Muddy day at Aston Springs Farm

A fun day out at Aston springs farm with pizza, nature play and animals!

Here’s a video from our day:

I love Aston springs farm. I only found it last year and ended up being a frequent visitor. I like how convenient it is to get to, the yummy pizza and the muddy walk. Besides the farm there is a paint pot studio, restaurant and nature trail.

I featured Aston springs in my great days out in Sheffield post (though, it’s technically Rotherham!), so if you would like to know more head over there.

When we arrived we went straight to the tack barn to get pizza!  There are two to eat on site, Aston springs restaurant and the vintage tack room. Stone baked pizza is served at the tack barn, as well as good coffee. There’s a huge leather sofa at the back and interesting decor. They also have a small soft play area. The pizza is soooooo good.

After Eric had a go in the play area we purchased tickets, animal food and off we went on the trail.

There’s a variety of animals to see and it is all spread out. It’s a muddy trail so wear wellies!

All of the animals are very friendly, it’s quiet and during the summer you can forage for fruit- I’ve picked berries on the way around and they were yummy!

The trail goes in a loop with goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, rhea, deer, alpaca and probably more I have forgotten.

There’s a bird hide, a wildlife pond and picnic areas, too.

The trail costs £3.50 an adult and you can easily spend a few hours up there exploring, nature play, animals, picnicing. You can have a stroll around and call it a day or go for lunch, paint potting, or pond dipping.

Lots of space to run around and get dirty!

Wellies might be a good idea 😉

We are going to go back in the summer and take a picnic to eat on the trail, we might do the pond dipping as well. 🙂

What are your favourite farms or nature trails where you live?

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