know; you could get lucky and win that family holiday for free! When I was a little girl, my mum won a cruise ship from a prize draw at Sainsbury’s. It was a total surprise and my mum was not the usual type to enter competitions. We were on a low budget as a family and would never have been able to afford it without winning the prize draw. One of my friends has just won a holiday to Lapland for her little boy this Christmas, she is completely over the mood and wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise!

Enter as many competitions, giveaways and prize draws as you can for the holiday you would love to go on. There has to be a winner, and it could be you. Always make sure you read the terms and conditions. Research by CashLady which looks into travel prize scams recommends that a winner should never have to pay to unlock a prize.

Last minute deals

If you have a destination in mind, then try having a look at travel agents and holiday websites at the end of a season to see for any last minute deals. Being flexible on your holiday can save you tons of money. Do some research and get familiar with what typically sells last minute so you can (sort of) expect it.

Sunholiday deals

We were able to book a Just For Tots break at Butlins Skegness last year and booking direct was wayyy out of our budget. However, thanks to Sun Holidays we were able to find a really good deal and book the break for less than half price. I didn’t buy the newspapers and instead got access to the coupon codes through a Facebook group. I highly recommend you check it out.

And… did you know about Holiday Cashback?

The cash back on any family holiday is a bonus and if it’s a luxury family holiday it can be significant. Sign up for free at TopCashback to get money back on, tramline,, sky scanner and much, much more. You can also get cashback on travel insurance.

Do you have any tips to share?

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