Hidden Woodseats playground in Graves Park!

things to do in Sheffield Graves Park

Did you know there’s more than one playground at Graves Park? The main playground in Graves Park next to the cafe is fantastic but usually very busy. There’s a quieter playground down at the bottom end of the park towards Woodseats.

BEST PLAYGROUNDS IN SHEFFIELD? things to do in Sheffield Graves Park


things to do in Sheffield Graves Park

The video footage above shows both playgrounds, the main Graves Park playgrounds and the hidden one. You’d be surprised how many people don’t know about Graves Park in South Yorkshire and it’s a really fantastic FREE day out in Sheffield, read 6 reasons why you’ll love Graves Park if you don’t believe me.

So, ages ago, maybe over a year now, I mentioned on my Facebook Page about second playground at Graves Park (S8) on Woodseats. And I was really shocked to find out that so many people said they never knew about it and I couldn’t believe it! I don’t live in s8 but I’ve known about this for years. I’ve been with Ollie for over 8 years, he grew up just behind this playground on Meadowhead, and we used to have BBQ’s & picnics in the summer just up the hill (pre-kid!).

This playground is always quiet every time I have passed by, and today, it looked like it’s been spruced up a little.

Edit from April 2019: The playground has had funding with some new equipment put in:

graves park woodseats playground
graves park woodseats playground

The location is great. The playground is very easy to find and there’s lots to do in the area. The playground is just behind the nursery opposite Costa Coffee. And just across the road from this little playground is a new library, so you can make more out ofa visit there by turning it into a day out.

From this playground, inside the park, if you follow the path over the little bridge, you’ll go through lovely woodlands, perfect for paddling & puddle splashing, collecting sticks and identifying bits of nature. It’s really nice in the summer to have a stroll through and eventually you’ll reach the main part of Graves Park.

Did you already know about this? Or didn’t? Let me know! Either way it’s a lovely playground.

For more fantastic Sheffield parks, this list has the top 5 for you. Enjoy! 🙂

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