I’m getting a total hip replacement for Christmas!

Well, quite literally, I’m getting a new hip for Christmas!!

You might know that I had my right hip joint removed on August 7th as it was infected and destroyed by group b strep. The surgeon took the horrible hip joint out and put in a temporary hip spacer and antibiotic beads. I was treated with loads of IV and oral antibiotics. Now the infected has gone and I’ve got a date for my total hip replacement: December 4th! I’ll be walking for Christmas!

As a young mum of two this couldn’t be better news and I can’t believe it myself. It’s been the hardest 5 months of my life. Dealing with a newborn baby as well as losing the ability to walk, being ill from septic arthritis, suffering so much pain and eventually having my right hip joint removed… it’s been hell.

I never thought in a million years at the age of 28 I would be getting a hip replacement but I am. My consultant has been absolutely fantastic throughout the entire thing. He was the first to diagnose it after 3 long months of misdiagnosis from numerous GP’s and physiotherapists. During this time septic arthitis was destroying my hip joint and I could have gotten seriously ill from septic shock.

This could have been prevented if I had not been discharged from hospital post-natal with no treatment for the group b strep. The hospital were aware of this as it is in Felix’s notes; he was born with it. I have submitted a NHS pals complaint to hopefully get some an explanation as to why this happened to me, and an apology for the lack of treatment and care throughout. But that’s another story.

I’m so happy I’m going to be getting my new hip before Christmas, I can’t explain the joy. To be able to walk on my own 2 feet, pain free, again is all I’ve wanted since Felix was born. I had a limp after I got home from the hospital after I gave birth and that deteriorated as the infection got worse. Felix was born in May and by June I was using crutches and couldn’t walk without them. By that time the infection had already got down to the Cartlidge on the hip joint as shown in an x ray. I was in excruciating pain 24/7. I never want to experience anything like that again.

Not being able to walk has completely changed my life forever. I’ll never get this time back with Felix and I haven’t been able to be the mum I wanted to him. Or Eric. It’s caused so many financial, personal and relationship issues. My whole mental health has been affected and long term, I know it’s going to take a while for me to recover from this.

The total hip replacement I have should last 40 years… amazing, right? I should be on crutches maybe even the day of my surgery if not the next day. It is a very successful surgery. I’m scared but of course, I’m very excited. I just want my life, my independence and… me, back.

Roll on 4th December.

Thank you for all your support; it means so much to me. x

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