What’s happening on our social media 

I’m always active on our social media with fun challenges, chats, games, giveaways and more. Come and join in! I’ll update this page as they run so you can stay involved.

Instagram: I’m currently doing an A-Z daily photo challenge, going through the alphabet doing one letter at a time and choosing a day out destination. I write a quick review for the chosen place and sometimes do guest posts! 

See A-L recap here

Facebook: We have themed chats Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday every week at 2PM. I ask questions relating to the topic and you can ask for advice, share photos, give tips; anything goes!

Also every morning at 8:30am I post 3 top picks of what’s going on in the area from baby classes, festivals, shows and more.

Twitter: live videos of our daily outings!

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