Moving house Series #2: Getting The Keys & IKEA!

Hey everyone! Welcome to number #2 in the moving house series. In this video we get the keys, go see the house for the first time since buying it and start buying some furniture! We also spend the first night at the house away from our old home and start getting things ready for the *big move*. Please come along with us and watch us unlock our first family home! Did you miss #1 where we talk about how we found a house to buy?! Watch that here.

How did things progress from getting the completion date to confirmed and collecting keys?!

Quite quick actually to say how slow the process went in general! We got the news within a few days that everything was cleared and OK with the bank/mortgage, then a few days later the completion date was confirmed and Ollie was able to go to collect keys from the estate agent the morning after. He was working a long shift that day so he got keys on his way to work. It was really strange thinking of him going to pick up the keys by himself, but I couldn’t have gone with him as he was cycling there and to work.

What happened after getting keys?

It all felt a little bit strange, to be honest. Nothing *actually* happens once you have bought a house and get the keys… all the paperwork/money stuff has been done before that completion date… so it literally is just getting some keys handed to you and that’s it. No big ceremony or anything like that! Ha. Once keys are in your hand, the mortgage process is officially over which does give you a big sigh of relief.

Once Ollie got keys, we tried to plan around his shifts when we could actually go to see the house. He was working the day after he collected keys from very early morning AM to afternoon so we snuck in a little trip to the house for the first time after his shift. It was dark, it was cold and going in a big empty house that is ours was really… strange.

We sort of just… sat on the floor and tried to take it all in. Me & Ollie shared a bottle of prosecco from the corner shop out of plastic cups and we all sat on a blanket on the cold, kitchen floor sharing packed lunch for dinner. Lol. Looking back, I will never remember that moment.

Next steps?

As the end of the process happening rather quickly it did take us by surprise, so nothing is packed in our flat and we couldn’t just move whenever. We still had to life our normal life and Ollie went to work as usual, etc. It was weird sitting in our flat knowing we had a whole house we just bought sitting there, empty, not doing anything… but it’s not like you can click your fingers and move in overnight.

We started to make some plans to move things over there but first things first was decorating/painting. Our assumptions were that it would be very difficult to paint anything once we had started to live there with Eric running around and touching everything, furnishing, etc so we made a start. I went to Wilkinson’s, chose some paint and we got started!

A few trips were made back and forward from house to flat over the course of a week where we spent the whole day in the house painting. Eventually we knew it was a waste of time going back to the flat, almost, because of the time it was taking we could have been painting instead of traveling back there… and, of course, the money it costs on the tram we could have saved. So we went to Towsure, a camping store and bought an airbed and a sleeping bag. The first night we slept in the house was empty, cold but surprisingly comfy on that airbed!

We also discovered the garden needs quite a lot of work but that will have to be something we do in the near future.

What did you get from IKEA?

Our budget isn’t huge so we knew for the big items we would have to try to get them on finance. This house is completely empty and we don’t have much, if any furniture to move here so we really are starting from scratch. Luckily, we were able to get a wardrobe, fridge freezer, sofa and dining table on finance which was brilliant as it’s 2 years interest free credit and payments are very affordable. IKEA were very helpful ordering everything and we were able to design the wardrobe ourselves, making it feel even more special.

Less than a week later we got the delivery and then it really did start feeling more homely, especially with the sofa. Although, we soon discovered that the sofa is actually too big! Oh no! But… it’s lovely & we have it now, so we will just have to work everything else around it.

Where do we go from here?

Well… we need to officially move! We have so much painting still to do, hardly any furniture BUT desperately wanting to move in here. I can’t believe we were cramped in a 1 bed flat for so long… we definitely left it too long. I really love our new house.

I hope you enjoy reading and watching this journey as it’s something really special to us to share with you <3 This is all a big change and new start for us.

I’m glad I’m documenting these memories to always look back on with you. And who knows maybe if you are moving soon or thinking of buying it might give you some insight to the process?! 🙂

Thank you for watching part 2 and reading all about the baby steps into moving into our new home!

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Hope to see you soon in part 3 <3 Thanks for reading/watching!

Did you miss part 1 of the moving house series? Catch up here!

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