I’m about to have a baby! How different this pregnancy has been…

I’m about to have a baby!

On the beach a few weeks ago!

If you read my blog and follow me on social media regularly you might already know that I’m pregnant and my due date is in less than a month away!!!!!!

I’m expecting our second child, due date is May 3rd. We are having another boy.

It’s crazy as I write this at 36 weeks pregnant, I only just realised the last time I posted talked about my pregnancy was when I announced it at 16 weeks.

Time has just gone flying by and this pregnancy has been completely different to that of my last pregnancy with Eric. Mostly down to birth trauma and complications on that side of things, I’ve been really distracted and just trying to keep busy. Having a toddler makes it easy to keep busy and to be honest, I have forgotten most of the time that I’m even pregnant. With Eric I had so much time to appreciate and enjoy being pregnant, compared to this time around it has not been like that at all.

This pregnancy has not only been different mentally and battling with that, but I’ve noticed positive differences on the physical side of things. With my last pregnancy, I was sick until 22 weeks and then I didn’t feel all too good after 30 weeks, finishing up with developing pre-eclampsia. I gained a lot of weight, I felt ill, tired, and spent a lot of time in bed. By the end of the pregnancy I was a couch potato.

Another thing is how I’ve noticed there’s hardly any photos of me pregnant, whereas last time I was taking pictures of my bump all the time! I couldn’t find hardly any photos to put in this blog post. I’ve not taken many at all and forget to ask someone to take a photo of me as I’m just so pre occupied!

How I’ve been feeling

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I’ve felt great this time, physically! I did get a little bit of morning sickness at the beginning, but nothing at all compared to before. On how different the pregnancy was in the first trimester alone you could have assumed I was carrying a different gender this time (based on old wives tales)! It just shows how all pregnancies are different, though, as I’m having a boy again but have felt completely different.

Apart from my ever expanding pregnant belly, I don’t think I’ve gained any weight… I don’t know if I have but looking at my body it doesn’t look like it. I can still fit in clothes from before apart from that they won’t fit over my bump. My legs, arms, back, face, etc., look at the same. This is a huge difference to last time I gained lots of weight and went from a size 10 to size 16.

My energy is much better this time and on the whole I feel relatively normal. I did get some morning sickness, tiredness and felt ‘weird’ in first trimester but once that passed it was like I was just normal. Since then I haven’t felt anything major.

I’m currently 36 weeks writing this post and have had a really busy week walking miles, going on day trips on public transport (I don’t drive), carrying Eric and bags, doing painting and decorating, we have been on an overnight trip, museums and swimming. In the last month we’ve had 2 holidays and in the last 3 months have been to 3 different cities, too. I get tired but only about 50% more than I would if I wasn’t pregnant. I still feel like I have more in me and even though I’m due in less than a month, still feel like I can be pretty active. I joke I’ll be out on a trip somewhere or on a train when I go into labour as I’m just so busy and pre occupied.

Most days I wake up feeling either: 30% very tired and miserable, or 70% bouncy, energetic and happy. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground. Usually if I have a hospital appointment or growth scan then I have a bad week following that, but that’s down to my emotions/hormones… but on the plus side; physically, I seem to only need a little bit of rest to carry on going.

It has felt really great to be so full of energy and feel so healthy with this pregnancy. The only differences to my lifestyle in this pregnancy compared to last time is that I’m vegan and have been for over 2 years, I’m very active and I’m already a mum to a toddler! I still don’t drive, but I definitely walk more in general now. I sleep less than before but physically feel better on a whole.

I conceived whilst being vegan, Ollie is too, so this is a vegan baby! I was not vegan in my last pregnancy and neither was Ollie. My cravings at the start were different, but that could just be down to it being a completely different pregnancy. I’ve not been half as sick (I was sick until 22/23 weeks last time), and like I said, I’ve barely gained any extra weight besides the bump.

Throughout the pregnancy I haven’t done anything special terms of diet or exercise. I walk everywhere, miles, I’m very active and love being outdoors. As I don’t drive I walk to and from everywhere, get buses, trams and trains. I carry Eric in arms a lot, carry bags/luggage and push a buggy up some pretty big hills! I’m out of the house maybe 6 days out of a week and although I don’t go tot he gym or anything like that, think on a whole I’m active. I definitely did less in my last pregnancy… for one, I didn’t have a child to run around after… carry, I didn’t push a pram or carry lots of bags everywhere and I didn’t go out as much. I had a lot of spare time to do nothing whereas this time I’m busy all the time.

It’s definitely a lot different being pregnant when you’re already a parent. You really don’t have time to rest. Don’t get me wrong, some days I’ve really struggled and felt like I needed to do nothing but lay on the sofa… a handful of times I’ve had to get Ollie to come back from work early from a shift. But seeing as he works shifts and I do a lot of mornings/all day/bed times on my own I think that’s just a given that it can sometimes take a toll on me.

There’s been a lot of tears this time around and mentally, I’ve felt completely different. I was a lot happier in my last pregnancy and more confident.

