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Trips With a Tot Sheffield For Kids Awards 2018

Sheffield For Kids Awards 2018

Wanting to know more about the awards and see this years fantastic categories? Did you know that these awards is the only family friendly scheme out there which gives recognition of the best things to do for kids in Sheffield? It’s a fantastic way to stand proud about this family friendly city and your favourite things to do, as well as find so many ideas for places to go and things to try. Sheffield For Kids Awards 2018 Categories & FAQ – Sheffield For Kids Awards 2018

Categories & FAQ – Sheffield For Kids Awards 2018

Here are this years categories. These have been carefully chosen by the awards team of volunteers, and I’m confident we have stream lined it to save only the best and most relevant. Once nominations are open (find dates here) you will be able to nominate as many as you like for these categories.

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Categories for 2018

Proudly sponsored by Stylish Mum

Special Mentions – Sponsored By Becky Stevenson

Best Local Park – Sponsored By SheffParkProject

Best Farm Animals – Sponsored By Tropical Butterfly House, Falconry & Wildlife Centre

Best For Indoor Play

Best Attraction

Best Free Day Out – Sponsored By WiggleTots

Best Children’s Library – Sponsored By Small Stuff

Best For Water Play

Best For Active Kids – Sponsored By Heeley City Farm

Best Theatre/Music Show – Sponsored By Yoga at the reach

Best Toddler Class

Best Baby Group/Class

Best Local Playgroup

Best For Family Eating Out

Best For Creative


Q. How do I nominate?

A. Once nominations are open on Thursday 3rd May you will be able to send in your nominations either through a submission form on my website or on our Facebook page simply on a post in the comments. These will be launched closer to the time so make sure you’re following us and are subscribed so you don’t miss it.

Q. Who do I nominate?

A. Whoever you want! Think about what your favourite is for each category and that should be who/what you nominate.

Q. Are there any rules?

A. Only a few! You cannot nominate yourself and you shouldn’t ask others to nominate for you (though you can encourage people to vote for you!!). Nominations will not be taken after May 31st.

Q. Is it only for Sheffield, then?

A. Yes and no. Last year the awards were called South Yorkshire For Kids, and this year we have changed it to Sheffield For Kids. The reason being that it was just far too broad last year, we had so many categories and lots to vote for. The general feedback was that it took too long to vote, there were too many nominations and it did get confusing at times. Plus, my blog IS all about Sheffield & that’s where we live! 🙂

You can still nominate for something if it is not in Sheffield with the border being within South Yorkshire. It is not guaranteed your nomination will be shortlisted, depending on how popular it is (see below). You are more than welcome to vote wherever you live.

Q. How are nominations shortlisted?

A. Myself and my wonderful team of busy bee’s behind the awards will take every nomination and add them onto a big list. These nominations are counted, and those who have the most nominations (for example, a place that has been nominated more than 3x) is shortlisted. Every single nomination is taken into consideration. Only the best will be shortlisted.

Winners from 2017 awards are automatically finalists in this years awards.

Q. How & when do I vote?

A. Once me & the team have shortlisted the finalists, this is announced and voting opens on Monday 4th June. Voting will be easy and quick using a poll system on my website; exactly the same as last year. Voting is anonymous and you can vote for as little or as much as you like.

Q. What if I’m a finalist?

A. Well, Congratulations! That’s brilliant, I hope you’re proud! 🙂 Go and tell your friends and shout about it on social media. I will have free banners, badges and logos for you to share made for you. You can get others to vote for you and you should encourage this as much as possible if you want to win. Last year, voting was so tight and even ONE vote can make all the difference.

The awards begin May 3rd!

You can see the important dates for your diary here, and sponsorship opportunities here.

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