Review: Wheelgate Park – All action theme park in Nottinghamshire

If I could describe Wheelgate Park in Nottinghamshire in a few words, I would say it is a fun packed family day out well worth the money. Wheelgate is an all weather, all action theme park jam packed just outside Mansfield, not far from Sherwood Forest and Nottingham and we LOVE IT! Robin Hoods Wheelgate Park

Robin Hoods Wheelgate Park

There is so much to do there from animals, to rides, soft play centres, maze, water park and lots more. Once you’re through the gates, everything is included in the ticket price so you don’t have to shell out on things that usually cost such as small ride-ons in soft plays, farm and tropical house… even things like the carousel, train and maze are included.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? This was our second visit to Wheelgate, if you’re wondering what is there to do at Wheelgate Park watch this:

Watch this to see all that Wheelgate has to do:

The best thing of all is that Wheelgate is surprisingly affordable compared to most theme parks. Off-peak gate price for adults starts at £10, peak £13 if booking online, toddlers from £5 off peak, £6.49 peak… this is just an example though, booking online saves you money and the more in advance you book the better.

We got discounted tickets in a January sale deal and if you follow them on social media there’s always special offers and sales popping up all the time, including £10 tickets and £7 tickets. This really is worth it as there is SO much to do there that even if you only manage some rides and soft play it is still cheaper than it would be anywhere else.

Wheelgate is a little rough around the edges; it is definitely older in fashion and needs a little update, but kids don’t know the difference between dated and modern. When having loads of fun, this really doesn’t matter at all. It was our second time visiting Wheelgate, the first time Eric was only just about mobile; this time at 20 months we were excited for him to be able to go on a lot more things than before!

What is there to do at Robin Hoods Wheelgate Park: Animals

Robin Hoods Wheelgate Park
Wheelgate Park tropical house

The small tropical house is just next to entrance. There’s butterflies, reptiles, fish and bugs to see. It was raining when we arrived at Wheelgate so we headed there first to dry up!

Wheelgate Park farm

The farm is north of the park and has plenty of animals to see. There’s a good variety of outdoor and indoor animals, Eric loves the reptile house and rodent run especially.

Wheelgate park farm, small animals and rodents
Wheelgate Park farm pet corner activities
Wheelgate Park farm bunnies
Wheelgate Park reptiles
Wheelgate Park meerkats
Wheelgate Park farm

On our last visit we did an animal handling where Eric got to pet a baby bunny, it was so cute! We didn’t have time on this visit which is a shame but just shows you how much there is to do, we were stuck for time and had to prioritise what we wanted to see and do in order to fit it all in.

What is there to do at Robin Hoods Wheelgate Park: Park rides, play areas and water park

The water park is pretty awesome! It wasn’t the weather for it when we visited, sadly, but to be honest, if we had done the water park we probably wouldn’t have had much time for anything else. I love the set up of it with the chairs around the edge, there are kiosks and lots of space to relax and have fun whilst the kids go crazy. I haven’t seen a water park like this, it’ll probably be a few years until Eric is old enough without getting too scared of it but I’m sure he would enjoy a paddle.


Robin Hoods Wheelgate Park
Wheelgate park new adventure playground

The new adventure playground is huge and great! We had a bit of fun in there before we left. It’s all wooden, loads of slides with lots of fun to be had. Robin Hoods Wheelgate Park

Robin Hoods Wheelgate Park
Wheelgate Park

The park isn’t too far spread out unlike some theme parks and zoos, which is good for little legs. In this photo, one of the soft play/indoor play areas is on the right, the adventure playgrounds, rides and train is ahead, the water park is on the left and the farm is behind the photo.

Robin Hoods Wheelgate Park
Wheelgate Park

Carousel, little village and adventure playground area at Robin Hoods Wheelgate Park.

Robin Hoods Wheelgate Park
Dinosaurs and a few small rides suitable for toddlers.
Robin Hoods Wheelgate Park
Under 5 playground

The under 5 playground is so cute! Just next to it is Fun House which has an under 5/toddler only soft play, Eric loved it as it was basic, small and not overrun with older kids. It’s in the same building as a cafe serving pizza.

Robin Hoods Wheelgate Park
Wheelgate Park jumping pillows

We love this slide, haha. I went on it a few times… at first Eric wasn’t sure… but he loved it in the end.

Robin Hoods Wheelgate Park
Jumping Pillows

These jumping pillows are fun and surrounded by sand. Just next to this on the left is a sand pit area for toddlers with diggers and toys, at the back is a huge soft play centre which is Egyptian Theme, it has a toddler play area, a bouncy castle and a few small rides like swings, they are free like everything. On the right of this photo is the little train.

What is there to do at Robin Hoods Wheelgate Park: Play village and maze

Eric loves the play village with houses, a mining town and chapel which are toddler sized and you’re able to go in them all! A few of the houses have stairs going up to the bedroom floor and a slide going back down outside; this is a massive hit with Eric. Last year when we came he loved the play village too, it must be fun to be able to explore these miniature houses.

Watch the video to see him going in them! We didn’t manage to complete the maze this time… it’s hard and I get a bit panicky after a while that I’m never going to be able to get out, haha! It was the quietest part of the park though so Eric fell asleep after a fun packed day.

Robin Hoods Wheelgate Park
Wheelgate Park chapel house
Wheelgate Park village
Robin Hoods Wheelgate Park
Wheelgate Park village
Robin Hoods Wheelgate Park
Wheelgate Park village
Robin Hoods Wheelgate Park
Wheelgate Park maze

Final thoughts… What is there to do at Wheelgate Park

All in all, we had a really great day, worth our £10 tickets, and I would go back again! Eric is still just a little too small to go on most of the rides, but even without those we still got a lot out of it. I can only imagine how much better it will be when he’s tall enough to be able to go on all of the rides, I can’t wait to take him on the little cars, train and boating lake to name a few. Robin Hoods Wheelgate Park

We did go on the carousel which we enjoyed, that’s always fun! There’s so many rides that he couldn’t go on though, which I guess is a good thing as it means when we go back there is stuff for him to do that he hasn’t done before.

We weren’t able to fit in absolutely everything, despite being there all day. I really don’t know how anyone with kids who nap can do it all in one visit, haha.

What do you think? Would it be somewhere you’ll go? Do you like theme parks? Let me know in the comments below!

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