This week highs & lows: Self care, Alfred Denny Museum, Festival Of The Mind, Global Energy Race + Miniature Train!

Hello everyone 🙂 this is a new feature I hope to bring to my blog every Sunday and is going to be a little roundup of my best bits from the week plus what I’m excited for in the upcoming week ahead. I’d love to know your highlights, what you’ve been happy about this week, what’s made you smile and what you’re looking forward to! 🙂

This week highs & lows + upcoming week plans

Feeling ill and reflecting on self-care

Five Rivers Coffee Co

Unfortunately, this past week hasn’t been the best for me although it has ended nice. Last week I started feeling ill, just with a cold nothing serious… and in the past I have always managed to get over a cold quickly. This, though, has just kept on going and after an overnight stay to Manchester last Sunday I came back feeling so, so poorly and spent the next few days really struggling to function. It’s only just going a week on and it’s really taken it’s toll on me…. on my immune system, energy and positivity on a whole. I’ve hated feeling ill all week… not like me at all and I really hope starting from tomorrow I’m back to good health.

The whole feeling poorly for a week has made me realise how thankful I am for my good health. I usually am pretty healthy, really… nothing to complain about, able to function with little sleep, strong immune system… and I think I forget that I need to look after myself. I’m getting older, more tired, and I’m only getting more active, too… so I really need to start focusing more on self-care. I usually just wing it and honestly, take my health for granted. But now I’ve realised I need to care for myself better.

I made it out on Wednesday to Five Rivers Coffee Co, in Broomhill, a favourite cafe of ours for some hot noodle soup. I knew if anything would make me feel better, it was this. I love this place. Especially the relaxed seating as you can sit on the floor with low tables and lots of comfy cushions! It was so relaxing because the rain that day was sooo heavy… making it feel so, so cosy inside.

Weekend highlights

Alfred Denny Museum

Alfred Denny Museum

This weekend (and until September 30) was the festival of mind, a university of sheffield festival bring together “unique collaboration between (…) academic colleagues and experts from Sheffield’s cultural and creative industries” with lots of FREE, open for all talks, exhibitions, virtual reality experiences and interactive events.

Alfred Denny Museum
Alfred Denny Museum

I booked onto to a tour at the Alfred Denny Museum Saturday morning, I’ve never been before and it was fantastic! The museum is in the University of Sheffield Alfred Denny Building, and is open to the public for tours on the first Saturday of every month 10am-1pm.

Alfred Denny Museum
Alfred Denny Museum

Fascinating stuff; I must say it’s quite difficult to listen to a tour when you have a little one in tow who isn’t listening and wants to do their own thing but I managed to listen to some of it, which was super interesting. I took my mum and she loved it too. The museum is small, one room but crammed full and doesn’t disappoint. There’s specimens of all types… snails, to worms, fish, birds and even monkeys. Lots and lots of skeletons and dead animals in jars which Eric found really interesting (and us, too!). We were in the museum for about 45 minutes looking, talking and learning about it all. I highly recommend a look. It’s free. You can book onto the next one here.

Eric says when I ask him, “it was so fun!” and favourite bit “squids!”… 😀

Festival of the mind

The Gravy Train
Festival Of The mind

There’s lots more going on in the city centre suitable for kids throughout festival of the mind. On Saturday we looked at some robots in the Millennium Galleries including a dog robot who loved a stroke! And a huuuuuge mouth in a dentistry exhibition. A wall full of gratitude full of cards with written words on from a big variety of people was lovely to see. I read a few and it was amazing to read and uplifted the spirits! I think it’s always lovely to read what other people are happy about and grateful for… there was a real mix of things from spending time with family & friends, health, anniversaries, first dates, university highlights, secrets and loads more.

It was lovely to potter about the city centre, the Taste of Independent Sheffield was on; new markets to showcase some of the best of sheffields independent traders, retailers and yummy food. I enjoyed the gravy train!

Global Energy Race

Global Energy Race; donated food to the Trussell Trust food bank

Today was Sunday and we did something as a family we’ve never done before; our first family race.

I haven’t run since cross country in school and to be honest it’s never been something I’ve been interested in since. There are so many marathons, races and charity runs in Sheffield all year round but it all just goes straight over my head and I think “nah, not my me”. However, there’s a first for everything…

The Global Energy Race, this year sponsored by New York Bagel Co. is an annual world-wide race for all ages in support of Trussell Trust. It’s a race against hunger, and this year the New York Bagel Co. donated over 8k bagels to the charity. There are a variety of races; 10k, 5k and 3k, with a 3k family run welcoming everyone of all ages, big, small, in slings and in prams!

The race was at Rother Valley this year. I honestly did not know what to expect, having never done anything like this before but… honestly? It was fun! Definitely something I could get into. Maybe not running or racing as a competitive sport, but the family run/walk was really lovely, the atmosphere was fantastic, too, and it’s a really great way to get everyone involved with charity.

I actually met someone in the line for the 3k family run who reads my blog (hi, if you’re here) and we got chatting about the race. She mentioned how good it is for all the family and you can totally make a day of it, bring a picnic, etc and there were some entertainment such as free face painting and giant games. I agree and I think it’s a really great way to encourage all ages to get active… especially for little ones to see how fun sport can be. For me, when I was in school (especially secondary and P.E!) I hated sport and it was a chore for most… getting “active” was not something I, or any of my friends really enjoyed and whilst I know lots of kids my age are in competitive sports, my experience when growing up was that we all avoided it. Which meant when we grew up, this attitude came with us and probably explains why I’ve never been into fitness.

Joining it with family-friendly sports and fitness, though, really encourages little ones to get involved and shows them how fun it can be. Eric found it really fun and even kept encouraging us to “run! run, mummy! run, daddy!” he loved it and got all excited when everyone was together running, jogging or walking. He enjoyed the novelty of it and loves his race top.

I’ll definitely look out for more family runs and walks in the future, especially in aid for charity.

Miniature train at Rother Valley

And there’s a railway at Rother Valley! Eric loves a miniature train, so fun! The little train took us from the top lake to the cafe, where we sat outside by the fountain and had chips and hot drinks. Looked at some animals, Eric got bit by a goose!, and rode the train back again. Fun! Lovely way to kill an hour or so. The miniature train was a big hit.

This week ahead

It’s looking to be a busy week ahead and that always gets me excited! Here’s 2 things I’m particularly looking forward to this week:

Little Acorns. At Hallamshire Care Home here in Sheffield is a playgroup called little acorns. It takes place at the care home and encourages little ones to play and bond with the elderly; this has been proven to have health benefits. The playgroups usually have a theme or a special visitor; be in animal handling, music, etc., and tomorrow it’s a slime workshop. Eric loves slime and not only this but his great granny is at the care home so he will get to see her. We haven’t been before as always been busy on Mondays so far, so I’m excited to try it and I’m sure we’ll all leave with our hearts full.

Gruffalo’s Child. We’re taking Eric to see his first proper theatre show on Tuesday! The Gruffalo’s Child at Lyceum on Tuesday afternoon. I’m soooo excited. I’ll report back!

And.. that’s it! Hopefully next Sunday I’ll have more to share with you from throughout the week rather than just the weekend as I’ll be feeling back to my normal self. What have you been doing this week? What was your favourite moment from this weekend? Leave a comment! 🙂

Have a wonderful week ahead <3


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