Dinosaur World Live review: HUGE T-rex, baby dinosaurs & meet and greet

We just got home from Dinosaur World Live. It’s certainly not every day you see a HUGE T-rex, a baby dinosaur hatch from an egg and meet a baby triceratops wrapped in a blanket!!!

Dinosaur World Live review

Dinosaur World Live review

What’s it all about?…  Dinosaur world live: “Grab your compass and join our intrepid explorer across unchartered territories to discover a pre-historic world of astonishing (and remarkably life-like) dinosaurs. Meet a host of impressive creatures, including every child’s favourite flesh-eating giant, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Triceratops, Giraffatitanand Segnosaurus, to name a few!”

The show is very much a show. What it’s not is a play with singing and dancing, but it is very interactive with impressive animatronic, realistic dinosaurs that you won’t get to see anywhere else.

Dinosaur World Live review

I wasn’t sure what to expect at all. I didn’t know if it was going to be singing, a story, real dinosaurs or more video… I didn’t want any spoilers so I hadn’t watched the video before we went! (you can see it here if you want to!). I do love a surprise. Did we love it? Yes, it was very good.

From my understanding, the presenter, Miranda, tells the story about her time on the dinosaur island where she lived with dinosaurs. She’s fantastic! Very engaging and interactive with the audience.

Dinosaur World Live review

Miranda brings out on stage dinosaurs, one at a time. Each dinosaur is on stage being controlled by animatronic puppeteers. The skill is outstanding, they do not just the controls but also the dinosaur sounds. It’s pretty impressive, you almost forget they’re being controlled completely. I’m sure Eric didn’t even realise the puppeteers were there!

Whilst the dinosaurs are on stage, Miranda tells the audience factual information about what the dinosaurs look like, what they eat, how they behave, etc.,. I liked this; it was interesting for me even if Eric didn’t understand it! I have to admit I hardly know anything about dinosaurs, all I know is stuff from children’s stories, haha. So although the chit chat of dinosaur facts were too advanced for Eric to take note of, he was far too busy looking at the dinosaur moving around, making noises and being controlled on stage.

During the time of the dinosaurs being on stage, Miranda offers the chance for a member of the audience to go on stage and interact with them. She chooses a child at random to stroke, feed, play or tickle the dinosaur on stage. The kids love it! The puppeteers controlled the dinosaurs in a way to be very interactive with the kids, responding to their body language, etc., Very impressive.

In-between the dinosaurs on stage, Miranda jokes around with the audience and tells stories. There’s also a dinosaur egg, this is explained at the start to everyone that it may hatch at any given time and if so you have to call to Miranda to let her know. Unfortunately, the egg doesn’t hatch until the end… but I loved how it was something Eric was waiting for, it really kept him going and in suspense! He kept asking “when is the egg going to hatch?” “is the egg going to have a baby in it?” and it did! The egg had a super cute little croaky dinosaur in it; and the baby dinosaur’s mum came on stage to bond with it.


Dinosaur World Live review

Other dinosaurs … well… I’m no dinosaur expert and I would call them “the baby one”, “the big spiky one”, “the fluffy bird one”, haha. There is a good variety of big, small, cute and scary. The highlight of the show is nearly to the end. Miranda explains to the audience that this part of the show, would usually be the part where the big T-Rex comes on but because of a problem in a previous show, it can’t come on anymore. Of course everyone is very disappointed but we are able to persuade her. And, well… the next bit is the very scary part!


I do recommend that if your child doesn’t like loud noises, or big huge dinosaurs then don’t sit very close to the front. We were on stalls but about 10 rows from the front and I think any closer we would have had to leave during the T-Rex. It’s simply HUGE and VERY LOUD!!! It’s real! All the kids think it’s real and even I was scared for a moment!!

The bigggg T-rex is veryyyyy big. I have honestly not seen anything quite like that ever before… I can’t really put it into words!! It was MASSIVE… very loud and very realistic. The roars took my breath away. It wasn’t on stage for very long, the shortest time of all the dinosaurs. But it was the highlight for many. Even though it was scary!

Meet & Greet

Dinosaur World Live review

After the show children can meet and greet dinosaurs from the show. Eric wanted to see the “baby one”; a cute baby Triceratops wrapped in a blanket! And the other dinosaur looked like a baby T-Rex… again, sorry, I’m not very good with dinosaur names!! Eric stroked both of them. <3

Dinosaur World Live is recommended for ages 3+. I would say that’s quite accurate. Eric turned three only last week. He’s really interested in dinosaurs, and he was engaged throughout the show… but I wouldn’t have taken him much younger. Just because I think he would have struggled to stay interested in it. 3 is a suitable age for the show as recommended and if your little one loves dinosaurs; then they won’t be able to take their eyes off the stage.

Whilst little ones are not necessarily going to understand what Miranda is saying or the dinosaur facts, the skill of the dinosaur puppeteers is what the children love. They way the move, how realistic they look, the sounds. The suspense of what is coming next from behind the curtain.

There’s no where else to see dinosaurs like this. The dinosaurs are extremely realistic and Eric couldn’t believe it, he genuinely thought they were real. He didn’t ask to leave, wasn’t bored of the show, and even tried to stand up at times to see more of what was going on. I think that’s a win!

The show is approximately an hour, with the meet and greet at the end. It does finish sort of unexpectedly, but a good length; I think any longer could have been overkill for the children and a bit of a sensory overload. The meet and greet to finish is a lovely idea and you’re more than welcome to take your own photos.

Tickets start at £14 for Dinosaur World Live at City Hall which is very reasonably priced for the content. I would pay more for the show due to how realistic the dinosaurs are and how interactive the show is. Yay for good value for money!

There are still tickets left for tomorrow only which you can book here. If your little ones love dinosaurs then do go; there is no other Sheffield dates for the tour so you will miss out!

I’m honestly glad we went to see it. I was a little bit unsure if it was going to be a bit old for Eric but it wasn’t. It’s the sort of thing I’ll never forget and now whenever I see a dinosaur at a festival or event of any kind it just won’t be the same! It was a unique experience, interactive, the perfect length for children, the meet & greet was fantastic, the dinosaurs were super realistic and the puppeteers soooo skilled. If the show tours back in Sheffield, I would definitely take Eric back again when he’s older to see it again.

If you’re going tomorrow, I have a wonderful time. If you’ve already been, what did you think?

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Disclaimer: I was provided with press preview tickets for Dinosaur World Live in return for the giveaway and review here. All words, opinions are my own and this is 100% written by me. Please do not copy, re-post or re-use this content.


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