Padley Gorge: where to find it & how to get there

You might have heard of Padley Gorge. It’s the best place to go close to Sheffield for a family picnic and a paddle. The views are gorgeous, there’s paddling and climbing and it’s the perfect easy escape into the Peak District for families.

Padley Gorge is a deep and narrow valley near Longshaw Estate and Grindleford. There are many walks in the local area. You can get to Padley Gorge from many different directions: surprise view, Grindleford & Upper Padley or walking from Longshaw Estate.

It’s popular because of the location, the beauty of it and how fun it is for an adventure!!

Padley Gorge is a magical place. There’s deep rooted trees, gushing water, dark grit stones, boulders, the woods of Burbage Brooks, open views over the Peak District, trees to climb and hiding places.

padley gorge peak district
Padley Gorge
 padley gorge Where is padley gorge?

Where is Padley Gorge?

Padley Gorge | Best Things To Do and See in the Peak District with Kids
Padley Gorge | Best Things To Do and See in the Peak District with Kids

Padley Gorge is 1/2 mile from Longshaw Estate (which is on the border of Sheffield at Fox House pub). It is between the village of Grindleford and the A6187 road.

You can park at Grindleford and scramble up Upper Padley, or at Surprise View car park. Cross the road and head through the rocks until you get to Padley Gorge in front of you (very close).

Alternatively you can park at Longshaw Estate, National Trust and take a 1/2 flat path, way marked trail route past the pond and down to Padley Gorge. This is a lovely family walk. This is the view from the road if you’re coming from Longshaw Estate:

For buses you can either get a bus to Fox House/Longshaw Estate and walk from there, or to surprise view; it’s the same routes as if you’re going by car. Buses 65, 271 and 272 stop there on route to Buxton or Castleton.

If you get a bus to Fox House then this is within sheffield border so you can use a standard sheffield bus ticket. But this is a border so any further and you will have to pay for different ticket.

What to do at Padley Gorge?

Padley Gorge | Where is padley gorge?
Padley Gorge | Best Things To Do and See in the Peak District with Kids
Where is padley gorge?
Where is padley gorge?
Where is padley gorge?

Many families go to Padley Gorge on a nice day just for a picnic and paddle. You can spend hours there, easily. Take a bucket and spade, water toys, fishing net, picnic, blankets and get set up for a whole day.

We love combining Padley Gorge with a day out to Longshaw Estate. There are lovely fairy houses to find and a Bogart trail with wild play areas. A National Trust cafe and toilets, plus visitors centre, make it super convenient.

What else to do and places to eat near to Padley Gorge

  • Climbing at Mother Cap! Park/bus at Surprise View
  • Family friendly pub with car park: Fox House. Buses to/from Sheffield stop here
  • Down the road is Hathersage. There is an outdoor pool, good playground, loads of pubs, few shops and walking opportunities.
  • Explore the woods of Burbage Brook and Bolehill Quarry
  • Grindleford has a train station and cafe. Note they only take cash
  • Castleton, Bakewell, Edale, Chatsworth are all not far away

Have you been to Padley Gorge? We love a wild paddle and I’d like to hear your recommendations for fantastic places to go. For more places to visit, check out the posts:

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