Planning our little big city trip: 5 cities in 6 days with a toddler

We’ve decided to something fun and a little bit scary in next month. The idea is to go on a little big city trip. It’s big because we will be going to 5 different cities in North West England and East Midlands. And it’s little because we only have 6 days to fit it all in. England Family Travel Day Trips

And… we’ll be traveling with a 2.5 year old toddler, no suitcases, no car, and a tight budget.

I’m very excited, but part of me thinks it’s madness. So many train journeys will be traveled in such a short period of time… I’m worried about us getting lost, train delays, running out of clothes or nappies (we are taking only cloth nappies), being hungry, tired and all the rest of it. But it’s only 6 days, so what could possibly go that wrong?! We’ve done lots of traveling before, abroad before Eric came and lots of trips/holidays since then with him in tow so… I’m crossing my fingers we will be fine!

Planning our little big city trip: 5 cities in 6 days

So far, we don’t have a complete plan or itinerary. And our trip starts 13th May… so we really should get a move on. Today we booked a lot of train journeys and 2 places to stay. It’s just the last part of the trip that I’m really stuck with. It’s proving difficult for it to come together so I’m not really sure what we’re going to do about that. I’d love your advice!

The plan

Sunday 13th: Leave Sheffield and travel to Leicester in the morning. The main reason for this one is to visit the National Space Centre which we’ve never been to before. We’ve given ourselves the whole day, but I’m not sure how much time we could spend there and what other options we have for things to do. If you have any ideas, please let me know!

Trains are booked from Leicester to Birmingham for around 5pm. We get into Birmingham around 6pm and we staying the night at a Wetherspoons hotel in the city centre. This is one of the most expensive stays of around £60 however my partner is an employee so we’ll get quite a good discount.

Thinktank museum

Monday 14th: Wake up in Birmingham and go to the Thinktank museum. I’m soooo excited about this one, I’m a big museum buff, have never been before and it looks completely amazing. Can’t express how much I’m looking forward to this one!

Around 4pm, off we go on a train from Birmingham to Liverpool.

Tuesday 15th & Wednesday 16th: 2 nights in Liverpool are planned with stay overs at YHA Liverpool. We used our YHA membership and booked a family room and breakfast for both days coming to a total of £55.


As for what we plan to do in Liverpool… the answer is: no idea! Neither of us have been before. Lots of research needs doing for this one! We have 2 whole days. On Wednesday 16th we get a train to Blackpool.

Thursday 17th: Having stayed the night in Blackpool (apartments found on for £30 for one night in city centre opposite the beach) we plan to spend the whole day exploring. This is another place neither of us have been to, so not sure what we plan to do yet! Again, your recommendations are welcomed. 🙂

And then what?

Help us plan! 🙂

Well… that’s as far as we have got. There’s still Thursday to Saturday to fill, with Saturday being the day we come back to Sheffield.

The very original plan didn’t even include Blackpool. We planned to go from Liverpool to Manchester and Manchester to Buxton, staying in YHA’s in both of those places, however Manchester YHA is fully booked for the dates we needed so instead of going there (and we visit often anyway, it’s close to Sheffield), Blackpool it is!

So now on Thursday the plan is pretty much stuck with Blackpool. I don’t know that area of England well at all so have no idea where to plan to go from there. I’m not sure how we are going to get to Blackpool to Buxton (it’s a long train ride and expensive, too) so maybe we have to leave Buxton out, too. But then I don’t know what to replace them with. We need something to fill Thursday-Saturday.

I’ve been looking at a map and googling YHA, YHA would be our preference of accommodation but the ones close to Blackpool in nearby cities/towns seems to be miles away from any centre of anything and not have much to do locally. That’s probably ruled out.

I was considering Haworth… and doing all of the Bronte stuff, but that would mean going from Blackpool to Keighley and then buses. So… not sure. also, not sure how much there would be to entertain Eric.

We could still go to Manchester from Blackpool, but unsure what to do from then on.

Does anyone have any ideas?! Can you suggest things to do and tips for our little big trip?

I’ll be posting all about our trip on Facebook so do follow me over there! 🙂

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    hi, yes we always go to Leeds and Bradford. thank you x


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