5 Things To Do In Low Bradfield On A Nice Day

We went to Low Bradfield again! I’m so glad we live closer now we have moved; Low Bradfield is a lovely place for a quick escape into the countryside yet still within Sheffield.

A small village parish in North Sheffield near Loxley, good option for a free day out for exploring. I like to go when it’s nice weather to make the most of all the outside space, I recommend a walk around Damflask and checking out the local pubs/cafes! 5 Things To Do In Low Bradfield On A Nice Day

Low Bradfield is an escape from the city life and hustle and bustle. Somewhere safe for kids to wander around and good amenities and bus links. Sometimes you just need to feel like you are in the middle of no where. Low Bradfield scratches the countryside itch yet the easy transport links to Sheffield make it really simple to get to. Buses 62 and 61, which are a TM Travel, go to the village and pass Our Cow Molly.

Park at The Sands, S6 6LA.

5 Things To Do In Low Bradfield On A Nice Day

I’ve blogged about Low Bradfield before so those of you who read may be familiar! We enjoy paddling near Smithy Bridge and around the playground area and a walk around Damflask; you can stop for a “beach picnic” here in nice weather. This time we had to go back to The Old Schoolrooms cafe/deli a wonderful little place just opposite Smithy Bridge.

During nice weather they have a bouncy castle out back and there is a permanent climbing frame and curly slide. Eric really loves the curly slide! Plus there’s loads of space for general playing in the outside seating area. Having the option to sit outside with kids is always a bonus, at least for us.

5 Things To Do In Low Bradfield On A Nice Day

He could easily have spent hours just going on this slide. 😀 The playground is basic and small but has enough to entertain for a little while; I heard rumours that it is going to be renovated but I can’t confirm this. Next to the playground is the bowling green which just invites a picnic on a sunny day; looooads of space to run free.

5 Things To Do In Low Bradfield On A Nice Day

5 Things To Do In Low Bradfield On A Nice Day

Have a picnic

There are so many picnic spots in/around Low Bradfield… the open bowling green, the playground, by Damflask or next to the water by Smithy Bridge. I really love the bridge, a little gate takes you through into a little “hiding place” with stream, rocks, ducks, birds and picnic tables all dotted around; only stepping stones to get to the other side. So peaceful and really picturesque.

Coffee & cake at The Old Schoolrooms

5 Things To Do In Low Bradfield On A Nice Day

Or whatever you may fancy! If you have kids they’ll love the little climbing frame/slide & when they have on it, the bouncy castle. Check out the deli and shop inside The Old Schoolrooms, loads of nice goodies. There’s a nice cafe inside upstairs if you want to eat in.

Visit the playground

The playground is just next to/behind the bowling green with a car park just next to it. At the moment it has swings, climbing frame & slide and a roundabout.

Take a walk

5 Things To Do In Low Bradfield On A Nice Day
Damflask Reservoir circular walk

Damflask Reservoir has an accessible flat path all around so it is suitable for prams. The walk can take a few hours so if you have little ones it is best to take a pram or sling. It takes us a few hours, especially if we stop for snacks/picnic on the way. If you are feeling adventurous, a detour off the path down the bank will take you to the water where there’s lots of rocks and “the beach” (Eric loves it!). The walk is a circular route and if you start from behind The Plough pub, this is a good stop for when you get back!

The Plough pub beer garden

5 Things To Do In Low Bradfield On A Nice Day
The Plough Pub; Old photo from 2017! 🙂

In summer months The Plough pub has a bouncy castle outside the back for kids, plus the beer garden is great for kids as there’s loads of space, picnic tables and bunnies running around! They’re so cute. Food and drinks can be ordered and brought outside. Lunch deals are very popular as it’s only £5 for 2 mains during the week.

5 Things To Do In Low Bradfield On A Nice Day

More to do in the local area:

There’s more to do in the local area, too. Just down the road in Loxley there’s two garden centres both with cafes; Langlands Garden Centre and Loxley nurseries. A few good pubs: The Admiral Rooney is great for kids and has a playground opposite with really nice views.

Down the road in the village of Stannington there is another playground with nice cafe, library and pubs. Rivelin Valley Park in Hillsborough is not far and is a brilliant park for families.

We have just moved to the S6 area of Sheffield so these are all local discoveries; do you have anything to recommend?

Thanks for reading! <3

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