New Minibrum at Thinktank Museum, Birmingham

It’s not often that I’m very impressed with play areas, but the New Minibrum at Thinktank Museum, Birmingham gets full marks from me… 5/5, really lovely and spot on. 

New Minibrum at Thinktank Museum, Birmingham

Minibrum is a new interactive play city in Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum. We went yesterday, and since having been to Thinktank museum a few years ago, minibrum has replaced the old kids play city area and in my opinion, it is miles better.

It really is like Biggleton!

New Minibrum at Thinktank Museum, Birmingham

I really, really liked minibrum & think it’s sooo nicely decorated. There’s lots of play cafes and interactive play areas like this popping up all over, but what I think makes this different and stands out from the rest is that it was so clean despite it being so busy, the decor and theme was soooo cute and pleasing to the eye I couldn’t resist looking at the fonts, colours, little cute animals on the building walls, the high quality toys, the attention to detail, the sensory colours. It all just seemed to work. And despite it being so cute, it still felt a little grown up. I really liked that.

New Minibrum at Thinktank Museum, Birmingham

Minibrum is included in entry into the museum and you can visit as much as you like whilst you’re there. inside MiniBrum, a separate part to the rest of the museum, is a buggy park, a picnic area where you can eat your own food and accessible toilets & baby change. So you don’t need to run out to the main museum for the toilet. You can sit down for a snack break and there’s a coffee machine for the adults ALL in MiniBrum so you don’t even have to leave MiniBrum! I really thought this was great- for families it’s spot on, little things like this make all the difference.

New Minibrum at Thinktank Museum, Birmingham

Unfortunately it was so busy yesterday but that’s to be expected- it’s school holidays and it was raining on and off. And so I couldn’t get many photos as I didn’t want to take pictures of random kids (and lots of them) but trust me, it’s very good. We would definitely spend a long time just at MiniBrum if it hadn’t had been too busy, and in my opinion Eric is probably just at the age to really enjoy it all BUT he still didn’t do everything – like the big yellow slide! so there’s still time for him to do more there.

Minibrum really is big, it isn’t like a little play area. Spacious, packed but not cramped. The pretend buildings/shops etc are tall in size and it does feel more like real and less like pretend. It’s all made of wood/MDF and feels very nice and clean.

New Minibrum at Thinktank Museum, Birmingham

You could spend so long just at MiniBrum, but there’s so much more in Thinktank. We were there 11:30-4pm and still didn’t see things like the robots, astronomy section, didn’t do the planetarium. By then it really was time to leave having been there all day and been in and out to the outdoor garden (Eric really didn’t want to leave that).

New Minibrum at Thinktank Museum, Birmingham

Thinktank museum is in millennium point and just next to it is Eastside city park, it’s gorgeous, very nicely landscaped and somehow the architecture of it has made it feel really private even though it’s very public and has people walking by all the time. The trees, the benches, the steps, Eric loved it and wanted to play there for ages after the museum. There’s also a little kids sensory play garden in the park- next to the museum for free- and a maze. you don’t need to pay entry for the city park, it’s just open to the public.

I’m usually all about free museums and it’s quite steep especially if you’re a large family, but a visit once a while type of place if you don’t live local (there’s annual pass type things available if you do). £13 online for adults, £10.25 for over 3’s. it’s free under 3’s and I think that’s about right, Eric was 2 when we last went and he’s nearly 4 now and definitely got more out of it this time. While the Minibrum has stuff for little ones, it’s definitely better for 3+. In fact, I saw all ages, right up to teens. The rest of the museum is suitable for all ages and the outdoor area is especially good for teenagers. It’s rare I go to places where I see toddlers and teenagers enjoying themselves but thinktank is great for that.

It’s all accessible, I was using my mobility scooter all day with no problems.

We stayed at premier inn right by Bullring in Birmingham and I really recommend that. In addition to Thinktank Museum, all of us enjoyed cannon hill park and Birmingham wildlife conversation park was okay but I wouldn’t recommend it over other things, and Birmingham Museum & Art gallery is free and worth a visit, and the library is wow (and the secret terrace garden with amazing city views!)!

Thank you everyone for your recommendations for things to do in Birmingham. It’s only been 2 weeks since my first surgery but this really cheered me up. Keep a look on my website for more about our trip. 🙂

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