Finding the Secret Tree Door at Forge Dam

I don’t know about you, but we really love a walk from Forge Dam to Endcliffe Park. It’s my favourite walk in Sheffield and one which we do often. But even though we have done it many, many times before over the years… I’ve never found the secret door in a tree!

secret tree door forge dam Sheffield

The secret door was posted about in my community group: Trips With a Tot Community Group by our lovely member, Lucy. I was so amazed by it we had to go and find it!

secret tree door forge dam Sheffield

Eric loves finding secret things, especially in parks and especially in trees so this was a double whammy. Rumour has it there is a very similar door in the woods at Endcliffe Park.

To find the secret tree door head towards the woods at Forge Dam (past the playground). Once you’ve gone past the playground, to the little lane where the cars park, look straight ahead into the woods with the playground behind you. There’s 3 paths into the woods: one to the far left, one sort of in the middle, and a third path which leads slightly upwards. Ignore the path on the far left which would make 4; that’s not going into the woods, anyway.

Finding the Secret Tree Door at Forge Dam

The third little path goes slightly up onto a small hill and the tree with the secret door is the third tree on the right hand side. You can’t miss it!

Forge Dam is an amazing place for a walk through the woods and I really recommend it. From Forge Dam to Endcliffe Park, it’s just a few miles with lots to see on the way. The woodlands on the Porter Valley are truly magical. Plus, Shepherds Wheel is open on the weekends. There’s playgrounds and cafes at both parks. Find out more about the whole walk here.

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