Cheat Guide: Top 10 Essentials For A Family Day Out

Not sure what to take with you for a family day out? Unsure what you might need? Here’s my top 10 essentials what to pack for a family day out. These are items which we have used again and again and don’t leave the house without. They have saved us from bad weathers, going hungry and getting lost. Hurray for successful days out! (Only just… ;)) Top 10 Essentials For A Family Day Out What To Pack

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Top 10 Essentials For A Family Day Out What To Pack

1. Sling

Top 10 Essentials For A Family Day Out What To Pack
Izmi carrier

A sling saves time, increases accessibility and opens up so many opportunities for days out! For example countryside walks that are not pram friendly? No problem, you can now go and explore with baby (and toddler) anywhere you want (I love these countryside walks the best). And you can take your kids safely inside caves, on boats, and to beaches! Plus… no queuing for lifts, waiting for another bus if it is already full of prams, and saving time in general.

We always take a sling even when we take the pram I always shove the pram in the bottom because I know it’ll come in handy, especially for naps! There are so many options for slings, please find your local sling library for help and advice. I have used and owned so many slings in the past and volunteered for the Sheffield Sling Surgery and Library in the past so it’s no secret I love baby wearing! At the moment, I am absolutely loving our new Izmi toddler carrier (in photo above).

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2. Camera

Top 10 Essentials For A Family Day Out What To Pack

Good cameras don’t need to cost loads of money. Most phones these days come with a good camera so get snapping! It’s easy to forget to take family photos; but those moments need to be captured so never forgotten. And that means, yes, photos of YOU! I’m guilty to not taking enough family photos of us all together or me and Eric doing something fun… I either have loads of photos of just my son or him and his dad! I don’t like photos of me but when I look back at them they really make me smile. So here’s my tip: TAKE MORE PHOTOS OF YOURSELF WITH YOUR KIDS! lol.

We use this Canon EOS 750D Digital SLR Camera with 18 – 55 mm Lens and I love it. It’s easy to use and the photos look great. My other recommendation would be to get one of these Joby GorillaPod Original Tripod – Charcoal for digital and SLR cameras to attach on, set up self timer and it takes a photo of you. The gorilla pod is bendy so can fix around a bench, a tree, or just about anything! Brilliant if you don’t want to ask someone to take a photo of you.

3. Good lunch box and snacks

6 Reasons Why You'll Love Tropical World in Leeds Top 10 Essentials For A Family Day Out What To Pack

Snacks and packed lunches are a must! Picnics and packed lunches are especially great for those on a budget and they definitely save money because you won’t be caught out buying overpriced food like in museums and at attraction kiosks. Snacks are a good distraction for toddlers when travelling, too, just me… especially on public transport!

I love packing popcorn, crisps/rice crackers and nuts for us all to snack on; these are my favourite packed lunches we have. I like lunch boxes with different compartments like bento boxes for this and find Eric always eats more when it’s in one of those. and we usually find good ones from Aldi, Asda, Pound stores and Amazon. We personally use this Sistema Lunch Bento Cube with Fruit/Yogurt Pot, 1.25 L – Assorted Colours. For Christmas, I got this thermos flask: Thermos Stainless King Food Flask, Midnight Blue, 470 ml and it’s amazing to put in pasta, rice dishes, stews and soups. It even has a handy spoon with it. 🙂

Top 10 Essentials For A Family Day Out What To Pack

4. Puddle suit/Waterproofs

Come with us for an explore around Sheffield Manor Lodge and Farm Top 10 Essentials For A Family Day Out What To Pack

You need to invest in a good puddle suit. Your kid will get wear out of it most of the year due to our predictable UK weather! Come rain or shine, you’ll get wear out of it all year round… ours is one of our MOST used items for days out.

In autumn and winter, a puddle suit is perfect for keeping babies and toddlers warm and dry whilst outside in the mud and rain. And in the warmer months, a light weight puddle suit/waterproofs mean your kid can enjoy jumping in puddles or impromptu water and sand play. Most of the year I always pack Eric’s puddle suit and it comes in handy more often than not. And kids LOVE getting dirty! It also means that if you are caught out with rain on a day out or at the park, you can still enjoy the day! A puddle suit is easier than a full change of clothes.

5. Bucket and spade

bucket and spade Top 10 Essentials For A Family Day Out What To Pack

What kid doesn’t love sand play? A bucket and spade is not just for the beach! Toddlers can have loads of fun with a bucket and spade in local parks, sand pits, farms, on muddy walks, exploring forest and woodlands and paddling in nearby streams!

Definitely have it packed for water and splash play, take it to parks that have rivers and streams for collecting stones and sticks, etc., and it comes in handy for storage too! Ohhh, top tip: I like to fill a bucket with small toys and crayons to put in the bottom of the pram for days out. 🙂

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6. Vouchers

Always check for vouchers before you go to save money on tickets/admission prices. The easiest way to do this is to google “day out + voucher discount code” or “money off day out” replace day out with where you’re going and have a good rummage online!

I find good deals sometimes on websites like money saving supermarket, groupon, wowcher and livingsocial. And, if you are using trains then check the 2 for 1 offer with National Rail. Tesco club cards have days out vouchers, and you can find them simply by googling, searching Facebook or asking on a local group/forum online. My top tips for money saving on days out are here.

Don’t forget any annual passes if you have them!

7. Backpack


A good backpack is invaluable for days out and so handy because you can just chuck it on your back and you’re done! Everything in one place and easier than a shoulder bag. I like one with pockets that is a decent size so I can fit everything in. A backpack can double up as a nappy bag and means you can throw it on your back and forget about it!

8. Water

Pack water and lots of it! Especially for family walks and when going to a big family attraction where snacks and drinks are typically priced high! Also don’t be afraid of asking cafes etc., to fill your water bottle up. It saves money on buying overpriced bottles when most places are more than happy to do it.

9. Charged phone

A charged phone is so important for family days out. Your phone might be your camera, and you don’t want to miss out on taking pictures! Maps, GPS, digital vouchers, internet data (checking opening times, important numbers, etc) might all be helpful on a day out so make sure you have a charged phone to do it with.

10. Picnic blanket

A picnic blanket is a must! Picnics are so fun, especially in nice weather. Picnics are free, make a great day out, and keep your bums clean! Don’t be caught out with wet grass, just pack a picnic blanket on those days where you plan to eat outside.

Yay, that’s it! I hope you found these helpful.

Top 10 Essentials For A Family Day Out What To Pack

Thanks for reading!


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  • May 7, 2017 at 12:27 pm

    These are great tips! We never go anywhere without a picnic blanket these days! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

  • May 8, 2017 at 10:20 pm

    Great tips! We were guilty of forgetting the bucket and spade recently. The kids were outraged! I need to check your list before I next go away. Thanks for linking up to #FamilyTravelTips


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