Family Travel Bucket List: Where to Travel to Make Memories with Your Loved Ones

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If you think you’re doomed to long weekends in family-friendly beach resorts or holidays to theme park locations until the kids are 18, think again.

We’ve put together some of the top places you and your family will want to put on your bucket list because they offer something for everyone…

1. Visit London 

family trafalgae square london
Trafalgar Square, London

Sometimes, travelling a long way can be too much for the kids, which is why our capital city is a great place to start. And it also removes any worries you may have about language barriers or foreign foods.

What’s more, there’s also plenty to do here, whether the kids want to relive their favourite book and film, Harry Potter, on platform 9 ¾ at Kings Cross Station or you want to delve into the history of England in the Tower of London. We put together a list of top tips for taking a toddler to London, or try this guide which has over 100 things to do for kids in London.

2. Embark on a Mediterranean Cruise 

If you feel like you need a break but want to make sure the kids are entertained well, a cruise could be just what you’re looking for.

Not only are you and the kids provided with all-day-long entertainment, great food and some sunshine, but you’ll also discover plenty of new places and adventures along the way. Whether you disembark to take part in some sightseeing, kayaking or horseback riding, this holiday is sure to provide you all with plenty of fun, downtime and treasured memories.

Don’t forget to check out companies like Bolsover Cruise Club who offer year-round offers for a variety of cruise locations.

3. Go Off-Piste on a Skiing Holiday 

When the kids get a bit older it can be difficult to know how to keep them entertained, but that’s where a skiing holiday can help. As you snowboard, ski and ride around the slopes, the kids (and you) will have hours of fun, while also feeling rejuvenated by the crisp fresh mountain air that surrounds you.

France is the perfect place to start as it isn’t too far away and various ski resorts offer a number of different slopes that are suitable for all abilities.

Not been skiing before?

Then there are family-friendly lessons available, or you might want to hire your own ski instructor for the week.

4. Explore the Great Outdoors with a Camping Holiday

Every child needs to experience sleeping outdoors (well, in a tent), at least once in their life. Even though this might not be your idea of a ‘dream holiday’, it does give you and your family the perfect opportunity to bond, relax and have some adventures.

If you’re not sure whether you or the kids will enjoy this type of holiday, you could try heading to your local campsite for the night to see what it’s like before you book anything. Once you’ve got the family’s approval, why not venture further afield to Southern France?

Whatever interests your family has, and no matter how varied, creating your very own bucket list need not be hard and can be jam-packed full of exciting escapades.

Alternatively, for budget-friendly alternatives to camping, why not try caravan park holidays? We are a big fan of Haven and have nearly stayed in every park in Yorkshire! Read our reviews here.

5. Visit Stonehenge


Stonehenge is a prehistorical monument consisting of a ring of standing stones, weighing about 25 tons, dating back to 3100 BC. Take your family for a walk in the footsteps of Neolithic ancestors and visit one of the great wonders of the world. Stonehenge is a world-class exhibition and perhaps the most popular monument in the world. A visit is a must for just about everyone!

Wondering whether it’s worth a visit with kids? Sam visited with her 3 kids to tick it off her bucket list and had a great time; you can read about her family trip to Stonehenge here.

6. Yellowstone National Park

yellowstone national park

If you want to go exploring in the USA, you might want to consider Yellowstone National Park. It’s huge: over 3,500 square miles of wilderness and volcanic spots. It’s home to hundreds of animal species and the kids will love trying to spot as many of them as possible!

Catherine took her son on a big USA road trip and they loved Yellowstone… “We’d always wanted to go to Yellowstone but we were worried our 3 and a half year old son wouldn’t enjoy it. He did! It was part of a big USA road trip and there wasn’t an electronic device in sight. He loved seeing bison, throwing stones in the Yellowstone River and seeing steam from the geysers and fountain pots. I didn’t imagine he’d enjoy it as much as we would but I was totally WRONG! It was the trip-of-a-lifetime for us all.”

7. Travel Europe with Interrail

For the backpacking family the Interrail Pass is an amazing train ticket which allows you and your family to travel across Europe offering unlimited adventures at discounted prices. Olly who blogs at Savvy Dad had an amazing time exploring Norway and Sweden with his kids by rail… “Amazingly clean, a creative and varied culture and vastly different in the summer and winter. The people are so welcoming and the Inlandsbanan (Inland Railway) when linked with an Interrail Pass is amazing for student travellers of families to simply jump on a train.

By doing this a family can simply and travel the length of the country from Stockholm in Sweden to Narvik in Norway.”

8. Hawaii

Think Hawaii is just a romantic break? Think again! There is so much for families to do in Hawaii. You’ll be spoilt for choice what to do with the kids there. You could take them to experience a traditional Luau and boogie the night away, see the animals at Honolulu Zoo, or see a plethora of fish and marine life at Hanauma Bay (don’t forget to go snorkelling!).

Hawai is definitely the place for foodie families, too. Nadia has Hawaii on her family travel bucket list and wants to hike up to Diamond Head Crater, which is known to have some of Hawaii’s most impressive food… and an extinct Volcano.

What’s on your family travel bucket list?!

For more ideas, why not read this UK attractions bucket list to find 23 of the UK’s top amazing family days out?

I’d love some ideas to add to our (ever growing) list of dream adventures… so comment down below with yours! I’d love to hear about any ones you’ve already managed to tick off, especially! 🙂


*This post is in collaboration with totstotravel.

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