Where to go with kids on a nice sunny day

Something tells me we are in for a treat, and I’m talking about some nice sunny weather.  Where to go with kids
on a nice sunny day

The weather looks great for this week ahead. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed it’s the start of a nice warm spring and a long hot summer. And even if that’s being too optimistic, I don’t wanna hear it! ;D

Where to go with kids on a nice sunny day!

FREE : Clifton Park & Museum, Rotherham

Clifton Ln, Rotherham S65 2AA

Where to go with kids on a nice sunny day
Clifton Park & Museum

FREE entry, Clifton Park & Museum is huge with lots to do. You’ll find a free museum with cafe, rock garden, adventure playgrounds, toddler playgrounds, fun fair, water splash, food and drink, sand play area, mini golf, land train and looooots of space.

Buses from Sheffield (X1 Steel link) stop right outside. It’s free entry, water splash is free, museum is free and playgrounds too, there are charges for the funfair and golf with a fun card system.

The water splash area is really great, split into 3 areas with a paddling area, big fountains, smaller fountains and a rock pool area which is nice for younger ones. Open daily with water splash usually on every day in school holidays and they have special toddler splash mornings on nice, sunny days during term time in the summer months.

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Top 20 free days out in South Yorkshire

Chatsworth House Adventure Playgrounds & Farmyard

Chatsworth House Farmyard and amazing adventure playground Where to go with kids on a nice sunny day
Chatsworth House Farmyard and amazing adventure playground

Big fans of Chatsworth here, I do think the playgrounds themselves are worth the money but a day out to Chatsworth is always 100x better when it’s sunny. There’s just beautiful places for picnics, the playgrounds are so much more fun and kids can enjoy paddling. The adventure playgrounds are extensive with different areas for older and younger, sand play, water play and nature play opportunities.

Facilities are good, too, with toilets up next to the playgrounds, cafe and kiosk all in the same area so you don’t have to go far.

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Have a trip to the seaside

Cleethorpes Top 4 Favourite Beaches near Sheffield

We are a fan of Cleethorpes as it’s quick to get to (1hr 45mins approx) from Sheffield on the train, the beach is nice and long and sandy and clean… and there’s loads to do. I was really pleasantly surprised first time I went there last year! The nature reserve is really pretty, you won’t be short of things to do there with all the arcades, land train, light railway, playgrounds, paddling pool, beach and all within short distance of each other.

The beaches in Filey & Scarborough are nice, too, and there’s loads to do there! Playdale farm, Sealife Centre, Scarborough Castle, Sewerby Hall & Gardens, Peasolhm Park…

Check these posts for reviews/things to do in Filey, Scarborough and Bridlington: Haven Blue Dolphin | Haven Reighton Sands

Go paddling in the wild

padley gorge 6 Amazing Day Out Ideas For When It's HOT!
Padley Gorge

Eric loves a wild paddle and so do I. The great thing about going paddling in the wild is that it’s always open and it’s always free!

Our most favourite spot for a paddle and picnic is Padley Gorge. You must go. It can get busy in the summer with families because it’s brilliant! The surroundings are so picturesque and the water shallow with loads of stepping stones and rocks. There’s always an ice cream van parked up, too. The best way to get there is with a walk through Longshaw Estate (also free and really nice!). Such a good day out.

Paddling is fun anywhere with rocks and water, though. We also like Low Bradfield & Damflask Reservoir and Forge Dam.

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Find a splash park/fountains!

Nottingham 6 Amazing Day Out Ideas For When It's HOT!
Nottingham City Centre beach

We’re lucky to have fun places to go splash in and near Sheffield such as…

Free: Millhouses Park

Aqua-Tek water park at Magna Adventure Science in Rotherham

Peace Gardens in Sheffield City Centre

Free Langold Country Park and Lake

Free The Canch in Wakefield

Free Clifton Park & Museum splash park

Free Rivelin Valley Park with paddling pool

For more read this splashtastic list of splash play parks here.

I really like the water splash area at Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife & Falconry centre because it has loads of toys, play areas, playgrounds and huge sand pits. 🙂

In the summer, a lot of cities have pop up beach events and water play areas. We loved Nottingham last year for this (photo above!) and MHBeach at Meadowhall; both were free!

There’s an outdoor pool in Hathersage, an outdoor pool & lido in Ilkley, and Hemsworth Water Park & World looks like a lot of fun. There is a small water play area in Bakewell Park.

Have a picnic and eat Al Fresco

Chatsworth House Farmyard and amazing adventure playground 6 Amazing Day Out Ideas For When It's HOT!
Picnic time!

Picnics are free and in Sheffield we are spoilt for choice with fantastic parks and playgrounds so take full opportunity of this, pack up, choose one and go! To make it even more fun and an adventure, choose a park you haven’t been before or haven’t been to for a while. There’s no excuse because there are so many places to go in Sheffield to enjoy a picnic wherever you live.

My favourite picnic spots for nice weather at Peace Gardens with the fountains, Hillsborough Walled Garden, Low Bradfield, Longshaw Estate & Padley Gorge, Norfolk Heritage Park, Millhouses Park, Forge Dam, Endcliffe Park, Botanical Gardens and for a day trip, Bakewell is really nice on a sunny day and has a splash park in the playground.

On my list for this year in terms of picnicking I want to try and visit all of these 14 interesting walks with playgrounds and all of these magical places in Sheffield.

Need more ideas what to do when the weather is nice?

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