I’m Addicted To Toy Cars & Trains! Come Shopping With Us At Toys R Us

We thought it was a good idea to go to Toys R Us to shop for Eric’s birthday. He’s really into playing at the moment; he is obsessed with cars and trains so we thought we would go in for a little browse. Well, that little browse, turned into an overwhelming experience… for us, not for Eric, he was fast asleep!!!!!

Honestly, having a child has turned me into a toy fanatic. I was never that much into vehicles when I was younger but now it’s like I’m an expert. I friggin’ love Thomas & Friends, Hot Wheels, Disney Cars and all of that. I love shopping for bargains, going into the huge toy shops, browsing online, talking about toys, thinking about what toys to buy. Is there something wrong with me?!

There is just nothing more satisfying that seeing Eric play with his toys, in his own little world, enjoying every moment. I love encouraging him to play with what he loves the most… it must feel amazing to have that feeling. I mean, when if someone was encouraging me to do something I loved ALL THE TIME; I would be so happy! Just imagine if someone was like… “oh, here, I’ll take you to a lovely quiet coffee shop with fast wifi and leave you to blog for hours on end. Whatever you want, any refreshments, just let me know! Enjoy! Oh, and here’s a new notepad, some lovely new pens, and whilst I’m at it; a huge glass of white wine”. That’s basically us, with Eric… just replace the blogging with toys and the wine with chocolate, hahaha.

We managed not to go overboard. His main gifts were a Disney Cars Truck (Mack) Carrier and Hot Wheels track builder. He’s been playing with them for hours at a time since he opened them… winner!

What did you get your 2 year old for their birthdays?

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