Indoors: Toddler Jump at Jump Inc, Sheffield

A good alternative to soft play for cold and rainy days is going trampolining! I took Eric to toddler jump at Jump Inc in Sheffield a few times last year (before he was 2 years old) and he didn’t get much out of it, however most recently we went again and it was so much fun! It’s very good value for money, specifically for kids under 5, and only £4.50 a session if you book online and adults are free. The session gives you 2 hours of bouncing from 10am-12 noon and there are balls, tunnels and hula hoops out for toddlers to have fun with.

toddler jump at Jump Inc in Sheffield

toddler jump at Jump Inc in Sheffield
toddler jump at Jump Inc in Sheffield

Where is it?

Jump Inc is at just near Meadowhall, Vulcan Road, S9 1EW. There is another Jump Inc in Rotherham and Leeds.

How much is it?

If you book online a 2 hour toddler jump session is £4.50, or £5.50 walk in price. Adults are free, and £2 for jump socks if you don’t already have them. These can be reused.

toddler jump at Jump Inc in Sheffield
toddler jump at Jump Inc in Sheffield

What happens?

Once you go in, there are lockers near a cafe area. You can get your socks on then go jump! First, a little safety and security video in a side room has to be watched but this only takes a few minutes. Then, you go have fun! Most of them trampoline park is open during the toddler jump session with the exception of just a few bigger trampoline areas. There is a big bouncy soft cushion to jump in, a variety of bouncy trampolines of different sizes, swings, ropes, climbing wall and basket balls. Toys like hoops, tunnels and balls are put out for anyone to use.

toddler jump at Jump Inc in Sheffield
Jump INC Toddler

What are facilities like?

It’s clean, airy and not hot despite being there to exercise. There is loud music on but I think this adds to the atmosphere. I really like how there are safety lockers to put your things in and the trampoline area is raised from the rest of it so it’s sort of separate.

Across from the lockers is a cafe area, tables and chairs, and two side rooms with longer tables picnic style and children’s toys to play with.

toddler jump at Jump Inc in Sheffield

Worth a visit?

Yes, for the price. Me, Ollie and Eric jumped for around 1.5 hours for only £5.50, and I think this was worth the fun we had. Afterwards Eric liked cooling down and playing with the toys in the cafe area, this was a nice touch. Then we headed over to the road to IKEA! There’s lots to do in the area and you can easily walk from Meadowhall or Meadowhall South tram stop.

Please note, I think the toddler sessions only run during term time.

toddler jump at Jump Inc in Sheffield
toddler jump at Jump Inc in Sheffield

What do you think? Have you been to toddler jump at Jump Inc in Sheffield before? Do you think you’ll consider going trampolining?!

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