As of now I don’t have pre eclampsia again and my doctors/midwives think I won’t get it as my blood pressure etc., has been stable from the beginning. I was already diagnosed before, at this stage in pregnancy. However, anything could happen so… fingers crossed for me, please.

At the moment I feel uncomfortable when I sit down or lay down, my boobs hurt, I get heartburn a lot and I find the movements/kicks quite painful at times. I’ve really struggled to bond with this baby… sometimes I wonder if it was the right thing to do to get pregnant again which I’ve found really hard to deal with. Lots of guilt.

I find being so heavily pregnant inconvenient especially when I am in pain from walking or doing so much. I don’t like the restriction. But I’m proud of myself for staying so active throughout this pregnancy and I am grateful to be so healthy this time and count my blessings.

I’m really hoping for a healthy labour and birth. Last time it wasn’t that way at all and it was a near death experience 🙁 I was poorly afterwards and it was a long recovery. . You can read about that here. As of now I am just trying to keep busy and the weeks are ticking by. It could be any week now, I am just waiting for something to happen!

What are we going to do differently with baby this time around?

Nothing intentionally but I’m assuming that this baby is probably going to get forgotten about quite a bit… by mistake, of course!!

I only have two hands and Ollie is at work a lot of mornings/nights so I’ll be doing those on my own with 2 kids, yikes!!

Just like we did with Eric, using slings is going to be a lifeline. I’m going to use a stretchy wrap from birth, woven wraps and then move on to buckles once baby is a bit bigger. We still have a variety of baby carriers we used with Eric but will be loaning a new stretchy wrap from the sling library for the first 6 weeks. The stretchy wrap we used before was not a very reputable brand from amazon and I now know there are much safer and more comfortable options.

I’m hoping I can just put the baby in the sling and carry on as normal… I know that sounds quite naive but it won’t really have another choice. I have Eric to look after and unlike when he was a newborn, don’t have all day to sit on the sofa to admire this baby in my arms as I did with him. Life really just has to continue on as normal as possible… Eric is 3, 4 in October so he can’t look after himself.

I’ll be breastfeeding again which will be interesting… I only stopped breastfeeding Eric when I was 16 weeks pregnant. I breastfed him for 3 years. I’ve enjoyed the break from it to be honest! It was very demanding especially with a boob obsessed child like him. But no, I am looking forward to a new breastfeeding relationship with another one of my children. I’m really hoping it’s going to be easier this time around as I struggled breastfeeding Eric. It was horrible to start with, we had loads of problems, I used shields and had cracked nipples for about 5 months only to find out he had a tongue tie after all that time. I’m hoping what I know now from before will help me with this baby as I know what to look out for in terms of any problems.

We are in a family bed and all bed share, so baby will be doing that with us. Bed sharing can be quite taboo but I don’t have any reason to lie about it. I believe bed sharing and breastfeeding is a beautiful, natural thing and couldn’t be more beneficial. It’s natural for mothers to sleep with their young. Whether or not you agree that’s your prerogative but is what we will be doing.

Nappies… we will be using cloth nappies again. Cloth nappies were what we used with Eric since day 1 from birth, he never had a disposable on so I think it worked out easier for us in a way as we never knew any different. When I was pregnant with him I always knew I wanted to use cloth nappies, I’m stubborn and so that’s what we did until he potty trained! We don’t need to buy any nappies/equipment at all this time around so it’s been a great saving.

As we haven’t needed to be a buy a cot/crib, pram, nappies or anything it’s been a much cheaper pregnancy…. haha, we really did buy a lot for Eric and most of it didn’t get used. I haven’t bought any new clothes for this baby which sometimes feels weird as it’s so… normal to buy new baby clothes but, we have all the clothes from what we had with Eric and so many of them we didn’t even use so they’re typically new. Plus I’ve changed my attitude so much since 3 years ago when I was pregnant before… I really try to buy a minimal as possible when it comes to clothes and won’t buy fast fashion or off the high street anymore. I’m all about pre-loved, second hand and bargains.

I won’t be worrying about weaning, reading lots of baby books about sleep or crying or when to start solids or how much calpol to give them when they’re crying. I’m just going to do what we did before with Eric apart from without the copious amounts of worry that was involved with it. Hopefully we’ll all be OK.

I’m worried about doing bed time on my own with 2 kids, getting out of the house, and things like that. Cooking dinner with a newborn and toddler. Getting enough sleep. The list goes on… I’m mostly worried about coping with a toddler and a newborn not the only way around.

I can’t wait for the first holiday/trip with the 4 of us! I’m thinking London but I won’t get my hopes up just yet…

My next blog regarding pregnancy will probably be when it is over and I’ll be introducing the new baby squish. I’m hoping to take a break from my blog but I haven’t decided when yet. I don’t want to but know I simply won’t have the time. Do follow me on social media though, as I definitely can’t give that up! Haha. My Facebook is here and my Instagram is here.

Thank you for reading and keep a look out for a blog post very soon with a cute newborn baby 😉

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