Charnock Recreation Grounds & Playground, Sheffield

Charnock Recreation Ground features lots of space and a playground. This wheelchair friendly playground is in S12 3HR and has good equipment suitable for all ages.

Debbie, one of our readers sent in these photos and review for us:

Charnock Recreation Grounds & Playground, Sheffield

“Charnock park includes wheelchair friendly roundabout and wide deep swings as well as a basket swing so if you have a child who uses a wheelchair there are a number of pieces of play equipment they can safely use. 

Charnock Recreation Grounds & Playground, Sheffield

Other features are a zip line, web of doom rope climbing frame, a new climbing frame with climbing wall on one side as well as a traditional frame with slide and fireman’s pole. There is a sticks on discs that spin you faster and faster when you hold on.

Charnock Recreation Grounds & Playground, Sheffield

For younger tots, there are some animal chair rockers, a chunky lion seesaw for parent and child to sit on, baby swings and a big basket swing. The playground has a fence all the way round too and picnic benches.

In view of the playground there is a enclosed basket ball /five aside pitch. A big football field that has outdoor resistance gym equipment at points. Worth noting the path leading to all the gym equipment is wheelchair and pram friendly so if you fancy a workout and can’t get child care this is ideal.

Charnock Recreation Grounds & Playground, Sheffield

This park is a 5 minute walk from Supertram Blue Route stop White Lane. Just get off the tram from Town Cross Road and go straight up the road with Charnock School on, turn left at the junction and the entrance to the lane for the park is there. The 51 bus also drops near the entrance.

It is a 5 minute drive from Graves Park so if you find graves too busy for parking this park also has a car park. If you leave the park via the back corner there are woodland walks, friendly horses and goats and big open fields.”

Thank you Debbie!

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