Fun hands on day at National Services Museum in Sheffield 


I’ll be honest, I had not been to the National emergency services museum before despite living 10 minutes away. I didn’t know if it was worth the money.

But… I went recently and all my expectations were blown out of the water! It is such a fantastic museum. I ended up upgrading my entry to an annual pass on the day as I knew I would be back. 

About the museum

The museum is in West Bar, 5 minutes from Sheffield city centre. Standard entry for adult is £8, annual tickets are £24 for a year. See full prices here. The museum is a fully self funded.

The staff are so lovely and welcoming. There is a cafe, gift shop and toilets.

The building is not pram friendly; there’s no lift to the upstairs floors, but there are places to park and leave a pram downstairs. 

There is an outside yard with vehicles and the museum is an old fire station, so can get chilly. We dressed in coats and were fine.

The museum has 3 big floors to explore. There is SO much to do.

Hands on exhibits

The museum is split onto 3 floors, downstairs has Victorian police cells and murder exhibitions (very interesting), forensics and police.

On the same floor is a engine house room with so many old vehicles, old wheels, blitz exhibition and equipment. Lots of educational information.

The outside yard has ambulance, emergency services cars and vans to see and touch. Further out towards the back yard there are real fire engines and vintage trucks. So impressive!

There is SO much to do for all ages. Everything is fascinating and there is information supplied to learn from, for children and adults. There’s equipment around  available to touch, rummage around in and play with. 

There was so much to see that whilst Eric was wondering around and playing, I was looking at exhibits and learning about history. Somehow they’ve got it just right; children are entertained and so are adults.

There’s buttons to press, dress up in almost every room, machines, role play, dummies, brief cases with equipment in… the list goes on!

Upstairs are two big floors, the 3rd top floor has separate small rooms each for a different emergency service. There is also a BIG working model railway. Eric spent about half an hour with this.

I enjoyed the mountain rescue display, with a real climbing wall. The ambulance service room had a CPR dummy, and a car crash scenario which had a working traffic light to press. 

There was also a 999 hoax call game, a model house to show accidental fires, electrical equipment that caused house fires and a fire engine scene. 

So much to see, I can’t explain all! Everything is hands on so perfect for kids but tons of information to keep adults interested.

Downstairs the first floor had an intentional services room, Eric loved the cabinates full of red trucks. It was really interesting to see uniforms from around the world. The historic service room next door to this was full of old machinery and educational displays from old times. 

There was dress up (for adults and children) in all rooms and a first aid courses hall which had games out for children and colouring.

It was really fun to see all of the vehicles and be able to go on them. All vehicles which are ride-able are labelled with a raccoon sticker. Almost everything can be touched, even if it can’t be ridden. 

This is so important for children as they can really enjoy the museum without having to see it all behind glass.

Everything comes to life, and there are so many bits and pieces to see… there is always something to look at. It is all real, educational and suitable for all ages.

I would enjoy it without a child and I can see Eric enjoying this museum for many years to come. I visited with my mum and she said it was great! I’m really happy I got an annual pass. Perfect for rainy days!

The museum also has a free app, they do educational tours and ghost tours. Check their website.

Thanks for reading and watching! 🙂

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