Meadowhall Grotto Review: Wish Upon A Star With Santa

Grottos are not really our thing so when Meadowhall invited us along to the new grotto, I was worried what we were going to make of it. Don’t get me wrong, I was excited; but Eric is soooo shy and typically doesn’t like those types of situations/days out. Meadowhall Grotto Review: Wish Upon A Star With Santa

  However… I was really, really pleasantly surprised and this is what I honestly thought of the whole experience!

Meadowhall Grotto Review: Wish Upon A Star With Santa

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If you’re looking for a santas grotto with a difference then I really do recommend Wish Upon A Star with Santa 21 Nov – 24 Dec at Meadowhall. Even if you haven’t considered going to a grotto this year because it’s not for you; I thought the same thing.

Meadowhall invited us to the preview a day before the new grotto there officially opened & I was a bit worried about it, to be honest. But I ended up leaving very impressed and absolutely loved how it was nothing about gifts or being good for Christmas, and for that reason, it really did suit us and was more of an experience than just going to see Santa.

If you would prefer a traditional Santas grotto then this isn’t for you. This is more of a theatrical experience all about wishing upon a star.

Meadowhall Grotto Review: Wish Upon A Star With Santa

The grotto adventure starts with a lovely, bubbly interactive elf (great with kids) who opens the door to let us into the first room. In this room we met the first elf, a  ute, funny elf who taught us an elf salute. She led us into a beautiful lit up and decorated room with little logs on the floor and told us to put on funny ‘gizmos’ (headphones) whilst watching a film about shooting stars and elves.

Meadowhall Grotto Review: Wish Upon A Star With Santa

Once that part was finished, we walked through a lit up tunnel into the next room where we met a star gazing elf with a huge telescope. He was amazing, very good at acting, getting very involved with all the children and adults and told us a story about how he met Santa one day whilst he was out star gazing. He made the story really engaging and funny… it was brilliant.

Meadowhall Grotto Review: Wish Upon A Star With Santa

Meadowhall Grotto Review: Wish Upon A Star With Santa

After this he opened a door to the next room where we were immediately met by another elf ‘hello hello do come in, don’t be shy!’ and it was a crafts room! We sat on tables full of craft supplies making our own Christmas wishes. The elf got involved with all the little ones, telling us about the wishes and how they are all unique just like us… it was really magical and believable. The acting was fantastic.

Meadowhall Grotto Review: Wish Upon A Star With Santa

Whilst Eric was decorating his Christmas stars another 3 elves came through the door, one of them approached Eric and was really keen to talk to him about his crafts, what he had done so far and encouraged him to come on another adventure to meet someone very special.

This elf personally guided us through doors to get to the santas grotto, it was just lovely and so personal. the same elf came into the room to meet Santa with us, Eric was really scared and shy but both Santa and the elf made all the efforts to distract him without being overwhelming. Santa put some special wish glitter on one of Eric’s Christmas stars that he had made, asked him who he would like to make a special wish for, asked me if there was anyone I could think of who would need a special wish this Christmas… then held our hands in a circle with the elf and made a little Christmas wish. It was soooo nice!!!

Not once did Santa ask Eric about gifts, what he wanted for Christmas or mentioned anything about it. Before we left Santa did give Eric a little Mr. men book, but it was unwrapped already, a complete surprise and something simple but Eric loved it. He loves books & because Santa hadn’t mentioned anything about presents I think Eric forgot all about it.

There was no queuing, no waiting and everything seemed spontaneous and believable.

it was so magical and Eric said he really liked it. I was unsure if he did, because he was so scared when we met Santa, but straight away after he left he said he loved it & his favourite bit was meeting Santa. he’s mentioned it a few times already and we will be putting his Christmas star crafts that he made on our tree this year.

It’s £6 child and £3 adults. I thought I would mention that Eric is very shy with sort of thing and gets overwhelmed quickly, but he liked this because it was nicely lit and actually not overwheming at all because there wasn’t lots of busy stuff going on and kids running about. It was calm, you didn’t have to wait for anything, every elf talked to him and interacted to him, so it just worked. They also do quiet & SEN sessions.

All in all, I’m so glad we went and it was perfect for us.

You have to book and the grotto is just out the back of the oasis next to the playground.

Meadowhall Grotto Review: Wish Upon A Star With Santa


*Disclaimer: Our tickets were complimenting as we attended the preview before official opening. Meadowhall did not ask me to write this or film the video, and all views are my own.


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