This week best bits 24-30 September

Happy Sunday all. I can’t believe we are at the end of September, things are going by really quickly now summer is over. October is going to be a really busy month for us all, it’s only 1 week now until we go on a trip to London. We’ll be in Nottingham for a few days, too. It’ll also be Eric’s 3rd birthday towards the end of the month, halloween… such a busy time! This week has been quite autumnal, I’ve really felt the temperature drop and got out the jumpers.

This week we tried 4 new things and finished up with a nice day in the park yesterday. 🙂 Have you had a nice week? I do hope you’re all well <3 Let’s get started. I’m loving sitting down to write these type of posts. Hope you enjoy reading about our week best bits. There’s a good variety this week.

This week best bits 24-30 September

This week best bits 24-30 September

Little Acorns & Time To Slime Workshop

First up, on Monday we tried Little Acorns playgroup. Little Acorns is a playgroup once a fortnight at hallamshire care home, and usually there is some sort of theme. This week Mystical Makeovers were there doing slime workshops and Eric loves slime so I was intrigued to see what he would think!

time to slime This week best bits 24-30 September
Time To Slime Workshop

The playgroup was really busy and Eric struggled with this bit, he’s quite shy and doesn’t like really noisy busy situations so did find it quite overwhelming. it was good to have the corner with slime as a side focus and gave him something to do.  I thought Eric was a bit too old for it, too, I think it’s better suited towards smaller ones than toddlers. But it was such a lovely thing to see young and old together and we got to see Eric’s great grandma!

This week best bits 24-30 September

The best part of Monday had to be going to The Cabin for pancakes! I haven’t been in around a year… it was ages ago I wrote this review! It’s still great, the pancakes were delicious. Really relaxed and child friendly totally recommend.

First time at the theatre

the gruffalos child This week best bits 24-30 September
The Gruffalos Child

Another “first” this week was a trip to the theatre. We’ve been to shows at Butlins but we’ve not taken Eric to the actual theatre yet, so was a first time for us all. Earlier this week I saw tickets were still on sale for The Gruffalo’s Child, so snapped some up with good seats in stalls. The show was ok but I thought it was not vey attractive for toddlers with the lack of costumes and colours. The stage scene stayed the same the entire show, the colours were basic and not very attractive to young eyes and I really thought considering it was for toddlers it would have been like that. But it was our first proper theatre show so I wasn’t sure what it expect and had noting to compare it to.

This week best bits 24-30 September

I enjoyed listening to it, the story, etc but Eric did get bored and asked to leave a few times. I think we’re going to try a panto next. Looking back on the show now it has been a few days since, I am disappointed about it and was expecting a lot more. After the show I thought it was great but have since realised that’s because it was our first time and I think you can get wrapped up in all of that and not really take in what the show as actually about. I enjoyed the whole process though and I’m keen to get Eric into theatre, and start going more as a family. I’ve been looking into Christmas pantos, if you have any recommendations let me know. 🙂

Lindy’s story S.A.C at Medieval Mayhem

Wednesday was really fun! I arranged a mini meet up in my trips with a tot community group for a group of us to head to Medieval Mayhem. On Wednesdays Lindy from Child’s Play Mobile Craft Cafe does wonderful little crafty sessions all morning. They’re £9 and a different theme every week. It includes a story, a song, an activity, a paint a pot in the weekly theme, snack time and soft play, then another craft activity.

It really kept Eric busy and wasn’t like anything I had done before. I really enjoyed it, Eric did too, he loved the crafts (paint a pot and sand art) and Lindy really had thought it through very well. I would definitely go again and I’m considering booking Dear Zoo on 10th October.

I know Lindy from when Eric was only around 6 months old. Lindy used to have a lovely craft shop in Hillsborough and I did some Christmas baubling there with friends from a meet up group. Since then Lindy has unfortunately had to close her shop and go mobile, but does weekly sessions at Medieval Mayhem and around the city as well as parties. Lindy is in the process of rebranding her sessions into “Lindy’s story S.A.C” a story, activity and ceramic craft.

I really love the idea and want to support her as much as possible, it’s important we encourage local independent family business like this and I was super impressed with the quality of her session on Wednesday. I think this weeks session is Aliens with rockets and spaceships. You can book here.

It was really nice to come home with things from the day, Eric still loves his unicorn. Lindy gave each child a magic paint book, too, which Eric has been doing at home and it’s mess free which is great!

New playgroup & Botanical Gardens

This week best bits 24-30 September

We tried a new playgroup on Friday at St Timothy’s Church in Crookes on Slinn Street. 9:15-11:15ish, indoor and outdoor, refreshments and singing at end. It was £3 and worth the money. Inside the hall little stations were set up with activities like crafts, painting, construction, train set, etc and then outdoor garden with mud kitchens and sand pits. I loved it. Eric didn’t enjoy it and was really struggling all morning, unfortunately it was really tough to deal with and I felt feeling super deflated. It’s so hard for Eric who finds playgroups really overwhelming and it’s definitely a trigger for anxiety and fear. 🙁 It was also tired which doesn’t help.

It has nothing to do with the group, though, and I guess I just need to ask myself is it worth going to these things if he really, really doesn’t like them? He will say he does and enjoys playing etc but the fights and high emotions and stress doesn’t seem worth it.

The afternoon was really nice though and I’m absolutely gutted my phone died with no battery so I couldn’t take any photos! I went for lunch with my friend and her friend (who happens to read my blog so it was like meeting someone I already knew! hi if you’re reading this!). After lunch it was an explore at botanical gardens, one of my favourite places. Eric loved climbing trees, running around, seeing squirrels and finding the bear pit. It was a lovely afternoon compared to the stressful morning. The fresh air definitely helped us both and we went home happy. <3

Changing colours at Rivelin Valley Park

rivelin valley park This week best bits 24-30 September
Rivelin Valley Park

Yesterday was the sort of day where I woke up and thought “oh let’s have a really good day out, somewhere big” and it went from Aston springs farm, to Tropical butterfly house, to Chatsworth house gardens, Graves park… lol. I wasn’t sure and just really didn’t know what to do. It was going to be a day just me & Eric and I get a bit nervous doing big days out on buses, etc when it’s just us two. Rivelin Valley Park is one of our local parks though, and a really lovely place so it’s always good to have it on our doorstep… we are lucky. So the stress was taken out as we just walked there, no buses required, and didn’t take a picnic as planned to go in the cafe as a treat. 🙂

rivelin valley park This week best bits 24-30 September
rivelin valley park This week best bits 24-30 September

It’s been a while since I was just in the woods with Eric, not sure why actually… we really love the outdoors, woodlands, walks etc but it’s just been one of those months where we haven’t done it much. Next month, especially with autumn as it’s my 2nd favourite month, going to make it a priority. We collected leaves, found birds, spotted ducks, climbed the old mills and found secret hiding places. Finished up with the playground and cafe. It was so nice and easy just a really nice afternoon. I love times like these.

rivelin valley park This week best bits 24-30 September

That was my favourite bits this week! What was your highlight?

This week I have lots to do in preparation for going to London on a week tomorrow! :O We go on the Monday 8th.

Tomorrow I’ve been invited to the official opening of the breastfeeding room at City Hall, exciting. Apart from that nothing yet is set in stone but it will probably be a busy one knowing us! I’d love to get a few good day trips in but not sure it that’s really realistic especially with going away next week. We’ll have to see 🙂

See you next Sunday with another week best bits! <3

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