Top 5 lovely family picnic spots in Sheffield

Who doesn’t love a good picnic… I’m particularly fond, aren’t you!? It was so difficult to narrow down my top 5 favourite picnic spots in Sheffield, we have so many fantastic parks, playgrounds and woods to choose from. But here’s a good variety and I do think this are 5 of the very best family picnic spots in Sheffield.

Peace Gardens, Sheffield City Centre

Sheffield peace gardens Top 5 family picnic spots in Sheffield

Picnics in Sheffield city centre are popular in summer! There’s fountains to splash in, steel balls, Winter Gardens and Millennium Galleries, grassy areas and benches if you’d prefer. On hot days it can get very busy and there’s a fantastic atmosphere.

Plenty of places to eat nearby, public toilets in Millennium Galleries next door or Sheffield Central Children’s Library around the corner. Sheffield By The Seaside is a popular and free summer event in the city centre with a pop up beach, stalls, entertainment and more.

Low Bradfield, S6 6LA

low bradfield Top 5 family picnic spots in Sheffield
Low Bradfield

I really can’t get enough of this place. Low Bradfield is a cute little village in the Peak District on the edge of Sheffield, tucked away from the city. It is accessible by bus routes from Sheffield on the 61 and 62, and is 6 1/4 miles south west of the city centre. I love this place because it is very relaxing, it’s picturesque, and it’s very close to home!

The village is small and so makes a good place to toddle around for the day, with all of the family, but especially toddlers. There’s beautiful views, lots of ducks, wild paddling opportunities, a little village playground, bowling green for a picnic, Damflask Reservoir for a flat path family walk and 2 places to eat: family pub The Plough or Old School Rooms Deli/Cafe.

Where to picnic? Our favourite place is either where the ducks live at Smithy Bridge (pictured above) there are some picnic benches, or on the big bowling green.

The old post office sells duck food, refreshments, coffee and food. There are public toilets next to the bowling green and there is usually an ice cream van.

Rivelin Valley Park

Rivelin Valley Park, Nature & Heritage Trail
Rivelin Valley Park, Nature & Heritage Trail

Rivelin Valley Park is one of my favourite places to take Eric in Sheffield. I absolutely love the woodlands and recommend the nature trail. It’s included in this top 5 picnic spots though because of the playground, woodlands and free water splash.

The only paddling pool in Sheffield is at Rivelin Valley Park and it’s free. Aside from that there’s sprinklers and water tables to play with. Fun! The playground is decent and there are a couple frames, slides, swing sets, etc., and a big grassy area for picnics with a few tables. The cafe is nice but gets popular. Definitely head into the woodlands.

Be prepared that there are no picnic spaces/tables within the water splash area, only a wall going around the edges. There are plenty of places to enjoy a picnic in the rest of the park, though. Or why not have a woodland picnic. The public toilets are located just next to the water splash area or in the cafe.

Norfolk Heritage Park, S2 2PL

Norfolk Heritage Park, Sheffield

Norfolk Heritage Park has new fantastic adventure playgrounds renovated in 2019. Two play areas include a picnic tables, toddler swings, music equipment and scooter track road. The bigger woodland adventure playground includes big frames, slides, rocks and zip wire.

The park features ancient woodlands, sculptures, a cafe and lots of space to walk. Great views over the city and really close to the city centre.

Picnic tables are in both play areas or take your pick from acres of green space, hills or the woods.

Read more about what to do at Norfolk Heritage Park here.

Padley Gorge

Top 5 family picnic spots in Sheffield
Padley Gorge | Top 5 family picnic spots in Sheffield

I’m pushing the boundaries with this one as it’s technically not in Sheffield… but it HAS to be included!

Padley Gorge is the place to be for a paddle and a picnic. It’s a deep but narrow valley near Grindleford. Paddle, picnic, climb, explore, relax.

I’m including it because it deserves to be in this top 5, it is not far from Sheffield at all and you can even get a bus (and pay Sheffield bus fare).

Either walk 1/2 mile from Longshaw Estate, a free National Trust day out, or walk over the hill from Surprise View car park (and bus stop). Or, you could scramble up from Grindleford.

Similar but in Sheffield is Wyming Brook.

and lots more places I recommend for a picnic:

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